Celebs unite to remove Donald Trump as US president-elect

You might not completely understand how presidents are elected in the United States, but just because Donald Trump secured what

You might not completely understand how presidents are elected in the United States, but just because Donald Trump secured what was needed to become the president-elect when the initial vote took place in November doesn’t mean that’s it.

Americans don’t vote directly via the popular ballot for their president. As it happens the US president is elected via the Electoral College system, which is basically a group of 538 people representing their states who are tasked with the responsibility of being ‘formal electors’ who cast a vote.

Trump needs to be formally voted in by the Electoral College to secure the presidency.

Now a group of celebrities have joined forces to urge Republican members of the US Electoral College to dump Donald Trump and put someone else forward when they vote on December 19.

The likes of Martin Sheen, James Cromwell, Debra Messing and Loretta Swit have released a video that calls for voters to “change the course of history”.

In the video Sheen says, “Our founding fathers built the Electoral College to safeguard the American people from the dangers of the demagogue.”

The West Wing star says the presidency is only to go to someone who “is to an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications”.

The celebrities feel Donald Trump lacks “more than the qualification to be president”.

“He lacks the necessary stability,” Will & Grace star, Debra Messing says.

“And clearly the respect for the Constitution of our great nation,” says James Cromwell.

While those appearing in the video were not asking for the electors for vote for Hillary Clinton, they were clear that any other eligible person, regardless of their party, would be a better option than Donald Trump.

Should every elector in the Electoral College vote in line with their party, Donald Trump would surely secure the presidency with 306 votes.

Yet, if 37 of Trump’s electors vote in favour of another candidate then no one will have the absolute majority necessary for the presidency and the responsibility of choosing the president from the three candidates with the most Electoral College votes will fall to the House of Representatives.

What do you think of the celebrity video? What do you think about the possibility of Donald Trump being the next United States president? Share your thoughts on this issue with us.

  1. John Otten  

    Martin Sheen should focus on being a better father, as for all the others you live in la
    A land stay there and mind your own business. Given the combined IQ is about a 100 for the lot and system wise your dumbo’s are mot even in any position to change anything other than confirming your are a bunch of nutters.

    • Disey  

      ……..and who are you John Otten…………………what are your qualifications………………………are you an American citizen………………………….who are you to tell people what to do ??

      • Mark  

        Similarly, who are these elites? Who are they to tell the people what to do when the American people spoke at the election.

  2. Merivale  

    Good luck with doing that, you bunch of imbeciles’!

  3. klaus Retelsdorf  

    So it now appears you have to be a celebrity to have your voice heard no wonder you yanks are the laughing stick of the world
    However in my humble opinion he will be the worst american leader in your brief
    300 million people in your country and came down to a choice between Hillary and trump if wasn’t so serious the rest of of world wouldn’t stop laughing

  4. Geoff McKenzie  

    Why would anyone think a celebrity is so world wise?December 19th.,is going to be interesting!What action of wickedness,will they stoop to next.Recounts,unproven so called Russian interference,impeachment threats and now this.Seems the harder they try to brainwash the public,the stronger their opposition becomes!Quite fitting.

    • Alan Murphy  

      Actually most of the celebrity’s said they would leave if Trump won, what happend? no one would take them.

    • cee  

      The celebrity world think they own the population because the are good enough to become actors and actresses…. While in actual fact they are just regular people with an opinion… Opinions are like ‘ass holes’ everyone has one….. Does NOT mean that theirs are the right opinions….

  5. Mary  

    He just might surprise everyone. I don’t think voters have got it right all the time previously. Maybe a shake up for four years isn’t such a bad idea. I hope I am not sorry in the future but politicians are not high on my favorite people list

  6. Bruce Taylor  

    The only thing I can think of that is more worrying than Trump being president is ISIS getting hold of nuclear weapons.
    Trump is a very dangerous choice. He is not the successful businessman a lot of people think he is. He has been bankrupt and has also used illegal means to gain money. He is racist and not really very intelligent.
    I can remember saying when George W Bush was elected president that we would be involved in a major war within 12 months of him taking office and we were. I feel even worse about Trump who has absolutely no diplomatic skills and a quick temper.
    Lord help us all if he isn’t denied the presidency or controlled somehow.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Bruce I disagree with you about Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is so corrupt she got the trouncing she deserved. A looser and pathetic. Julian Assange exposed Hillary Clinton and i believe him. She has so much muck on her ask yourself why the American people did not want her it is obvious she has got away with being corrupt for a long time. Donald Trump is no Saint but a Saint in comparison to Hillary. Julian Assange is a HERO I believe him. All whistle blowers suffer like the District Attorney Jim Garrison who uncovered so much on the cover up of the JFK Assassination. If the scum cannot kill you because you exposed them then what they do is discredit you as they are doing to Julian Assange. God Bless Julian. The whole world follows America so I take a keen interest. As for the media half of what they report may not be true but half is true. As the saying goes no smoke without fire.

  7. Alvan Treweek  

    So called celebs, that insecure bunch of back slippers that self indulge in their own excrement.
    Trump does it alone and if you were upset with his win, then just stand back and watch the fireworks when the US military step up to secure the inauguration of the rightful candidate, Donald Trump.

  8. Joan Marshall  

    Celebrities will use every avenue to promote themselves. They preach but… how many of them do charitable work? The election is to promote themselves not America and Americans. The results speak for themselves corrupt Hillary got the trouncing she deserved. A looser twice ask yourself why the American people did not vote for her. Apart from Donald Trump anyone else NOT THIS WOMAN as so many Americans have said.

    • Mareela  

      Joan you are fixated on Hillary. So you don’t like her. So what? The actors are not asking anyone to vote for Hiliary. They are asking for an honest intelligent person to be Presidentbof the USA. Donald Trump is an inane, unintelligent, corrupt, dishonest fool who certainly doesn’t deserve to hold such a high office. God help America.

  9. Tom Courtney  

    Celebrities? Unimpressive lot. Who are they?

  10. Bill  

    What a bunch of sore losers. Get over it!

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