Carrie Bickmore opens up about modern parenting dilemma

There’s no denying raising kids has changed these days. Long gone are the days of parenting that we enjoyed, the
Carrie Bickmore talks about body image, social media and parenting on The Project last night. Source: YouTube

There’s no denying raising kids has changed these days.

Long gone are the days of parenting that we enjoyed, the days without social media and technology making things even more complicated.

In a world dominated by social media, body image is becoming an increasing problem facing the parents of young children – and it’s an issue that TV personality Carrie Bickmore has opened up about.

Last night on The Project, Bickmore spoke about explaining social media and body image to her two-year-old daughter Evie.

“When I look at social media or Instagram with an adult brain, sometimes I find it hard to work out what is real and what’s not,” she said.

It’s an issue many of us certainly do have.

How many of us have been sucked into believing something on social media is real?

Bickmore said she reminds herself that everyone was “just showing the best version of themselves on (social media)”, but admitted that she was concerned if she was struggling to work out what is real and fake as an adult, kids would find it even harder.

“If I had seen all of that as a kid (I don’t know what) my view of the world (would be) and how that would shape my view of the world, and how I see the world,” she said.

“I don’t know what I’m going to say to Evie, or explain all that to Evie when that’s her currency.”

While many of us are glad we didn’t have to face this problem when we were raising children, it’s definitely an issue our children are facing as parents.

And as grandparents we should be concerned too.

If you missed The Project, guest co-host Gretel Killeen jokingly offered a solution to Bickmore’s problem that you probably would agree with too.

“Don’t give her a mobile,” the 53-year-old said.

“I mean, she’s two.”

So, what do you think? How would you explain social media and body image if you were Carrie? What advice would you give her as a parent?



  1. Kim Bradbury  

    Let them be; this is their world, they were born into it and the only reason it freaks you out is because it’s new to you. Let them access social media but be in control by keeping one step ahead and making use of parental controls available to prevent them accessing unsuitable content. As a parent you do not have the right to stunt their development and education by preventing them from keeping ahead of añd in step with their peers in this brave new world of online access to everything they want to see and know, providing you can control their online access with the appropriate age related censoring, just as I and my friends did with movies and other entertainment when our children were young. My daughter and son’s children have their own devices but do not have the ability to access anything, such as videos, content or games unless approved by their parents. Keep your passwords safe and last but not least; you CAN be your child’s friend, but you must be sure that you as a person have their complete and utter respect; there are always going to be things that you must never give to your children in order to gain their friendship; be sure you abide by this rule as a parent. Consistency in rules is something your children will respect you for; always remember to always be consistent, so put great thought into the rules you expect your children to abide by. Also, make sure you live your life as the person you want your children to aspire to as a role model.

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