Cardinal George Pell snubs latest attempt to get him to return to Australia

The Senate has asked Cardinal Pell to return to Australia and he's fired back.
Cardinal George Pell appeared at the Royal Commission via video link. Source: John Brown/YouTube

No doubt you’ve been following or have at least heard some of what has been coming out of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Some of it has been harrowing and alarming and has shocked many of us.

And now it appears the government is taking a stand, with the Senate yesterday calling on Cardinal George Pell to return to Australia.

The Herald Sun reports that Cardinal Pell is facing allegations of criminal misconduct over claims he allegedly abused several boys between 1978 and 2001.

As you would have heard, Cardinal Pell has avoided returning to Australia in the past over claims he had been unwell.

But now the Senate has called on the cardinal to return to Australia and assist police with the allegations against him.

The motion was moved by Greens senator Rachel Siewert.

“The evidence to the Royal Commission on child sex abuse has been harrowing and showed a systemic problem far worse than many could imagine. My thoughts are with the survivors and their families who were brave enough to testify and are now trying to process the evidence that has rocked the nation,”  she told the Herald Sun.

“We know that the Victorian police now have allegations of criminal misconduct against Cardinal Pell. It is time he came back to Australia to assist with investigations on this matter.

“Cardinal Pell has done a very good job at avoiding a return to Australia. I urge the Cardinal to consider the view of the Senate and return to Australia as soon as possible.”

You might be wondering what Cardinal Pell has to say about it?

Well, he released a statement overnight slamming the Greens as “anti-religion”.

A spokesman from Rome, speaking on behalf of Cardinal Pell, said the Greens opted for “an obvious political stunt” and that the cardinal has “consistently co-operated with the Royal Commission and the Victorian police” – the Australian reports.

“The suggestion that Cardinal Pell should be accountable for all the wrong doings of Church personnel throughout Australia over many decades is not only unjust and completely fanciful but also acts to shield those in the Church who should be called to account for their failures,” the spokesman said.

“The Greens would be well aware of the Cardinal’s decisive actions to address the evils of abuse and the changes he has implemented in the Church over 20 years ago.

“Their anti-religion agenda is notorious and most fair minded Australians would see this motion as pathetic point-scoring.”

So, what do you think?

Should Cardinal George Pell return to Australia and answer the allegations against him? Or do you think the Greens are being “anti-religion”?

  1. Patricia Dallimore  


    • Judith  

      He is an absolute disgrace & professes to be a Christian.

    • Jill Henderson  

      Of course he should, he’s only enforcing everyone’s views that he IS guilty, and playing the ‘illness’ card. If he were a man of Christ, and innocent, he would have returned when first requested, and defended himself……..Shame, make him come back.

  2. Lorraine  

    I agree George Pell needs to face his accusers, however the greens senator should be calling for the deportation or jailing of what Muslims are doing to young girls, wives etc. Judges are being too lenient with this mob.

    • Jill Jackson  

      What have Muslims got to do with George Pell for goodness sake keep to the subject matter

    • Be Potter  

      What exactly are Muslims doing to” young girls, wives etc” the ones who need deporting or jailing ?

  3. Pete  

    If Pell has nothing to hide then he should return and avoiding it as he is doing only leaves doubt in my mind that he is hiding and protecting his own.

    • Cheryl  

      Yes they can get the court to get him back it Really needs to be done Is he hiding in Rome ??maybe I think so !!!!

    • Marcia Callinan  

      Yes he should come home if he has nothing to hide

  4. Ailsa  

    Of course he should come back. He is staying away because he knows he is guilty.

  5. Rose  

    Yes another example of the Church protecting its own. This time it is the Pope. How on earth can anyone trust an Institution that protects Peadophiles and won’t cooperate with requests to attend proper hearings. I am horrified that this man ever got to be a cardinal in the first place. I have watched him for decades avoid his involvement, denying he knew of the worst crimes being committed against children. The Pope if serious about cleaning up its dispicable involvement and reputation of being an institution of child pedophiles, does a great injustice to those who have never committed these crimes and tried to raise it at the highest level. He is the highest Catholic of Australia and behaves like this. He is a cold, uncompassionate, calculating and devious man. I am a Catholic and ashamed even the Pope is protecting those who are damaging the Church and reputation of deserving and good Catholics. If serious the Pope must make Pell attend. After all it isn’t coming out of his own funds is it.

  6. rob brow  

    You are a coward, Pell. The Pope should order you home to face any music.


    If he has nothing to hide he should be prepared to prove his innocence…..But he is acting like a guilty man hiding in the Vatican…..The Police and the Courts should be making him come back to Australia immediately……

  8. Judie Trease  

    Pell was in a position to know what was going on, and be part of coverups that the RC church was very good at. Sending offending priest somewhere else, only to keep on offending. He is the biggest hippocrit out. Hope he burns in hell for his sins against young, innocent children !!!

    • Bill Carey  

      When he dies and goes to hell say g’day to my mother and father in law

  9. Sue  

    The spokesperson completely missed the point!! This time, the questions being asked are about HIS OWN alleged misdemeanours…..not the actions of the Church regarding other alleged perpetrators!!

    • John Stamenkovic  

      Pedefile Pell will never return to Australia! Why do you think he shot through when all the horror stories began to unfold?

  10. Jan Mackie  

    He should return immediately to face his accusers and help with the Police investigation. This man has no conscience and has consistently lied and withheld evidence. He is not to be r trusted. Those poor forsaken children were always denied nurture and suffered horrendously at the hands of these disgusting men. The Holy See should all hang their heads in shame. Vile individuals, everyone of them. The ones who were perpetrators and those that protected them or who stood by and did nothing. They are all guilty.

  11. Rene Trigg  

    Oh yes that man should return and I hope the families of each and every person that was ever harmed by any of these filthy bastards will meet him at the airport and welcome him with broomsticks to do to him what those perpetrators did to those poor children all those years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rosemary Lynch  

    His family may have been here since 1820, but I’d be delighted for him to die over there: he could die without causing more injury, and we don’t have to pay to imprison him. His reputation is already shot. Hopefully his legacy of arrogance and lack of care will die with him, soon.

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