Cancer patients are being kicked while they’re down with unfair fees

Anyone who’s been to the hospital recently to visit a friend or receive a treatment knows the most frustrating thing

Anyone who’s been to the hospital recently to visit a friend or receive a treatment knows the most frustrating thing about the experience – the parking fees.

And now Cancer Council Victoria has found that the people who spend the most time at hospital and who should most be given a break are paying outrageous amounts of money in parking fees.

Shockingly, some are even cutting their cancer treatment short because they can’t afford the meter, while others are going without meals so they have enough money to pay for parking.

Cancer Council Victoria investigated some of the states most expensive hospitals and found that some were charging very high hourly rates, with no option for out-patients to reduce the cost when they had to spend all day having treatment.

People battling “straight-forward” cancers were paying up to $1100 in parking fees during the course of their treatment, while those with more complicated cancers were forced to pay much more.

In some cases, patients were spending $75 a day to have their lifesaving treatment.


The investigation also found that nurses were drawn away form their duties so they could put money into cancer sufferers meters while they were having their treatments, and that social workers had to spend hours helping them avoid fines, the Herald Sun reports.

Hospitals set their own parking costs, and in Victoria, for example, $1 out of every $4 goes to private operators rather than the hospital.

In light of the Cancer Councils’s findings, the premier has ordered Victoria’s public hospitals to review their parking fees and offer discounts for frequent visitors.

Have you paid high parking fees at your local hospital? Do you think it’s unfair for people having extensive treatments to have to pay a high hourly rate? Share your experiences. 





  1. I had to pay the surgeon in advance of breast cancer surgery despite having full private insurance cover.

    • That is a different but also very important issue. Also the extra bills received after treatment from the surgeon, the anesthetist, pathology.

    • Same with my husbands prostate surgery. We had to pay $7000 3 weeks before surgery or the surgeon would not operate.

    • That appears to be their normal practice and not only for cancer patients, I had to pay my out of pocket costs for each of my surgeries 2 weeks prior to the surgery!

    • When I asked the surgeon’s rooms if they paid an electrician before work was done they said ‘of course not’. However they were unable to see that they were demanding money for surgery that hadn’t been done. I think they are unethical.

  2. I was spending $50 a week on fuel and then the parking. The cancer council will help out by paying car registration or a phone bill. I haven’t asked as I got such excellent care as a public patient.

    • Mine isn’t that bad but I am looking at $30 a trip to and from Sydney. I have been up there 7 times in the last 6 weeks. Then we are up for parking and if we see the doctor in his rooms, that’s another $100 of which we get $36 back from Medicare.

  3. Costs at the new Gold Coast hospital is a disgrace! Why they have to hit the sick and their families, is just beyond me! Surely you can get a “pass” if you have to spend the whole day in ER with your spouse!!

  4. When I was taking part in a clinical trial for COPD in Monash at Clayton, they gave me a parking pass. I also used to get discounted parking when I was attending Monash in Dandenong. I find the Austin and Epworth in Melbourne very expensive. It cost me $30 a day at the Austin when my hubby was there.

  5. I park in the 2 hour spots in the streets near St George hospital and often have to move the car. My husband has multiple issues and it would cost us quite a bit of money to pay for hospital parking. There is a council car park that is $3 for a maximum of 3 hours. I often drop him off, go and do some shopping for a couple of hours then pick him up.

  6. Solve it by insisting that politicians pay $1000/day to park their government vehicles & personal cars.You’ll be amazed how quickly the problem will be solved!

  7. We have free parking at our rural hospital and that is also a problem. A parking stop is like gold and often you have to drop the sick person at the entrance and then park kilometers away and walk. Ok walking is good and healthy but not necessarily in the middle of a Queensland hot day. And with elderly couples the driver is sometimes not well or fit enough to walk the distance required. Taxis are expensive, especially if you are going everyday for treatment. There is a shuttle bus from a car park in the center of town but the hours it runs don’t always suit. And then again you could be dealing with sick people that would find the whole exercise exhausting. Much discussion taking place about this and building a multi storey park and paying for parking has been a suggestion for years. I had to visit an elderly relative just recently and carry luggage and had to park about 2 k away. I think I am reasonably fit and I was exhausted by the time I got to the hospital. It was the middle of the afternoon and it was terribly hot. Don’t know what the answer is.

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