Can you believe it? Tony Abbott tangled in a Federal Police investigation

Former prime minister Tony Abbott may be accused of “leaking” classified documents, in an effort to wrangle Malcolm Turnbull’s defence policy.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott may be accused of “leaking” classified documents, in an effort to wrangle Malcolm Turnbull’s defence policy.

Earlier this week, Mr Abbott spoke with The Australian about Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to delay a new submarine fleet until 2030.

The Australian quoted several sections of a classified draft defence paper, which suggested that submarines should be built this year, and “begin entering service in the late 2020s”.

Under our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull though, this fleet has been pushed back. The first submarine will not be built until at least 2026.

Mr Abbott told The Australian he was unhappy with Turnbull’s delay. “I’m not just disappointed, I’m flabbergasted at this decision”, Mr Abbott said.

However, Abbott’s willingness to be quoted by The Australian has meant he might now be accused of leaking those very same defence drafts.

The Federal Police have begun an investigation, with Malcolm Turnbull telling parliament yesterday: “The Secretary of the Department of Defence (Dennis Richardson) has advised me that he has initiated an investigation”.

“(This) will obviously be conducted by the Australian Federal Police into the apparent leak of these classified documents that were referred to in the newspaper”, Mr Turnbull added.

Both Abbott and Turnbull have been accused of using national defence as a way to score political points. As QC Mark Dreyfus observed:

“There are few things more important than national security and it is utterly disgraceful it’s been used as a political football for Mr Abbott and Mr Turnbull to settle old scores”.

Do you think Abbott would really leak defence material, to score political points? Are you worried that tensions between Mr Abbott and PM Turnbull may have reached boiling point? Should we expect better behaviour from our pollies?

  1. From what I have heard on tv and read , there does not seem much doubt that Abbott or one of Liberal cohorts leaked this defense document. This is not a small issue, this is about the Nation’s National Security. I hope the Federal Police can prove who leaked this. Abbott needs to quit politics, not tomorrow but NOW.

    • Did you notice that Marg wasn’t with him at the Liberal party function for John Howard. ……
      All the other pollies had their spouses with them.

    • I have no idea what is going on there Ruth but Margie seems to be taking a back seat in everything , I feel sorry for her and yes I did notice

    • I have heard it’s common knowledge around parliament they they split some years ago. She was trotted out when family unity was needed. I think it shows an enormous amount of good taste on Margie’s part

    • I bet Turnbull was squirming , they sat Abbott opposite him, Abbott was probably sharpening the bread and butter knife under the table

    • With the back bench so divided between Turnbull and Abbott, this could be entertaining. I think we need some popcorn

    • LOL Libbi. She has every right to feel like that, but I think she has too much class to comment

    • He probably was too busy acknowledging his ‘good sort’ from that Sydney electorate remember his daughter cringing when he said that!

    • Never forget Credlin, she’s with him more than Margie. They deserve each other as far as I’m concerned

    • I would think higher of Margie if she left her husband, instead of playing the dutiful wife. Blind Freddie could see there was no love between them at the 2013 election. And all the world saw how badly he treated her 🌸

    • [email protected]  

      I totally agree with you, but I think Abbott is too smart he would have got some one else to leak it. The snake in the gass that he is.

    • All the sugar coating in the world does not cover the fact this guy is unelectable by the majority.

    • I noticed how he was sweating it out in the Party meeting room during Malcom’s speech…He looked like a guilty person…But, who knows what AFP will dig out…if they do their job properly…After all…Tony Abbott has been in trouble with the law- enforcement and before the courts in his past…at least twice that we know of…

  2. I really can’t believe Abbott.. I mean this guy… What a DUNCE.

    • Has it actually crossed your mind that this could be a set up by one or some members of parliament against Mr Abbott to try to get him out of the way?

  3. If this is true then it is disgraceful behaviour and quite possibly criminal. I will await the outcome of the investigation to comment further.

    • I don’t believe anything will come of it. Abbott lived with members of the AFP, they’re mates

    • Sue Todd I would hope that you are wrong. This is a serious issue and there needs to be a through investigation.

    • I hope I’m wrong too Debbie, but my cynicism is high with this mob. If I remember correctly the AFP also investigated Bishop’s chopper ride and nothing came of it

  4. We should be able to expect better behaviour from our pollies. However Abbott has not behaved well in many ways both as opposition leader and as a “broken promises” PM. Turnbull has been all smarm since his takeover but the devious politician is sometimes on display. The little boys are squabbling.

    • Isn’t it great that the Libs don’t have the instability and in-fighting that Labor had when they were last in power. Oh wait ……………………………………..

    • Sue Todd no one should deny the Labor party WAS in a mess but they appear to have their act together under Shorten and now it is the Liberal party who are in a mess

  5. It’s time to throw out all the young politicians and replace them with old people who know how to behave in public and private.

    • Joyce Jervis  

      Not to sure about that,try living in an over 55 Village

  6. Abbott is such a sore looser I wouldn’t be at all surprised of what he is capable of doing. Bow out gracefully you idiot Abbott

    • you need to wash those hands Lindy after you go to the bathroom, we don’t want you spreading disease

    • If you are making negative statements—- at least learn how to spell. It seems this is a collective problem with the lefties!

    • And the right wing ratbags as well Christine O’Shea. However much of the spelling problem stems from our education system and the rest from this super smart technology that auto corrects our writings. I am afraid it is not due to political alignment or social standing

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