Can Julie Bishop help us navigate rising political tensions?

Julie Bishop has previously been described as an “Iron Lady”, and the 59-year-old Foreign Minister will need all her fortitude

Julie Bishop has previously been described as an “Iron Lady”, and the 59-year-old Foreign Minister will need all her fortitude when it comes to navigating political tensions between Australia and China.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that China has placed surface-to-air missiles alongside Australia’s key trade routes, throughout contested waters of the South China Sea.

Ms Bishop described this as problematic for Australia, America and the world. “Any militarisation of the ­islands would be a serious concern to not only the region – but globally”, she said.

However, China’s Foreign Minister has hit back, disparaging the blossoming friendship between Japan and Australia.

“We do hope, in its military co-operation with Japan, Australia will take into account this historical context and take into consideration also the feelings of people of Asian countries”, Minister Wang Yi said.

Julie Bishop was having none of that though. “We don’t believe that either nation (China or Japan) is forcing us to choose or place a priority over another”, she said in Beijing overnight.

“We don’t think it is helpful to seek to prioritise friendships, Australia seeks to be a friend to all”, she added. “We have been consistent in saying… in no uncertain terms that there be no militarisation”.

Tensions in the South China Sea may continue to rise, because the area is rich in oil and gas. China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei and The Philippines all have existing territorial disputes there.

As The Australian reported today though, “in truth, both China and Japan want to woo Australia onto their side in an increasingly divided and contested Pacific”.

We only hope our so-called “Iron Lady” is strong enough to represent Australia’s national interests.

Do you think Julie Bishop is strong enough to withstand criticism from China? Are you worried about the Chinese placing missiles along key Aussie trade routes?

  1. No confidence in Julia Bishop at all, I am worried that if anything she will make the situation worse

  2. Bishop, Morrison and Turnbull. Plunged the knife into the back of our former PM. Now please dont get me wrong, i was not a lover of Abbott myself but thats just not the Aussie way.

  3. Both China and Japan are major trading partners of ours and it is not wise to get involved in any disputes between the 2 countries. Julia Bishop is not the one who should be handling this, I have no faith she has the right diplomatic skills

    • I never have voted Liberal but I think Julia Bishop is doing a great job.
      In reality Australia is just a player in the great big world. China is the biggest economy on Earth. And the west made it that way.
      Mao said, we will not have to conquer the West, they will do it themselves.

    • David James Name any Australian who could have any impact on what China is doing. Just one will do. Any one at all, Doesn’t even have to be a pollie. C’mon Aussie… a name 😉

    • exactly people are quick to stab someone but they have no idea what she is doing or how to do her job better typical aussies …. this country is getting to be a joke

    • Jayne kevin Rudd could have handled it, he speak the Chinese Language and he was very diplomatic but he is a politician anymore

    • Keven Wallace..We had every opportunity to be a great player..with all our mineral wealth..but wasted by our govt and plundered by multi nationals.and now China allowed to by us..and many not supporting Australian products…Our govt’s (both skyting about how we did so well in the last global meltdown…seems our turn…as rainy days do come.

  4. But of course: she had no trouble delaying asbestos cases so the victims would die before achieving their claim.

    • I don’t like her because of the back stabbing she did on Abbott but she was looking after her own interests. same as the asbestos case

    • What am I missing here? The conversation is about China and missiles. Somebody lost the plot and put a post up about asbestos? Thank goodness you are not our negotiator – heaven knows what you would come up with!!

    • She is as evil as they come, no interest in our country, just herself. She is bought and paid for by the UN.

  5. Neta Williams  

    The government has already sold so much of Australia to China is it really going to matter. Julia has changed her mind so many times that she will be confused as to whom she is trying to convince all is well.

  6. Aren’t they using our trade route as well, as they own many of our farms now so would have to transport all the spoils back to their own country???

  7. Mike here-it’s american jets which are overflying tgese places as a show of strength (provocation), take your nose back to New York, Julie, I believe there is a new show starting on Broadway & a new restaurant opening on fifth

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