Camilla’s dress wows at emotional event

When an event is attended by the likes of actor Sir Patrick Stewart, singer Alesha Dixon, and actress Julie Walters

When an event is attended by the likes of actor Sir Patrick Stewart, singer Alesha Dixon, and actress Julie Walters it might be easy to be outshined. However, the Duchess of Cornwall stood her own in a beautiful floral dress.

Camilla was speaking at an event to help bring attention to the issue of domestic violence in the UK. “Domestic abuse remains a hidden problem in our society. It is characterised by silence – silence from those who suffer, silence from those around them and silence from those who perpetrate abuse” Camilla said in her speech. She continued “This silence is corrosive: It leaves women, children – and men – carrying the burden of shame, it prevents them from speaking out about their abuse and it prevents them from getting help. And at its worst, it can be fatal.”

What do you think of Camilla’s dress? How do you feel about what she had to say about the horrible problem of domestic abuse?

  1. Lyn mcgowran  

    Cannot view the dress (apart from a busy daisy patterned top) – as we age, it is more prudent to stick to classic lines and not gave too much “fuss” with our clothes – just my opinion.

  2. Leave that dress to the young ones. Stop trying to compete with Kate you will not win – she is beautiful and can wear anything, you are not beautiful and should stick to your own age group for clothing.

    • Carole Pugh  

      Women can be beautiful at any age, and as my grandma used to say ‘ if you can’t say anything nice , don’t say anything at all !

    • Carol Borg  

      Can’t really see the dress don’t care that much. All well and good doing something about domestic violence, maybe she should concentrate on mental abuse seeing that’s what she put princess Diana through. I am an ex pat living in Australia I still hold my British passport, can’t stand the thought of her becoming our Kate and wills they would make the perfect King and queen.

    • So much vitriol here. This is an elegant middle aged woman, not some dolly bird. I hope all you “beautiful” people can stand the criticism.

  3. Domestic violence comes in many forms, just like abuse mental, verbal and physical, I find her talking on this subject a bit unusual, as she was part of violating Diann’s marriage… mmmm

    • Heather  

      beauty is only skin deep, some say Dianna was beautiful(?) but maybe there was a lot we didn’t see and maybe Camilla’s beauty is internal. Stop knocking her!

  4. No shaping or style and the neckline/shoulder garnish is totally OTT. Does absolutely nothing for the wearer or viewer. If Camilla wishes to stand out in a crowd she would need a miracle designer to camouflage all her flaws let alone make anything of her fashion sense.

  5. No matter what she wears she will never be Diana and she has always been ugly.

    • Patricia  


      • ALMA GAMBOA  

        Diana was ugly too!!

        • Noeline Taylor  

          If you can’t say anything nice, don’t bother saying anything at all!!!

  6. Becky Black  

    Camilla looks stunning for a woman of her age. She is appropriately dressed for the occasion and she is not trying to look like anyone but herself. I have always admired her, she is very brave to put up with all the horrible remarks made about her without retaliating in any way. Don’t forget, Charles really does love her and always has – Diana was a mistake, everyone is entitled to one. The best thing about her is William and Harry, who love and respect Camilla. I do hope she becomes Queen one day.

    • Linda B  

      I’m not sure about Queen, but I think people should accept her for who she is. Charles loved her from the start, it was only royal “duties” that prevented him from following his heart. Give her a break.

  7. Patricia Hall  

    Charlie loves Camilla and she makes him happy she wasn’t chosen for him like Diana he chose her years ago so do they both have to be abused because she’s not a beauty who cares what you look like it’s the person inside that matters people are so concerned about everybody else no wonder the world is stuffed

    • Teresa Furnell  

      Beauty has many forms and she has none!!

    • Patricia Dallimore  

      Well said, I am with you all the way, comparison to Diana is unfair and cruel. Camilla has not put a foot wrong since she married Charles or before i.e. publicly. It is obvious the “boys” are fond of her.let them be happy

      • Kay W  

        If Camilla had had patience and waited for Charles to fulfil his military duties rather than running off and marrying Tom when all along she was in love with Charles then a lot of heartache would have been avoided. I believe her to be untrustworthy …..

  8. Robin Lopez  

    Don’t like the dress and certainly don’t think it suitable for a woman of her age.

  9. Judy Tharle  

    This is not a new dress. Saw a photo of her wearing it with a lovely blue hat a few years ago. I thought she looked lovely.

  10. Teresa Furnell  

    Domestic violence is horrid it has many forms including what they did to a nineteen year old girl.

  11. Sheila T  

    Luckily, we don’t all judge people by what we see on the outside. Camilla may not be the prettiest person around, but she has a good heart and a good sense of humour. That, in my eyes, makes her beautiful!

  12. glenis  

    Camilla and WOW in the same sentence ?? doesn’t work for me

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