Calls from some pollies for the LNP to break up

Well it was a brief few weeks of party unity, but it looks like there’s already trouble brewing in the

Well it was a brief few weeks of party unity, but it looks like there’s already trouble brewing in the newly formed government with calls for the Liberal National Party to be separated.

The tension is coming from the Queensland Liberal National Party who are looking to have more ministerial power in Canberra.

Yesterday, Deputy PM and Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce was forced to fly to Canberra to shut down a vote calling for the Queensland LNP to have their own separate partyroom in the hopes of having more autonomy.

Mr Joyce is “petrified” of the idea of a split as it would diminish his power and potentially threaten his job as deputy PM.

So what happened to the government we were promised?

Surely the united front and elation of winning the elation can’t have worn off yet…

The trouble is said to be caused by Malcolm’s Turnbull’s cabinet reshuffle, which saw more Liberal Party members and less LNP members make the front bench.

One member of the state executive told The Australian the defeat of the motion to separate was “only the beginning’’ of the debate. “It has an inevitably about it,’” he said.

“There are now parliamentarians and thousands of new party members who have no allegiance to either the Libs or the Nats.

“This is a very serious matter and it was triggered by the failure of the PM and the deputy PM to ensure the right allocation of Queenslanders to the ministry. After the election, the LNP is proportionally higher in the ­Coalition but instead of gaining more frontbench spots we are worse off and lost ministries to NSW.’’

Do you think the LNP should separate? Are you disappointed to see this kind of drama so soon after the election?

  1. Darrell mears  

    Yes both parties should stand alone. No coalition what so ever, it has no place in modern politics.

  2. Judy Wilkins  

    Said last week Nationals should move to the cross benches and represent the rural people who vote them in .. would give them more power than they could ever hope to achieve in partnership with Liberals .. Let the Liberals stand on their own two feet without being automatically propped up. We would have a truly representative Parliament voting on all issues.

  3. L. Kenneth Hortin  

    YES! Let the damn conservatives form their own party, Yes! Then perhaps before I die I may be able to vote Liberal! At last!

  4. OMG! Is any politician of any flavour watching what’s going on around the world?. For the Country’s sake, put your gigantic egos aside, co-operate, run the bloody Country – that’s what you’re being paid for. Get your priorities in order and do your damn jobs! We have had ENOUGH of your infighting and obstructionist behaviour! Stop. It!

  5. Stephen  

    In the state parliament of Qld the Libs and Nats became so dysfunctional (no upper house in QLD) that they joined to become one party. They now hold more seats federally than the Nats, so see themselves as 2nd to the Libs within the coalition. Barnaby Tomato Face was a high profile Qld Senator at the time and helped broker the deal because otherwise he was on the losing side. Then he jumped across the border to get control of the whole Nats, but the Qld-ers have grown on and left him behind. The NSW Nats would disappear if they joined the Libs, and they can’t really join the Qld-ers and just call themselves the LNP. Looks to me like Barnaby out-manoeuvred himself, be interesting to see if the LNP stand alone and elect their own leader holding 19 seats out of Coalition’s 76, who then wants to be deputy P.M.??

  6. Rob Ozanne  

    So are there now three parties in the the coalition ? Liberal Party, National Party and the Queensland Liberal National Party ?

  7. The mess needs to be fixed quickly so they can get to work doing what we pay for; hope lily efficient and effective governance.

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