Calls for running of the bulls to be banned

With the annual running of the bulls set to take place on July 6 in Spain, animal rights activists are

With the annual running of the bulls set to take place on July 6 in Spain, animal rights activists are stepping up their protests and calling for the “cruel” festival to be banned all together.

The festival is held in Pamplona each year and sees thousands of people descend upon the city to partake in the event where they are chased through the streets by the bulls.

The festival has long divided people, with some revelling in the tradition and others branding it as animal cruelty.

Francisco Vasquez Neira, president of Spain’s Animal Naturalis, a co–sponsor of this year’s protest, said they were aimed squarely at ending bullfighting itself.

“Thanks to political changes in the city and the country, we think that it is possible to ban bullfights as a first step and to later ban the running of the bulls itself,” he said.

“It is a cruel, violent and bloody way for bulls to be executed,” said Kirsty Henderson, animal rights group PETA’s campaign director for the festival.

“We will have 54 activists stand in the town square each holding a bucket of fake blood, wearing briefs but nothing on top, and on cue they will pour the blood over their heads.”

For the festival, participants dress in all white with a red scarf tied around their neck. They then line the streets and run through the town as they try to avoid being gored by the rampaging bulls.

Many say the event is clearly distressing for the animals, some of which are injured during the festival or killed when it is over.

The festival has been going since the 14th century and protestors say it’s long enough and that it’s time to put an end to the “abuse”.

What are your thoughts on this?

Should the festival be banned? Or should it be protected as a time-honoured tradition?

  1. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Oh my, this is a tradition over hundreds of years. What is happening to our World? Everything people use to enjoy as a tradition is being stopped due to “political correctness”.
    This is a tradition and if people want to get involved in the “running of the bulls” then let them do it, this is not up to all the people who want to stop the tradition.

    • Glynnis  

      Just because it has been a tradition doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good thing. I think as we have become more aware of the needs of animals and actually realise how intelligent many of them are, we need to move to a point of compassion towards them rather than just to support something because it is a ‘tradition’ I know there are many wonderful traditions that we can still support but lets not ignore the plight of our animals. We are here to bring justice and a voice for those, both human and animals who are unable to speak for themselves so why wouldn’t we and call for a ban to the ‘running of the bulls’. They are clearly distressed.

      • Pam  

        Well said, Glynnis, couldn’t agree more.
        Anyone supporting these cruel practices really need to inform themselves of what the really involve. A look at some of the anti-bullfighting groups on Facebook would be a good start.
        It’s heartening to see the number of decent Spanish citizens actively (and often, very bravely!) opposing them.

  2. Carol Pratt  

    I think it should be banned. Some of the things that were celebrated many years ago no longer exist because people’s perceptions have changed for the better. It is cruel and senseless.

  3. Grace  

    This festival should completely be banned. Animal entertainment is animal enslavement — these animals aren’t ours to kill and use and we don’t have the right to torture and taunt them just because it’s a “tradition.” Remember that just because something has been going on for a long time doesn’t mean that it’s right (I mean really, men have been raping women since the beginning of time – does that make it okay?). Animals aren’t here for entertainment purposes, they have the right to live their lives in peace. Doing this agitates these animals to no end and is dangerous to people as well.

  4. Diana Mitchell  

    Bull fighting MUST be banned.. Pamplona Festival 1960..Running of the bulls the least barbaric event. Bulls at least a chance to make a connection as they hurtled down the alley. Wild cows then let into arena – for those dumb enough to test their skills. Not so actual bullfights. Picadors’ horses blindfolded, vocal cords cut to prevent screams. Bulls weakened by time matador appeared. Horrible to watch.

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