Calls for George Brandis to resign over ‘boys weekend’ expense claims

The fallout from the expense claims scandal isn’t over yet with calls for Attorney-General George Brandis to step down over
The senator is in the firing line over expenses.

The fallout from the expense claims scandal isn’t over yet with calls for Attorney-General George Brandis to step down over a ‘boys weekend’ away with his son.

Sussan Ley was forced to resign after slugging taxpayers with a hefty bill for trips to the Gold Coast, and now it appears Brandis may be in the same boat.

The senator took a trip to Western Queensland with his son to attend a charity ball and explore his family history in the region, reports The Australian.

However, he has so far refused to disclose how much he claimed on expenses with speculation he dumped taxpayers with a whopping $12,000 bill for flights and accommodation.

It comes just days after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull scolded MPs for taking advantage of the system and spending taxpayer money as if it were their own endless fund of free cash.

Ministers from both Labor and the Liberal Party have been caught up in the dodgy claims lately, with many calling for Brandis to own up before it’s too late.

Labor has already come out swinging, with Bill Shorten and Queensland senator Murray Watt telling him to spill the beans.

“He should come clean and tell taxpayers the cost of (his) Boy’s Own outback adventure and what benefit taxpayers got from it,” said Mr Watt.

It’s fair to say that most taxpayers are fed up with the behaviour of politicians from both sides of the aisle when it comes to this issue.

Many hoping Turnbull’s new plan to allow voters to go online and monitor how much pollies are spending will make a difference over the next year.

Should all politicians caught spending taxpayer money like this be forced to resign? Do you think we need a new system?

  1. Kay connel  

    We definitely need a new system . Maybe they should pay up,front with there own money , they all earn enough then have to summit for payment once approved as meeeting requirements. Maybe then they will think,about whether it fits the requisite.

  2. Peter Herraman  

    with anyone else it would be called fraud and a possible jail sentence. they are hunting pensioners but turn a blind eye to their corruption.

  3. Ros Thomas  

    Any politicians caught with their hands in the “taxpayers till” should be sacked and lose all their entitlements immediately. No second chances. All rorts should be referred to the AFP for thorough investigation. They should not be able to pay it back and walk free. Prosecution and jail will only stop these rorts that are happening by all parties.

    • Pam Klower  

      All documents related to expenses by all Politicians over the last 5 yrs should be released for public to scrutinise, giving ordinary people are being mauled by Centrelink to prove that they haven’t “stolen” from the Government & have to start paying it back until proven otherwise!

  4. Marg  

    I agree with all comments, not only lose their job but all entitlements , they should lose their pension as well. Maybe that will stop all the thieving . I think Pauline will make them all pull their hands out of the taxpayers till.

    • Juanita Hardy  

      Pauline is hardly the solution when she, too, has her hand in the taxpayers’ till – inappropriately using taxpayers’ money for campaign expenses in Queensland.

  5. Diane Ashton  

    There should be very strict scutiny on all claims. I agree, they should have to pay themselves upfront and then submit their claim to see if it is legitimate. If they had to jump through more hoops before claiming these outrageous expenses they may think twice.
    People are fed up with double standards for pollies. I also think the Centrelink debacle should stop and a new fairer system put in place.
    Enough with terrifying people to grab back money, they themselves have spent incorrectly. Get their own house in order.

  6. [email protected]  

    Best would be to emulate Singapore. Very good salaries based on private word, then zilch on leaving. Perks to be constantly monitored by finance/treasury office and published monthly.

  7. [email protected]  

    private world!

  8. Robin Henry  

    The current system is obviously open to abuse as it is too flexible. If people work within the system and screw us (taxpayers), then it’s largely a system problem and not sackable.

    The Australian Public Service has a system of delegations whereby senior delegates approve or disapprove travel applications. We need a group that reviews politicians’ travel in the same way and books accommodation for them at appropriate levels so they can’t choose to stay in the most expensive place because it’s being paid for by someone else. Similarly, things like alcohol they buy needs to come from their own pockets except on official occasions – approved official activities.

    Obviously our pollies need to travel and attend certain events, however, it needs to be done sensibly and with it always in mind that taxpaying Australians are footing the bill. Governments don’t have any money of their own.

    • Lyn Pride  

      A sensible answer without all the emotion of other answers. Nice to have a level head commenting here.

  9. colin  

    Brandis is the worst of all. from this to misleading Parliament, make sone wonder what he has over TurnBULL>

  10. Lesley Sullivan  

    Snouts in the trough!! They all do it less than five mins after they are elected. It is our money. It is not theirs to spend on family holidays. We all have to pay our way and so must they. They need to outlay the money in the first place and then claim reimbursement. Hopefully there will be someone strong enough in the office that scrutinises the claims to say ‘no’ to them.

  11. Glennis Cannon  

    Disgraceful behaviour from these free loading leeches who need to learn to use their own money , they sure do get paid enough without ripping off the system even more. Pay back of this “leeched” money should be demanded and step down without huge gold pass to millions more dollars in benefits and pension that are far too generous

  12. This MUST stop, you politicians are really taking the piss out of the taxpayer.. You have all these bloody perks, and it still is not enough for you greedy lot of parasites. TURNBALL STOP ALL OF THE PERKS THAT POLITICIANS GET, THAT INCLUDES YOU ASWELL, YOU EARN ENOUGH FROM US SO DO NOT NEED EXTRA PAYMENTS. If you have to go to a business meeting so be it, that is all part and parcel of been a politician. It does not give you the right to wack up the old expense account. Get it sorted and get it done bloody quick, we have all had enough of this rorting the system.

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