Calls for Bob Katter to resign over ‘tacky’ campaign ad

Australia’s gun laws have been praised around the world in the wake of the Orlando shootings, but all that appears

Australia’s gun laws have been praised around the world in the wake of the Orlando shootings, but all that appears to be irrelevant to Queensland MP Bob Katter who has released a new campaign ad where he acts out shooting dead two of his political rivals.

The ad shows two men wearing ALP and LNP shirts erecting an Australia “for sale” sing.

Mr Katter is then shown looking down the barrel of the camera holding a silver gun with the clearly visible bodies of his opponents laying on the ground behind him.

The ad has sparked a fury with calls from both sides of politics for Mr Katter to resign and even some of his own supporters have shared their discomfort and disapproval.

“Embarrassed to have you even be associated with rural Australia,” wrote one commenter on Mr Katter’s Facebook page.

Others though, rallied behind him saying they loved the ad and were glad he was ready to “stand up for Australia”.

“Good on you Bob! At least someone has Australia’s interests at heart,” said one fan.

Two men wearing ALP and LNP t-shits hammer in a Australia for sale sign.
Two men wearing ALP and LNP t-shits hammer in a Australia for sale sign.

The ad has really hit a nerve for many people, especially following the shocking attacks in Orlando this week where 50 people were shot dead in a nightclub.

A number of politicians have come out to say there is no place for this kind of insinuated violence in Australia, with Mr Katter’s half-brother, ALP candidate Carl Katter, branding it “absolutely disgusting”.

“Australians, they’re very proud that we’ve taken [our] stance for gun laws, but to see this in our country is gross,” he said.

“It’s disgusting and I think a lot of people, everyone I’ve spoken to, finds it just disgusting.”

However, Mr Katter said he thinks the ad is “very funny” and doesn’t see what the problem is.

“I’m not giving an explanation, you can go and watch the advertisement because it’s anti-selling off Australia advertisement,” he told the ABC.

“I think most people will enjoy the humour. I thought it was very funny, I must admit.”

He said he was not deliberately controversial.

“It was just for humour value. But it was humour getting a message across,” he said.

“What’s not funny is the selling off of this country. We hate it and we’re tenaciously opposed to it.”

What do you think about the ad? Do you think it’s inappropriate, or is it just funny?

  1. It’s NOT funny. Bob Katter is old enough to know better than to approve an advertisement like this. Showing this right after the Orlando massacre is in the worse taste possible and says more about redneck Bob Katter than the message he is presenting.

  2. Beverley davidson  

    I think it is a very good advertisement, but he should have left out the last bit with the Gun.
    That was certainly very bad taste, especially at this time. Or anytime in fact.
    I am all for not selling out Australia.

  3. Steffan  

    There is too much political correctness and over sensetive people who are offended for no good reason Good on ya Bob

  4. peter harper  

    Could only offend the Latte sipping sooky anti everything ratbags who complain
    about everything,especially firearm related so it wont effect Katters support.
    Same type of ratbags who want the police well armed,and when they use
    there weapons with deadly effect in the line of duty scream bloody blue
    murder and demand scrape-goats

  5. colin  

    He is advocating murder of your opponents. It is one of the triggers that resulted in the moronic action that took place in Orlando. .. I note the two who say it is GOOD and people are over sensitive can’t spell or know the first thing about grammar. This man is condoning murder and should be taken to court for this. and I don’t drink Latte.

    • peter  

      Colin get your head out of your backside and lighten up, it was a spoof maybe not funny to you, maybe you should retreat to your “safe space”

  6. Gabrielle Smith  

    What a goose, we should be shot for electing idiots like Katter to help run our country . 😠

  7. peter  

    People! he was holding a TOY Lone Ranger cap gun you really do have to lighten up, Aussie comedy was renowned for being irreverent and cheeky even crass, please don’t let the PC brigade destroy our unique humour. Remember how we used to laugh at Norman Gunston, Paul Hogan, the Comedy Company, Kingswood Country with the irreverent Bullpit.
    It was a tongue in cheek ad slightly funny but to the point

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