Call for Muslims to condemn Islamic extremists

An interesting question was posed to the panel of ABC’s Q&A program recently. Without a politician in sight, the panel was

An interesting question was posed to the panel of ABC’s Q&A program recently.

Without a politician in sight, the panel was made up of authors, poets and rappers all in Sydney for its annual Writers Festival, and instead of discussion centred on the latest Federal budget or fortune telling on the outcome of the upcoming election, religion and the lack of social equality was at the forefront of the program.

The big question of the evening came from the audience. Rohan Venkatraman asked if it was fair for moderate Muslims to be asked to publicly condemn radical Islamist terrorists.

Controversial Somali-Dutch author Ayaan Hirsi Ali responded by saying, “We live in a world where people who identify themselves as Muslims invoke the Koran and invoke the Prophet Mohammed and go around killing people and shouting ‘Allahu akbar’. I think it is perfectly justified for those of us who don’t do that to ask fellow Muslims… ‘what on Earth is this about?'”

An atheist who has called for Islam to undergo a major reformation does not believe such a request is Islamophobia.

“If you share the philosophy, the religion, the background, the tradition and that is posed, it is making an appeal on your citizenship, on your obligation to this community and I don’t think you should be offended by that,” Ali says.

However, others on the panel said that while people have a right to criticise religion it had the potential to be dangerous, especially from outsiders.

Former United States military adviser and Middle East political lecturer Emma Sky argued that outsiders (Westerners and those not of the faith) needed to empower moderate Muslims to speak out against extremists.

She went on to say that greed is something that is negatively affecting the world you are living in.

“This whole society, the whole web of the acceptable diabolical regime, which is swallowing the globe, eating up resources, it’s making people ill with anxieties and there is an awful, awful kind of interplay here between what we think of as an acceptable evil and a kind of non-acceptable evil,” Sky said.

“The core of all this is greed and it is unacceptable in this day and age.”

What do you think of Ali’s response? Like Sky, do you think greed is the root of all evil?

  1. I think anyone who believes in freedom and democracy would condemn the evil, the taking of human life that is purported to be Islam. It is very noticeable that so called moderate Muslims refuse to do this. They behave like politicians who will never give a straight answer to a question. Emma Sky deflects the question by talking about greed and says that Westerners need to empower Muslims to speak out against extremists. What rubbish. Why always blame the west. Muslims avowed aim is jihad or Holy War against the West, in other words, the infidel.

    • Jude Power  

      Moderate Muslims have FREQUENTLY condemned the actions of the so-called muslim jihadists: were have you been that you haven’t seen, heard or read this? Listening to shock jocks and reading the Herald Sun or similar no doubt.

  2. Martin  

    ‘Moderate’ Islamists here haven’t the guts to speak out about the evil part of their cult. They’re too bee scared of reprisal.

    That’s the trouble letting 1000’s of these non-Christian elements to enter this Country. They cause problems, we NEVER had ANY here b4 THEY arrived.

    It stinks that THEY want to change OUR way of life.

    Why did they come to here amazes me. They must love Centrelink.

    • So what do you say to Christian extremists? Africa is filled with Christian extremist calling for death for homosexuals.

      • Martin  

        Muslims don’t believe in homosexuality, either.
        Have you forgotten those thrown from a 6th (?) floor roof top, to their deaths, several months ‘ ago?

    • Jude Power  

      Moderate Muslims FREQUENTLY speak out against the evil acts of jihadists. So Australia has ‘NEVER had any (problems) ‘ with christian elements? I think the original inhabitants would disagree with that, not to mention the children abused in christian institutions ….

  3. Rosie  

    I’m pretty sure that it was the youngish English girl with the long blonde hair (Tempest?) who made the comment about greed, not the older woman (Emma). It was said near the end of the show, and she was emotionally worked up, and all the stuff about greed was pretty jumbled. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was calm and very much in control of what she had to say – all of which made perfect sense. Ms Hirsi Ali is an extremely intelligent, brave woman and her admirers would only have increased during that program last night. It’s a rare treat for viewers, for the outstandingly-left biased ABC to give air time to anyone with views that concur with Ms Hirsi Ali’s.

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