Woolworths making changes that could see you pay more

Woolies has been doing it’s best to win over customer ever lately by lowing prices and increasing deals for shoppers;

Woolies has been doing it’s best to win over customer ever lately by lowing prices and increasing deals for shoppers; it appears all that is about to change though with the supermarket announcing it is heading in a new direction.

Woolworths chief executive Brad Banducci said the company will start moving it’s focus away from grocery prices and towards upgrading stores instead.

The change comes just has shoppers were enjoying having their pick from competitive prices at Woolies, Coles and Aldi.

Mr Banducci said they company has invested a whopping $1 billion into price cuts over the past 18 months and now that sales were more consisten it was time to move on, reports AFR.

As part of its new plan, Woolies will be renovating 80 stores to give them a more modern and updated feel.

Customers will have no doubt noticed some stores already going through this process and over the past few years many Woolies stores have had cafes, larger trolleys and fancy sushi stations.

Mr Banducci said the new direction is needed because the company isn’t happy with how things are at the moment.

“We have materially improved the average price for our customers, there’s no question,” Mr Banducci said.

“Having prices our customers trust is what we’re focused on. We feel we have got there on price but I don’t think our communication is there yet – we still think there are too many promotions and not enough everyday pricing. And you can’t predict what the competitive environment is going to do.

“We are still trying to get the balance right and we are working very hard on that every week and every month, but we’re are not unhappy with where we are now.”

When it comes down to it though, some customers say they’d rather see low prices than a stylish new store, while others are happy with the new direction.

Would you rather low prices, or a renovated store?

  1. Glenys Dreyer  

    Keep low prices but increase number of goods from Australian manufacturers too many generics. Need more checkout operators.


      Great once one store puts up the prices there rest will follow, with all the increases in living cost I’m not sure how some family’s will survive.. Woolies you’re a bunch a greedy scum bags..

    • Jennifer Taylor  

      I agree. I want to see more Australian grown & Australian made products in Woolworths stores. We do not need to import food products from overseas countries.

    • Sue  

      Everyone needs cheaper food to survive, and would helped local farmers to gain good economy.

    • Keith  

      Would you rather low prices, or a renovated store?

      Neither of the above. I would rather some checkout operators.

  2. Hazel Evans  

    I think putting in cafes, Suchi bars etc is a backward step for Woolies. They need to step down a level and focus on the ordinary every day shopper, looking for a bargain for necessities. I can see why Aldi and Coles win out in business as compared to Woolies. There meat is shocking.

    • kko  

      their sushi is more expensive than other sushi roll shops anyway.

  3. Woolworths need to start to cater for the lower income people also the people that live alone because we have to buy things that serve 3 or 4 and a lot of food is wasted, we need smaller loaves and items that come in two’s or singleI have wasted so much food as it has gone off before I get to it.

    • elena  

      Agree totally. Why should I buy, for example, 2 avocados to get them on good price if I only need one which last me 2 days. I live alone, the second avocado goes overripe and it is wasted…false economy!

    • I agree on the bread. The only alternative for a half loaf is Baker’s Delight but that is $2.90 a half loaf.

    • Claire Hancock  

      The best solution to bread going stale before the loaf is finished is to keep it in the freezer. Just give the loaf a little “massage” to help separate the slices before popping it into the freezer. Then it’s easy to just take out the one or two slices that you need. You can toast the bread whilst still frozen, or butter it whilst frozen (much easier to do!) then leave it to defrost naturally, or you can give it just a 10-20 second zap in the microwave if you prefer.

  4. Georgette Piggleton  

    They need to concentrate on quality of service before they make themselves look fancy. I don’t know how many times I have had to wait in line or be served at the express check out even though I have a full trolley load. And this is between 9:30am and 10:30am midweek. It’s ridiculous. I have also found staff (other than checkout) to be rude and unhelpful. Even though Woolworths is my closest supermarket I drive further to shop at Coles.

    • Ramesh  

      I have seen the same with their closing wing “Masters at Williams Landing Vic”. They have clearly denied to follow Australian Consumer law. Called their Custer service and after 1 hour conversation, I was provided with a complaint number assuring their admin team’s response in 24 hours. No action yet..

  5. Murray Smith  

    Putting lipstick on a pig sprung to mind. Woolworths need to improve the quality of the goods they sell and more focus on customer needs. Put more staff on the check-outs and train staff on the floor in customer relations.

    (On a separate note, Start at 60 Writers needs an editor. Badly)

  6. colin  

    went to Carlton Woolworths and they have changed the store , the fruit is in individual spots like an egg crate. bit of a joke really, to get half a dozen mandarin took longer and then staff had to fill them up again. maybe it creates employment?

  7. Kevin  

    Their discount schemes are too complex and time-consuming for busy people. Lose the lot and just have everyday low prices with occasional “save $100 for a big spend over a few weeks”

  8. Michael cole  

    No use having 3 checkouts working and massive queues…They want to push you into self serve , which definitely isn’t customer service….More australian products in stead of crap from China , South Africa etc Loyalty programmes have been a disaster ever since some bright spark decided to drop the original everyday rewards….When they have their surveys they should actually listen to their customers and not just give the lip service…Cafes and Suchi bars won’t attract me as i see it as trying to take business away from the shop owners that rely on these items to survive…..It’s just greed… A pig with lipstick on is still a pig

    • South African  

      Are you implying South Africa sells crop?
      Please get your facts in order!

      • Keith  

        I am sure South Africa produces many fine products and Woolworths has to search hard to find the crap ones (or “crop” ones as you say in South Africa).

  9. If they sold only Australian produced goods I would definitely shop there, however if the prices just become non-competitive I would shop elsewhere.

  10. Steve  

    Reasonable prices, larger range of product from Aussie producers and better service. That’s all the average shopper is looking for. As if there aren’t enough cafe’s around now. Definite backward step. Wake up Woolies.

  11. Nell Hamilton  

    Too many Aussie brands disappearing. I don’t need them to upgrade, I need them to support Aussies and keep established brands. When I think Woolies I think GREED. The want our groceries, our alcohol, our pharmacies, our souls!

  12. Stuart Peterson  

    The biggest issue is not the prices or even that the stores look tired and uncared for, its more about the service or lack of. I feel that the staff have become disconnected and are only going through the motions at a lot of sites . Woolies need to spend their efforts in re- engaging its team if it wants to survive .

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