Woolworths has plans to take your money in a whole new way

It looks like Woolworths is upping the ante when it comes to the supermarket battle, with the company announcing a

It looks like Woolworths is upping the ante when it comes to the supermarket battle, with the company announcing a bold new range to get hungry customers through the doors.

Taking lead from a number of UK supermarkets, Woolies has announced it will start selling takeaway dinners in a bid to woo people away from the fish and chips shop on a Friday night and into its stores instead.

A number of UK supermarket chains such as Tesco, Morrisons and M&S already offer the concept to customers, providing shoppers with ready-made three course dinners at a budget price.

Now, Woolies is hoping to win back its place at the top of the supermarket heap with the same idea and is already trialling the concept in a number of its metro stores.

110616_supermarket trolley
Woolies wants you to pick up your groceries and your takeaway dinner.

The takeaway meal deals will include a side, main, dessert and drink for around $20, if UK prices are anything to go off, and will range from breakfast, lunch and dinner.

While some people think Woolworths could be onto a good thing here, other have said it’s ridiculous.

Friday night takeaway is a bit of an Australian tradition, with families going down to the fish and chips shop to pick up their dinner all together for years.

There are questions over whether or not Woolies can actually compete with that time-honoured tradition.

Could Woolies really kill off Friday night takeaway?
Could Woolies really kill off Friday night takeaway?

“Why would I go to woolies and buy food that has been sitting packaged up on its shelves for god knows how long when I could go to my local chip shop and get something freshly made on the spot,” asked one customer.

“Takeaway food is a treat for me,” said another. “I’m not going to spend my money on something from a supermarket.”

Other shoppers love the idea though and say it’s a convenient alternative.

“I’d definitely buy it! $20 for all that food is a pretty good deal,” said one fan.

What do you think?

Would you buy a takeaway meal from Woolworths? Do you think this idea will succeed or fail?

  1. Keith Schadel  

    Is life begins at 60 perhaps sponsored by opposition food outlet? I am not employed by Woolies, and shop for best deal. But, all we ever seem to see is Woolies bashing.
    Love the site, but just seems a bit biased mainly against one group.

    • Any packaged foods including meals need to be closely scrutinized for any additions like preservatives etc. For myself a big “no thanks”! I also go through checkout when paying as I think we need to support jobs and not just put more profits in overseas based companies like Woolworths and Coles. Need to protect Australian jobs.

    • Heather  

      Keith I have had the same thought myself. I am not associated with Woolworths in any way but feel this site has a bias against Woolworths. Coles seems to get a much more favourable run. I have wondered if Coles have a sponsorship deal. In my opinion both companies are very similar and have good points and bad.

      • Interesting The News Daily web Nes seems to constantly have stories about Aldis and bad stories about Woolworths and Cole.

  2. I do not want to buy takeaway food from Woolies or anywhere else. If I have takeaway food (which I do not very often)I prefer good old fish and chips from my local takeaway.

  3. Maz OConnor  

    another money grabbing idea designed to crush small business owners. Butt out Woolies, your greed will destroy you one day. I’m sure the struggling small business owners are of no threat to your multi million dollar profits that you make each year.

    • Loraines  

      OMG. I think it’s a great idea. Lay off Woollies.

  4. No I wouldn’t buy it regardless of which supermarket sold it. It won’t b e fresh and is bound to be full of preservatives.

  5. Coles started take away fresh food for dinner a few weeks ago, but not much choice. Individual packs, not combined for 3 couse dinners. Tried one , which was nice, but next time could not find a dish that appealed to me. However, better than the frozen options which look nothing like the picture on the box.

  6. Glen  

    Its like anything new suck it & see. No need to return if its not up to scratch.

  7. Lorraine  

    Yes i am wodering the same if the over sixes site is not woolie’s bashing i have noticed it all lately if this going to be the norm i will be reading this site again

  8. Since it’s too darn cold to go out at tea time for a take away – yes, I might try doing this……….note to Fish and Chipperies……Ever thought about home delivery? It would seem to me that this post should be pointed in the direction of young working adults minus children rather than over 60’s……..and yes, I’ve noticed the Woolies bashing as well, what are the reasons behind this SAS?

    • Also the old Fish and Chips on a Friday night is a throwback to the “You must eat fish on a Friday” religious zealots – surely no one adheres to that any more? I’d be more likely to order in Pizza!

  9. Can’t see how the article is Woolie bashing,it’s just being informative and had reviews from both thoughts….

  10. Bob Mill  

    If they could give the same kind of fish as Tesco etc which is usually Haddock I would certainly buy. Difficult to get a nice fish here

    • agree with bob if they can get it right like the uk its a good idea but they dont seam to get it right here

    • john  

      Peter it’s sure to be nile perch the worse fish under the sun because it’s cheap crap.

    • Phil  

      You hit the nail on the head Fish and Chips are rubbish here the picture i
      n this article is not of Australian Shark and Chips

  11. pat  

    I think it is great for working couples and young men. They are far more likely to get a better meal than if they go for deep fried stuff.

  12. [email protected]  

    I recently wrote and posted an article about Woolworths on LinkedIn where I write about the extreme pressure Woolworths is facing. You can find the article here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/beautiful-way-save-woolworths-brittain-ladd?trk=mp-author-card

    Although I am critical of Woolworths, their decision to expand takeaway food options for their customers is actually a wise thing to do. More importantly, if done correctly, Woolworths could leverage food to drive additional sales of other products. A key requirement for Woolworths to be successful will be shelf optimization. In essence, being able to identify how many meals to make and when to place meals on the shelf to ensure customer demand is met while maximizing freshness.

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