Woolworths gives Homebrand the boot

If you’re a fan of Woolworths Homebrand products you might want to stock up while you have the chance as
Milk is for sale inside a Woolworths grocery store in Brisbane, Tuesday, April 19, 2011. (AAP Image/Dave Hunt) NO ARCHIVING

If you’re a fan of Woolworths Homebrand products you might want to stock up while you have the chance as the supermarket giant has announced plans to scrap the generic line.

Woolworths says it is ending its Homebrand range and rebranding it into a new line called Essentials after struggling to compete with Coles and Aldi.

Although Homebrand products are actually some of the cheapest available at supermarkets, that hasn’t been able to save the ailing line as customers have headed to Aldi is droves believing they can get better quality for the same price there.

Woolworths’ chief executive Brad Banducci said Homebrand has an image problem with the basic red and white logo creating a “perception problem” with customers.

“The issue we’ve got with Aldi is providing the same value experience in our store as you would in an Aldi, which requires us to rethink and re-engineer some of our entry-level products,” Mr Banducci said at the time.

Homebrand has been in Woolworths’ stores since 1983 and was a trusted product in many Australian households for years.

The phenomenal rise of Aldi has crippled the brand though forcing Woolworths into panic mode.

Woolworths Essentials range is already in stores with a range of non-food products such as paper plates, disposable cutlery and rubbish bags.

The first foodie item to hit the shelves under the Essentials label will be honey, which will sell for 86 cents per 100g – or $5.99 for a 700g bottle.

Are you sad to see the Homebrand range go? Do you think Aldi sells higher-quality products than Coles and Woolies?

  1. Nin  

    They’re only doing what Coles did a couple of years ago … Coles dropped their black and white labels for coloured labels and charged the same price as the black and white label but did huge advertising saying that they were dropping the prices on all their brand products. Do Woolworths think the consumers are so stupid to believe what they’re about to do too ??

  2. Joy Anne Bourke  

    No not worried about Homebrand being discontinued. Aldi have far better quality then Woolworths and Coles at a far cheaper price.

    • Valda Cocks  

      Certainly agree love Aldi shopping,quality and price

  3. Jennifer  

    I live in WA, we don’t have Aldi yet, coming soon. It says the new Essentials brand has…paper plates etc among other non-food items. Come on how many times a year do you buy paper plates. It’s like their current orange ticket items. You find them on things like red lentils. Again how many times a year do you buy things like that. I left Woolies after they dropped their Frequent Flyer points system.

  4. John  

    The orange ticket items are few and far between and are usually on products that arent purchased often so Wollworths havent given their shoppers anything by introducing this system. Wollies Bring back the Frequent Flyers Program. Im still trying to earn my first $10 im not buying products that i dont need just to earn the so called free $10 bonus.

  5. If Woolworths could improve their customer service I might start to shop with them more often, Aldi have the quality at the right price AND the customer service!

    • Maddie  

      Aldi don’t really have customer service you have to do eveything yourself even pack your own groceries. Some of the package food taste like the cardboard box its packaged in and the meat often looks disgusting. Some prices are cheaper but over all not much.

  6. 'Trina  

    Can the self checkout, I do enough volunteering in a week so I don;t have to volunteer to make Woolworths’ profit?? Employ staff, the spend in your stores!!! Haven’t you realised that people spend money, not machines???

  7. Robyn  

    I stopped shopping at Woolies when they decided they were controlling the brands and took variety off the shelves and replaced with their own brands. I only shop at Aldi and Coles. Too little too late Woolies!! You want to dictate your brand you loose!!!

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