Woolworths axes rewards program… again

Woolworths has announced that it is set to abandon its “Woolworths Dollars” rewards scheme in a major overhaul that would bring back

Woolworths has announced that it is set to abandon its “Woolworths Dollars” rewards scheme in a major overhaul that would bring back customers earning Qantas Frequent Flyer points, according to the Australian Business Traveller.

In an embarrassing backflip, Woolies will relaunch its rewards scheme on August 31 and once again offer Qantas frequent flyer points to supermarket shoppers, axing the “Woolworths Dollars” scheme that they had introduced only 9 months ago. The axed scheme was part of a more ‘shopper-friendly’ loyalty program which focussed on savings at the checkout, but which could be earned only on a limited number of products marked with an orange ticket.

Taking its place will be a new rewards currency of ‘Woolworths points’, with one reward point earned on every dollar spent at Woolworths supermarkets, affiliated Caltex service stations and BWS bottle shops.

Unlike Woolworths’ previous Everyday Rewards scheme, there will be no minimum spend before you start earning points.

Australian Business Traveller reports staff training notes in the guide indicate all current Woolworths Dollar balances will be automatically transferred to the new points on August 31.

“If Woolies was over in Rio they’d win a Gold medal for this backflip,” Australian Business Traveller editor David Flynn told news.com.au. “But it was a much-needed reversal after the grocery giant scuppered its Qantas partnership in favour of an over-complicated and under-rewarding loyalty scheme. Unfortunately, under the new scheme it’ll cost almost twice as much to earn the same number of Qantas Points compared to the long-running program which Woolworths axed in December 2015.”

Under the new scheme, spending $100 will earn you around 43 Qantas Points, whereas previously the same $100 would have earnt you 70 Qantas Points based on the old system where customers earned one point for every dollar spent over $30.

A Woolworths spokeswoman said “we’re not commenting on speculation”, but pointed out the supermarket had “flagged for some time that improvements to Woolworths Rewards were on the way, including a partnership with Qantas”.

“We look forward to unveiling it soon,” she said.

What do you think of the relaunched and revamped scheme? Will this interest you to shop more at Woolworths?

  1. Phil Spencer  

    What happens if I don’t want Qantas points because I don’t fly?

    • Sue  

      I will be happy for Aldi to open Urangan Q.L.D as Wollies is getting too expensive for pensioners the reward money was good as when you can’t buy milk and bread now they have to have frequent flyers which they don’t use that is ridiculous in my book

    • R green  

      You can use Qantas points to buy a whole range of things through the Qantas store. You don’t have to fly. But it would be handy if you decided to get out of the house and go to another Aussie city for instance.

    • Dennis Clark  

      You could give them to me

  2. Jeanette crawford  

    Still a rip off by Woolworths not giving the customer what they want and that is to be able to build up points for rewards

  3. Ben Digo  

    Another lame scheme that is not worth the effort. We want reward points from the first dollar, and to get grocery discounts with the points. Coles fly-buys is a thousand times better which is why 99% of my shopping is done there. And you think shoppers are stupid, you discount groceries then jack up the price of fruit & veges, deli and all your meat to compensate yourselves. I sometimes see a trolley on your stores filled with groceries and a sign attached to tell us how much this lot of groceries has gone down in price. Where are the 4 trolleys of groceries that have gone UP in price? Display these in your stores, I dare you! And as for calling yourselves “The fresh food people”, this is an outright lie and you should face charges of false advertising. Most of you fruit and veges is expensive and not at all fresh.

    • Georgie Girl  

      Better read article again, Ben.
      They’ve done away with the $30 minimum spend!

  4. Chris  

    Although you will have to spend more it is 100% improvement on what they are axing. Basically since they changed it I have earned $3.80 so I just gave up using my card. I will go back and start using it again when they change back to Qantas points. About bloody time I say.

  5. Dianne Grant  

    I cut my card up when they changed things.,
    Greed took over with Woolworths and customers spoke with their buying habits,
    I will still not shop Woolworths when they sell hot cross buns just after Christmas. I find this very offensive to my beliefs. To say it’s “what customers want” speaks volumes…they obviously just look at $$$$ ! Time to listen to those who would be loyal customers Woollies…IF the powers that be pulled their heads in… STOP BEING GREEDY…Show COLES your a lot better than them….go on …!

  6. Have to admit I have hardly saved anything on the new system. Just don’t
    seem to buy the items that earned the points. Mainly just use the discount petrol vouchers. Bring back the old system.

  7. does this mean I am being discriminated against because i cant fly due to an ongoing medical issue ??
    yet another right royal rip off

    • Dominik  

      No, not at all, Julie!
      Haven’t you ever bothered to look at QANTAS website’s ‘Shop’, & buy items from it?

    • When you were getting something for nothing you can’t really say you are being discriminated against when you don’t benefit from it

  8. Pamela  

    I have $7 rewards dollars, not available until it reaches $10 which it won’t do prior to Aug 31.

    Do I lose that?

    • Well something has happened before 31st August. I had up to approx $8 in rewards & my last shop there last week I was down to 85cents. I should have questioned it but was in a hurry, had no time but will next time I’m there.

  9. Vannus  

    About bee time!
    I’ve been ‘saying’ this at every opportunity, since they scrapped them originally!

    Absolutely stupid move which saw 1000’s of customers’ desert them, & go to Coles.
    I did, for one.

    Ok, it’s not as many points as before, BUT they’ve got rid of the $30 minimum spend, which now matches Coles’ Fly Buys.

    Personally, I’m very pleased that, (a) it’s effective very soon, & not in six months’ time, & (b) my f/n mandatory shop will get me back to ‘olde London towne’, very soon!

  10. Heather Margaret  

    The reward system is to let them know how often you shop, what items you buy and how much you spend, in otherwords they want to know your spending power. I only use the cards if asked for at the check out to help that person’s job. Fuel rewards at Woolworths don’t help me as my car is on LPG. When Qantas points were available and I had enough I would cash them in for gift vouchers. Coles fuel discount I get it for LPG and their points I gift to charity.

  11. Shantaram  

    At least they’ve HALF listened to consumers! However I will still be doing most of my shopping at Coles, and reserving Woolworths for things Coles don’t stock – Woollies shot themselves in the foot as far as I’m concerned!

  12. Kathy  

    Enjoy money off your shopping automatically, or choose to reward yourself differently
    Your points automatically go towards money off your shopping. However, if you prefer, now you’ll also have the option to bank your savings for Christmas, or convert them to Qantas Points.

    You can make the choice – it doesn’t discriminate against those who can’t fly.

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