Woolworths abandons charity

It hasn’t been the best year for Woolworths, or Coles for that matter, as the companies are trying new ways

It hasn’t been the best year for Woolworths, or Coles for that matter, as the companies are trying new ways to compete with newcomers like Aldi and soon Amazon while at the same time seeking to bring customers back to their stores.

Woolworths latest act isn’t going to do much to help their image as after a 28-year relationship with the dog charity Lost Dogs’ Home they are not going to help with the annual Christmas appeal leaving the charity with $150,00 less support.

In a statement from the charity, they stated, “The appeal provided us with over $150,000 worth of high-quality dog and cat food each and every year”.  They added “We extend a heartfelt thank you to Woolworths for its support over the last 28 years, and to Woolworths customers who dug deep to help feed homeless pets, year after year.

“The Home didn’t do anything to cause the arrangement to be cancelled.’’

Many supports are urging for a boycott of the supermarket. However, the charity has made no such statement and only wishes for folks to donate what they can including food to the shelter for their holiday appeal.

There has been no official statement from Woolworths regarding this decision; however, many believe it comes down to Woolworths changing its “sponsorship priorities.”  When you also consider that the company posted a $1.2 billion loss the past August due to heavy competition and the destructive failing of the Masters hardware stores.

Is this a sign that Woolworths is in heavy damage control or an unfortunate side effect of a changing business market?  What do you think the charity could do to help make up for the loss?  Do you think that Aldi could step in and help out? 

We’d love to hear what you think in the comment section below.

  1. mary lacey  

    oh no..i look forward to buying quantities of dog and cat food knowing that precious animals will have food to eat…i have been buying food for them for years…how disgusting knowing that woolies is going to stop that…i know people do not mind buying a couple of cans of food so i just want to know why this supermarket has stopped…i hope that coles will take on this…if it cost the company nothing why is it????????i think people have a right to know why..please let us know

  2. Guy Flavell  

    Woolies, please explain !!! No doubt there is a logical reason for taking this apparently harsh
    action? I feel very sorry for ‘The Lost Dogs Home’ who desperately needed this support.

  3. Eva Rennie  

    Donate the money you would have spent on donating pet food direct to the charity. They can purchase exactly what they need at bulk prices. A WIN for the shelter and a WIN for you as you will be donating MORE!

  4. rose  

    goodbye woolies, as a caring retailer your useby date and business model has expired.

  5. Someone is getting their kickers in a know — other charities need support and Woolworths has every right to share their efforts around. Woolworths donations to charities are extraordinary so keep in mind the big picture. As for Aldi — well their efforts to raise money for charities are miniscule and their contribution to helping those who are less fortunate is dismal ———- Neville

  6. Bruce  

    Why don’t those responsible for the Masters fiasco donate their salaries to the lost dogs home, after all they don’t really deserve to be paid for such an inept business venture.

  7. Terry  

    Woolworths and Coles have the public fooled. At no time do they donate anything. Suppliers are “threatened” in a nice way of saying to the manufacturers that you donate or we take your products off our shelves. . Tell the truth woollies. You get all the credit and put nothing in.

  8. Pamela  

    Kowtowing to moslems who believe dogs are unclean!

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