While dairy farmers suffered, Murray Goulburn gave themselves a hefty pay rise

It’s no secret Murray Goulburn was sticking it to farmers last year when they slashed prices, but it’s now been

It’s no secret Murray Goulburn was sticking it to farmers last year when they slashed prices, but it’s now been revealed that at the same time they were putting the squeeze on farmers they were handing out giant pay rises to their own staff.

The revelation has angered many, especially Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce who said the 50 per cent pay increase “doesn’t pass the sniff test”.

Now the ACCC is stepping in and conducting an inquiry into the dairy industry to get to the bottom of the whole affair.

While Mr Joyce said the survival of Murray Goulburn is essential, he made it clear the pay rise was out of order.

“You would have to say it poses serious questions, as some would say it doesn’t pass the sniff test,” Mr Joyce told ABC radio. “Within this whole discussion about what has gone wrong, that issue will also be delved into.”

It’s been revealed the company’s former chief executive Gary Helou, who departed in April after the company slashed its profit forecast, received $3.3 million for the year – including salary and leave entitlements.

Dairy famers were left fuming when Murray Goulburn slashed its milk solid price to $4.31 a kilogram on July 1, meaning they could barely cover their own costs.

Mr Joyce is adamant the ACCC inquiry will “get to the bottom of a whole range of issues that are pertinent to the dairy industry”.

Supermarkets are also in the firing line, with questions over how and why they started selling milk as cheaply as $1 a litre – besides using it as a ploy to get customers through the door.

“Why is it that a bottle of water which you can get out of a tap would be dearer than a bottle of milk which someone had to go to work at 4am to produce?” Mr Joyce asked.

While the inquiry is all well and good, should there be tougher rules in place to ensure dairy farmers can’t be taken advantage of again though?

There are calls from some to make Murray Goulburn pay back farmers to cover the cost of their loans, which many had to take out just to keep their businesses running.

Others say the industry should be regulated so things like this can’t happen again.

What do you think?

Does it make you angry to hear Murray Goulburn took pay rises while stiffing farmers? Should the industry be regulated?

  1. Robyn Atkinson  

    Its always the same, the government, big corporations and banks can all cry poor while inhaling all the money they can get away with but cheating other Aussies out of a fair go

    • Greedy bastards, Ido agree accc needs to get involved but why does it take so long have when they could apply to have murray goulburns books confiscated and there it will tell just how miserable these bastards are in the meantime mg are changing the books numbers .low lifes

  2. Patricia  

    it certainly doesn’t pass the sniff test……….it stinks. So tired of CEO’s being given huge payouts, bosses receiving huge pay rises and the workers suffering…………….the poor farmers doing it tough

  3. Jan Hart  

    Of course I’m disgusted at this milking of our dairy farmers dry.

    What I can’t understand is it’s taken so long for the govt or the milk cooperation or just someone to expose this before all the damage was done.

    What’s happening to Australians in business? We are becoming greedy bastards with no thoughts of others. Never happy with a great wage, just have to destroy the industry that is good and wholesome which had integrity but has no longer.

    I think this Goulburn mob should be fined and imprisioned for what they have done to these Australian farmers and from now on the farmers are best to run their own business.

    • Wally Godek  

      Couldn’t have said it any better these greedy Bastard are ruining this great country and the government is sitting on its hands letting it happen and then want to give these greedy pricks a tax cut Jesus WTF is wrong with this mob it seems like the workers in this country don’t seem to matter anymore without the workers these Grubs can’t operate !

  4. jen  

    Disgusted with this – our farmers need to make a decent living.

  5. Doug Richard  

    While ever farmers are price takers, there will always be these distortions. Deregulation has proven to be as iniquitous as regulation in the dairy (and any other agricultural) industry. Maybe we threw the baby out with the bath water when cooperatives were thought to be out of step and, largely, abandoned. Maybe the MODEL was fine but needed tweaking. Murray Goulburn certainly is no longer a “cooperative” when its farmer constituents can be shafted so callously.
    Farmers don’t have the time nor inclination to become militant, but somehow, they need to seize the marketing agenda and even up the playing field. A bit of political leadership is needed, not yet another ACCC enquiry. It won’t be easy while ever those further up the production chain have their corporate snouts in the trough in a greed based system.

  6. Don Lerwiis  

    HEADLINE OF THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!! Murray Goulbourne offers distresses farmers fire sale prices for farms and agrees to employ them as farmhands.

  7. jack daniel  

    karma has recently come back and bitten them

  8. facebook_nancy.brenton.75  

    Absolutely disgusted with Murray/Goulburn. These bosses need stringing up along with Banks and other corporations and Politicians. How utterly disrespectful are they To all Aussies who really do the hard ground work.

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