This bank is paying their staff to NOT talk to you

It used to be that if you went into a bank there would be a smiling teller behind the counter

It used to be that if you went into a bank there would be a smiling teller behind the counter that was more than happy to help you with any of your banking needs. Now when you walk into the foyer of a bank you are met with machines. Loads of them. There is the ATMs, then a machine if you want to do phone banking and most of the time there is a machine that you have to get a number from before you can even speak to a teller.

Why would they do this? Simple, money. Commonwealth Bank Branches are being paid bonuses for guiding customers to use ATMs instead of tellers. They have gone so far as to make it a key performance indicator for tellers on whether or not they inform customers that instead of using a teller they can “do it themselves” at the ATM. First self serve checkout and now this.

A spokesperson for the Commonwealth Bank told the Daily Mail “Our new branch designs and technology give customers greater access to their accounts beyond traditional banking hours – available 24/7 in some cases”. They continued saying, “Our focus is assisting and educating our customers on the latest services we offer so they can bank with us in-branch, online or on their smartphone when it best suits them.”

On top of putting all the machines in your path to the teller the CBA also drastically raised the fees to over the counter transactions. If you want to make a withdrawal over the counter, it’ll cost you $2.50 and to write a personal cheque will cost an extra $1.50. All in an effort to help you with your “choice” to use the ATMs.

Are the banks only doing this to drive up their profitability or are they really trying to help you make your transactions better?

  1. Robyn H  

    The NAB tried this about 15 years ago and it was less than successful then…….

  2. Valerie Bush  

    I feel for staff under these demands and particularly when if they do not comply enough they will get reprimanded via key performance indicater KPI whip forms a part of their performance review and bonus etc. NAB did this a long time ago and found that they did I not get people in the door for loans etc. It is appalling and customers should feel offended

  3. Rose  

    And now you can no longer pay your credit card in person, it has to be done gia internet banking….great unless you don’t do internet banking!

    • John Brants  

      You can pay with cash at Australia Post . I have done this for 2 years.No waiying for 20 minutes in the CBA queue.

  4. Kathy Begg  

    Not just banks. Today I went into my local pharmacy and was advised to join a website where I can place my orders online and receive a text when they are ready. “For my convenience”. Goodbye staff and customer service 😢😢

    • Lorraine Walker  

      My husband and I love this service from our pharmacy. We still drop in with the prescriptions initially which they then manage …and we just pickup medications when they are ready.
      Pleased to say staff numbers aren’t being reduced and the customer service couldn’t be any better….and the pharmacists know us and our medical history which is very helpful.

  5. Robyn Jefferson  

    You don’t have to pay 2.50 to speak to a teller. More machines, less tellers and less wages. That’s the good old world we live in. If I was a teller I would talk to everyone and save my job. I’m told the tellers have a very good Union. Let’s be extra friendly!

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