Things are about to go from bad to worse for Australia Post

Australia Post has copped a lot of backlash over the past few years thanks to its dwindling customer service and

Australia Post has copped a lot of backlash over the past few years thanks to its dwindling customer service and it’s new rules and regulations, which see everyone paying more just to send and receive mail.

Now, it looks like they may have finally pushed things too far and American company FedEx is ready to swoop in for the win.

FedEx says it has big plans for Australia, starting with its international shipping service, which – just like all its services – guarantees on-time delivery or your money back.

“The difference between Australia Post and us is we do three delivery attempts — whereas most of the time they just leave a slip,” FedEx Australia managing director Kim Garner told

His words back up the claims by many Aussies that Australia Post has lost its edge, with many saying the company just can’t be bothered delivering things anymore.

“We pride ourselves on our service culture and our money-back guarantee,” he said.

“If we miss the delivery you get your money back. [Founder] Fred [Smith] put in that service culture and everyone still lives by it today.”

Earlier this year, Australia Post announced that it would start charging customers to hold their parcels if they weren’t home when they tried to deliver it.

The announcement backfired almost immediately with customers slamming them for their lack of customer service and branding the idea “a total rip off”.

They have also refused to confirm whether or not they will continue to provide a passport service – where people can apply for an renew passports at the post office – when their contract with DFAT expires next year.

The Postal Industry Ombudsman say complaints about Australia Post have trebled since 2008, with customers looking for an alternative to the company.

While many have welcomed the competition from FedEx, others say that despite Aus Post’s reputation they’d rather stick with an Australian company than give their money to a foreign entity.

What are you thoughts?

Would you ditch Australia Post for FedEx? Or would you rather stick to an Australian Company instead?

  1. P LeBas  

    The “issue” is with Australia Post…IMO. they promote people, who have no “customer care” what so ever.
    If a person can “sit correctly, smile and speak a load of muck”….then you are in.
    I did my absolute best for my “customer”…whom I may add, paid my wages in my time with Australia Post.
    Over passed every interview. Age I think being the factor, plus being a good worker.
    Lay back do bugger all and promotion comes your way.

  2. Joy Anne Bourke  

    If the service was better then why not. I think we are entitled to better service but Australia Post are just too lazy now. Also I usually post things through Officeworks which cost less and delivered by courier without charging for registered post. Australia post if u don’t send registered post then the parcel might disappear.

    • Trish  

      Registered or not it still dissspears.not once but twice.They lost my legal documents pertaining to my mothers will. Lazy and useless.too many stories to tell here.

  3. PAUL  


  4. Wayne Grant  

    I think you all should really look into FEDEX and their services throughout the world, before you all dive in….
    They are not as popular as you think they are…..overpricing IS A FACTOR….forget the promises, check for the truth from outside Aus. Most of their business is farmed out to contractors and they want their bight of the cherry also…

  5. Alan  

    Check Fed-exes international extra charges. Has something sent from the UK to Chile while I was there, and apart from having to pay Chilean sales tax and import tax, Fed-Ex also slapped me for a bill for use of the airport freight terminal. Sent something from here to Chile, and my wife paid NOTHING to receive the package. Fed-Ex may have that American thing about service, but they also have that American thing about MONEY. Frankly that single experience with Fed-Ex left me FED UP and would not use them again. Australia Post’s overseas charges are expensive, their overseas express courier service is a laugh (at least where Chile is concerned) but at least, the receiver is not hit with totally unexpected charges, so personally, Aust. Post has my full support.

  6. I was surprised yesterday to find a slip in my mail box to pick up a parcel at the post office. I had been in all morning and nobody knocked on my door

    • Judith  

      I once complained about a similar situation and the chap in the post office said the postie is not allowed to leave his bike and bag of mail to come to the door! So what’s exactly the point about them offering a parcel delivery “service”?

    • [email protected]  

      I have had one parcel from Melbourne sent to me here in Sydney via Brisbane, another parcel with the correct address on it was sent to back to the company with address unknown marked on it, numerous parcels have been taken to the local post office but with no card left to tell me where to pick them up and the worst one of all – a parcel containing around $145 worth of goods was delivered to a totally different address. Luckily the people living at this address were good enough and honest enough to bring the parcel to me …. and someone has to pay for this ‘service’ ?

  7. Peter Donaghy  

    Was sending three parcels thru FedEx in the States to Aust. Was quoted over $300 per parcel. Went to USPS and sent the three for less than the $300. Aust Post is around the same prices as USPS. FedEx is a big rip-off. USPS also gave tracking for free where FedEx wanted to charge $20 extra per parcel.

  8. Rosanna  

    Australia Post are totally useless when it comes to delivering a good service. Way over priced when trying to post items locally or overseas. Now having to wait for anything up to three days or pay the extra to have a letter delivered is bad too. $1 for a local or Interstate letter to be posted is over the top. We are one of the dearest places to post mail. Not good. Most Post Offices have non friendly staff you have to deal with. You ask a question and get your head bitten off for asking. Our PO has one such Lady working there who is a bad tempered unfriendly person. I don’t like having he serve me. The others in there are lovely and friendly too but her well. I for one am not happy as far as our Australia post goes and if we had an alternative then I would use it for sure. Australia Post need to pull their socks up and lower their prices and be a service for the Aussie people again like they were years ago.

    • Olly Downie  

      Yep, this pretty much mirrors my experience.
      Competition is always good. Aust post isn’t run well, from the top down.

  9. Gary Haynes  

    Why not trade off another Aussie company.We have already sold everything else.Pitty our kids and grandchildren when they will nees a overseas passport to get a job in Aust.All people do is whinge about Auspost.Stop and think about the company or job you do and how efficient it is!!!.

  10. Brian Hancock  

    When Australia post announced that they were going to hold your mail for a few days unless you paid extra ransom for the previously “standard” service now branded “priority”, I realised that there must be a lot of wasted space at Aust Post. And I wasn’t just talking about the extra space needed to penalty hold your mail.

  11. Olly Downie  

    Competition is always good. Aust post isn’t run well, from the top down.

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