The tips and tricks Aldi shoppers swear by

Aldi has well and truly shaken up the supermarket game in Australia every since it landed on our shores. It’s

Aldi has well and truly shaken up the supermarket game in Australia every since it landed on our shores.

It’s secured a loyal band of followers with customers swearing by the discount stores low prices and high quality.

Despite the already low prices, there are a few tips and tricks many Aldi shoppers say they use every time to keep costs down even more.

1. Use boxes instead of bags

Aldi stores most of the products on its shelves in boxes and often you’ll find a few sitting there empty before staff come to remove them. Since Aldi makes customers pay for bags at the checkout, some shoppers say they grab a box off the shelf and fill it up with their groceries to take back to the car. That way you save on money and on plastic.

2. Compare weekly specials

All supermarkets offer weekly specials and sometimes it turns out an item will be cheaper and Coles or Woolworths instead. Savvy shoppes say they write their grocery lists and then go online to see if any of the products are on sale at Coles or Woolies. If the sale price is cheaper than Aldi, they pick up those items first before heading to Aldi for the rest of their shop.

3. Double guarantee

Aldi has a particularly good returns policy. Not only will they refund a grocery item you’re not happy with, they’ll replace it on the spot free of charge too.

4. Gluten free on a budget

Aldi’s gluten-free products are considerably cheaper than many of those on offer at other supermarkets. For example a 500g pack of gluten-free spaghetti is $2.49 at Aldi, while a 250g pack of San Remo gluten-free spaghetti at Coles is $4.38.

5. Christmas shopping

Need Christmas presents for the grandkids? Aldi often has big Christmas toy sales where customers say they pick up popular big brand toys, like Disney, for a fraction of the price.

6. Chocolate button trolly

This one is a little cheeky… A man in the UK made a video that went viral earlier this year after he filmed himself inserting a chocolate button into the dollar coin hole in his Aldi shopping trolly. If you don’t have a special Aldi token, customers have to have a dollar coin on them to access trollies and a lot of people repeatedly find themselves caught out. Apparently an innocent chocolate button will fix it! Now if only we all carried chocolate buttons every where we went…

What are your supermarket tricks? What’s your favourite place to shop?

  1. J.Loehr  

    i know Aldie since way back when they came to cologne , but also know they never order what is off the shef ,if its gone it stayes gone especialy here in australia

  2. Wayne Watkins  

    I am a coeliac and yes Aldi’s gluten free stuff is way cheaper than Coles or Woolies , but Aldi’s gluten free bread is disgusting and the wrapper tastes better . But people who do their major shop at Aldi then drive to Coles or Woolies for a special one off product are kidding themselves coz the petrol cost to get there kills any saving on the product .

    • Marilyn Dew  

      Not when Woolworths is only half a km away, makes sense to shop at both

    • Deborah  

      I am not gluten free but I love Aldi’s seeded GF bread toasted more than any other bread. On saying that I have not eaten it fresh but have tried others and for me they don’t compare when it comes to toast!

  3. The shops I go to for better value ( depending on the items you need__
    Reject shop: Cleaners, washing powder/ dish washing liquid/ shampoo/ conditioners ect
    Woolies: Cat food (anything that Aldi does not have on my list
    Aldi: Cleaning products/ fruit/ veg and a whole heap of other items !!!! 🙂

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