Telstra faces backlash over customer service fail

Telstra has been blasted for poor customer service and incredibly long wait times in the past, and now the communications

Telstra has been blasted for poor customer service and incredibly long wait times in the past, and now the communications company is under fire again for its response to a customer complaint on social media.

Mother Michelle Stephenson wrote a message to Telstra on Twitter saying her Foxtel and broadband internet where down and that she had been told by staff it would take two days to fix.

“Telstra my Foxtel and broadband are down and it says estimated time fixed is two days. I have a child who wants TV though,” she wrote.

Instead of responding with a helpful suggestion or a promise to look further into the issue, Telstra’s social media manager wrote back a patronising response for everyone to see.

“Heya Michelle, I can appreciate that, I usually show my kid the outside world when there’s no internet, it’s tricky… – Renee.”

Many people who saw the exchange of words happen on Twitter were shocked by such a rude and patronising response to Michelle’s complaint.

Michelle wasn’t impressed either and wrote back to Renee.

“Not funny, I’m a working mum who’s spent part of the day showing him the world, I just want downtime,” she wrote.

While poor customer service seems to be the norm for many companies these days, the idea that these companies think it’s ok to poke fun at people’s legitimate problems with their product has many people irate.

Telstra is yet to officially respond to the issue.

What are your thoughts on this case?

Was Telstra’s response funny, or were they out of line? Have you ever had a bad customer service experience?

  1. Telstras’ idea of a shop front service is also not customer service orientated either.You cannot walk into their shop and pay a bill.your name is put on an appointment list ,anything from twenty to twenty five minutes .They call it a Telstra shop but it is only by appointment.

  2. I have, Try talking to someone at Department Fair Trading i rang them (and after been transferred 4 times to different people ) I finally had my call answered , I was following up on a application I had submitted and ask where my application was and how much longer it would take to approve .Expecting them to give me some sort of positive response instead the female on the other end of the line informed me that she did not have a crystal ball and did not know .i hung up in a rage and thought as a tax payer is this where my money is going to train these lazy rude people

  3. Telstra? I refuse to deal with them any more. They have the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

  4. Jill Austin  

    Or you get a phone call from the Brisbane office trying to tell you how you can update and save money,then tell them your husband dealt with this last month and you would prefer to speak to someone face to face.The answer-‘Well they cannot update anything” from Melbourne!!Time to look for a new server????

  5. Cynthia clark  

    I have the misfortune to go to the testa shop in moray field I like many just want to pay a bill only to be told there is 20 minuet wait that was nothing I needed help response was I will take your name and come back in 4G ins I stood at the counter on another visit with 3 others waiting to pay bills and are ignored .If you are not purchasing a phone or other items again you wait I will never go back to that shop I will pay mine at the post office and they can wait for their money just like they make us wait

  6. Peta  

    Just say no! Thats what parenting is all about. Down time! Whats that!!!!

  7. Cheryl Darke  

    I have only had good service from Telstra after 15 years with Optus and a decline in what could be offered in my area I changed to Telstra and I am happy. However I have seen so many people expecting instant gratification. As well I know two people who waited months for their internet connection. Perhaps more technical staff would ease the waiting times. As far as the mother wanting downtime goes it sounds like Mum needed it not the child and parenting is like that sometimes it takes more than plonking them in front of tv and paying bills in person at the shop there are so many alternative ways offered by Telstra to pay which are less time consuming. Good grief people seems to want to whinge about so much these days

  8. Telstra , So Quick if you want to buy something , BUT ! If you have a problem , Forget it ……..

  9. Margaret Mason  

    My friends and I have had so much poor/non-existent service from Telstra and (shop and technical) staff, that I am convinced they must run professional development on how to p***-off customers. I was actually very surprised when I had a pleasant chat with one staff member. I use another provider so that they can be the ones to argue with Telstra when there is a problem with lines etc.

  10. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Will not deal with Telstar ever they have the worst customer service ever. I have had Optus for over 8 years and are extremely happy. Customer service is fantastic.

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