Sydney framing business forced to take down “we’ll shoot your wife” sign

It’s been shared across the internet but when it comes to what is and isn’t funny, the Advertising Standards Bureau has

It’s been shared across the internet but when it comes to what is and isn’t funny, the Advertising Standards Bureau has the last say.

Fantastic Framing in Sydney posted the offending photo on their Facebook page, and it is also on the back of their mobile vans:



The Advertising Standards Bureau has ruled the one-liners, from Fantastic Framing, were “not funny” and breached standards, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Complaints were made about the mobile framing service, with members of the public saying the sign was sexist and violent.

“We can shoot your wife and frame your mother-in-law. If you want we can hang them too!”, said the sign, which has now been banned.

The advertising bureau found the “intended humour has now worn off”.

“The double meaning of the advertisement is not relevant to contemporary society given the high level of community concern with regards to violence towards women,” the board ruled.

“The majority of the board acknowledged the advertiser’s intent was to inject ­humour into their advertising but considered making a joke about using a gun or hanging a person would not be found funny by most members of the community”.

The ruling came as a shock to the business, as they received positive feedback on the sign, which is just a light-hearted play on words.

“We have no intention to hurt anyone,” the firm said in its response to the complaint.

“We just tried to be funny and smart to our customers”.

It definitely raises the question of political correctness.

Tell us, is the sign offensive? Or is this political correctness gone mad?

  1. Ye Gods. Have we completely lost the plot and our sense of humour? Political correctness has gone completely overboard. Might as well all just leave and let the idiots take over. We have been known for our irreverent sense of humour for all our lives in this country – what happened? Is it multiculturalism that has ruined us? Are we so afraid of offending other people’s sensibilities that we lose our way of life to keep them happy? What about us? And what about our way of life that has kept us happy and congenial? How can we get it back? Wish the thought police would just pull their heads in and go away. Let the man put his sign back. I laughed myself silly – thought it was terrific.

  2. Paul  

    What has happened to our sense of humour. Are we really that serious. This political correctness is the scourge of the world.

  3. Elaine Gillett  

    As a former picture framer these kind of jokes have been around for decades……political correctness has gone too far…..we teach our chilren and grandchildren to respect each other and that domestic violence is not on, and with in the process they learn about fact, fiction and humour.

  4. I have to disagree with all the comments. This is not good enough in this day and age – violence against women is rampant and although I can see the funny side of this – quite clever really – for those women who have been abused by their spouses, those families whose daughters have been killed in domestic violence situations – this is NOT funny.

    • Anne  

      Fair go Elaine! If people can’t differentiate between the two then they have a real problem.

  5. Political correctness gone nuts. It’s clever and catchy and leave it alone. There’s not enough quip-like ads out there as it is. We are all nodding to the lowest common denominator in everything. And Elaine, I have lived in one of those circumstances and I still find it funny.

  6. Alec McCracken  

    Anyone with half a brain would know this is not serious and just an innocent play on words. It’s certainly not advocating violence against women and perhaps if they had written about shooting your husband, framing your father in law etc., then nothing would have come of it. Some people are just a bit too thin skinned these days and need to stop looking for things to complain about.

  7. Lorraine Walker  

    It gave me a laugh…..but then I’m not an abused woman

  8. Gail  

    Political correctness gone wrong we Australians are losing our identity because of a few who complain. We are always going to have complainers does that mean that they are always going to be the winners of a debate. Before taking away the sighn why can’t we all have a vote on it

  9. Murray Korff  

    One wonders if the same thing would have happened if the sign had said “we can shoot your husband, frame your father in law. If you want, we can hang them too.” The cynic in me says probably not.

  10. Margaret Hodgkin  

    I recognise the attempt to be funny. I enjoy the humour of the use of the words with sharp wit. The first time I saw it, the offer was to shoot the husband, frame him, hang him. The second time the offer was made to do the same to any or all of your children. The third time it was in-laws. All these relationships are very up close, personal, and some of the hardest to achieve and maintain. I think it’s sad that, no matter how hard anyone tries to laugh, this carries at least one thread of belittling one of the persons referred to, if not all of them. Remember the old advice of asking self three questions before saying something? 1. Is it true? 2. Is it kind? 3. Is it necessary?

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