Supermarkets at war over roast chickens

Most people love the convenience of being able to pick up a nice roast chook from the supermarket, and with

Most people love the convenience of being able to pick up a nice roast chook from the supermarket, and with both Coles and Woolworths slashing their prices it seems like customers are onto a win-win situation.

But is this really good news for everyone?

In January Coles and Woolies slashed their prices for a roast chicken from $11 to $8 at Coles and $7.90 at Woolworths.

The price cuts came in a bid to compete with Aldi and CostCo and put huge demand on farmers who had to deal with the sudden spike in demand thanks to the new low price.

While customers are enjoying the price cut and the extra dollars in their pockets, some say it’s ripping off farmers who don’t see nearly has much profit as they should from the deal.

Lenard Poulter, the founder of Lenard’s chicken says the supermarkets are damaging the “national supply chain in the long term”.

“When you have Coles and Woolworths standing over suppliers telling them what they want them to sell their goods for and demanding they set their price accordingly, they will force those suppliers out of the market,” Mr Poulter told SMH.

He also warned that smaller business cannot compete with the massive price cuts saying the pressure on them is “unsustainable”.

Coles insiders say the supermarket did not ask farmers to reduce the cost of their chickens, but it is a claim that has been met with skepticism by some.

Where do you buy your roast chicken from? Do you think huge price cuts like this are unfair on farmers?

  1. Cathryn  

    The question that needs to be asked is “why would anyone want to eat roast chickens in the first place??”

    • Barry Lasslett  

      They are extremely unpalatable raw ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Liz Doyle  

      I agree each to their own Cathryn. As pensioners we try and save where we can. As we do not have a choice of an Aldi store over the big 2

    • Trudis Percival  

      because not everyone is a vego!

        • Rosemary  

          I’ve just seen what chickens look like in this new world of farming and it is terrible. Is there any justification for this?

    • Flores  

      Exactly, and don’t get me started on the rip off of “FREE RANGE CHICKENS’.

  2. Maritz  

    It may seem unfair but I will buy the one that looks the best for the lowest price. We consumers have been ripped off for years by the big ‘2’. ‘I’m now an Aldi shopper and for my cooked chook I go to Coles. The farmer raises the chook, Coles cook it and I buy it ! Seems fair to me, a pensioner, I can get 4 meals out of one chicken and a big pot of bone broth (stock).

    • Happy  

      Aldi recently got in trouble for something like fraudulent claims of free-range chickens or eggs or something.

      I’ve generally found their chicken and other meats to be too watery – you know – the trick to add weight/profit at no cost – add water !

  3. Joy Anne Bourke  

    We have been ripped off by mainly Woolies for years, Coles have better prices but can do better and not with their own name, we want what we use to buy but that’s getting harder. I am an Aldi shopper most of the time, and gradually finding things that I could buy at Coles now available in Aldi for a far less price. I would go to Coles for a Roast Chicken and chose the best one that is not overcooked. The only thing is I hope they are not deducting the price they give to the Farmer, that would be devastating and so dishonest by the 2 since they make a huge profit anyhow.

    • phill mcfarlane  

      Joy, the farmer supplies his live chooks to the big chicken processors namely Baiada(Steggles) and Inghams and the smaller processors like Chickadee etc, for a set price, not Coles or Woolworths .

  4. Keith Rogers  

    It’s okay to cut the prices as long as the farmer is paid the same. There is very little margin for the producer to play with. Everyone has to make a profit or else they go out of business then the consumer has nothing.

  5. I dont buy the cheapest chook I like the free range and I have been paying a lot more for the fact that it is free range, but now we are learning that the eggs are not free range and I suppose the chooks are not so free range either but stuffed into small spaces, and I also agree with the Joy Anne Bourke that I am also not happy that a lot of things that coles or woolies use to have they do not have anymore and a lot more of there own name stuff, which they are also ripping our farmers off so I am sure that they are putting a lot of pressure on farmers for the price that they get at the farm gate, be it fruit, veg poultry milk meat Etc…

    • Flores  

      Free Range is the biggest disappointment ever.
      Technically there is NO such thing as Free Range Eggs or Chicken Meat.
      They are all grown in a large barn, with flaps that lift up, so that if the Chickens want to, they can wander out. Most are unable to do so because of the growth factor and are not very mobile.
      The better farmers have 1500 Chickens (for eggs) to 1 hectare. Others have 10,000. And this is classed as Free Range and we are paying more… if you are interested check out Animals Australia website, it’s a real eye opener. Choice has been trying to get the labeling changed and easier to understand.
      The consumer is once again being misinformed and paying for a product that does not exist.
      The only way to get true Free Range is to go to a Farm or have someone you know who has Chooks. There are a few Farmers who do have genuine Free Range but you will pay a lot higher price.

  6. Joy Boaz  

    So if we all stopped buying them, would it help or hinder the farmers. I would be happy to go to the farm gate to buy my chicken and cook it myself.

  7. Patricia Clark  

    I agree to each his own, but I rarely buy them from Coles or Woolies. More for convenience for a quick easy meal when you take skin off and serve with salad. I am not an Aldi shopper – I find Aldi frustrating in that you go there for their advertised specials and they NEVER have them ! This should be stopped and they should be penalized for this ! And you cannot ring them to see if they have what you want to go there for ! So I only go there rarely when I want something specific from them which is rare ! I also agree itโ€™s okay to cut the prices as long as the farmer is paid the same, these multi nationals can well afford to reduce their prices with the huge profits they make.

    • Stephanie Phillips  

      I don’t know which Aldi you go to but I normally shop there first and if I am interested in their special I will go on the day it is offered only once was the item sold out and sometimes the items are still there 2 weeks later with the price further reduced.

  8. Neta Williams  

    They may have reduced the price but they have also reduced the size of the chicken so I don’t think anyone is losing out but the consumer.

    • Flores  

      Absolutely agree, I very much doubt that any of the Big Supermarkets would miss out on the $$$

  9. Mandy  

    Roast chickens in the store are extremely popular here in the US. They are large, organic, delicious and one retired couple can get several meals from one. We pay about $5 per chicken.

  10. Robyn King  

    I now buy the chooks at Coles. I don’t shop at Woolies as they are too dear. My major shop is at Aldi’s. Being a pensioner Aldi’s saves me money. What I can’t get at Aldi’s I go to Coles and increase my flybuyer points. I understand the chook farmers maybe losing. The big 2 should still pay them what they used to. The big 2 can handle selling the chooks at the cheaper price.

  11. Margaret  

    As an Aged Pensioner I have to go for the best price but I do think it is totally unfair if Farmers are losing out. If this is so, I would prefer to buy my roast chickens from IGA.

    • I usually buy a cooked chicken from IGA as well Margaret .. Cole and woolies try every trick in the book to get our dollar!!

  12. maria anagnostou  

    I buy the roast chicken from Coles & can make 2 meals out of it, for two of us. Usually a chicken salad & a stir fry. Bought the organic one or free range ( one of the two) from Coles once & threw it out – it was tasteless. Yes, the size has diminished a bit, but still worth it.

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