Samsung to recall “exploding” phones

One of the newest smartphones on the market is set to be recalled, after reports of phone batteries exploding and

One of the newest smartphones on the market is set to be recalled, after reports of phone batteries exploding and catching fire while charging.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note7, get set to return it.

Samsung is reportedly preparing to recall the new model of phone, which went on sale in mid-August.

Estimates are that 50,000 of the phones have ben sold in Australia already.

The phone has already been recalled in South Korea, while shipments of the phone to Australia have been suspended.

A Samsung Australia spokesperson told Gizmodo that shipments of the phone were being delayed temporarily “for additional quality assurance inspections”.

While there’s been no official announcement of a recall in Australia, tech retailers JB Hi-Fi and Dick Smith have suspended sales of the phone.

JB Hi-Fi have halted all sales, while Dick Smith has stopped selling one model of the phone.

Over at Telstra stores, the phone company has reportedly run out of stock.

So what’s causing the phones to explode and catch fire?

Some reports are suggesting the phone cable used to charge one of the exploding phones was faulty.

A friend of one phone user was quoted in Business Korea as saying they were advised to only use the phone’s original charger and “leave the phone far away from where you are while charging”.

Samsung has issued a statement confirming they are conducting thorough inspections of the phone.

“We will share the findings as soon as possible,” the statement said.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note7, the advice so far is to only use the original phone charger, stay far away from it while it’s charging and make sure your photos and contacts have been backed up.

Have you had any issues with your phone?

  1. Diane washbourne  

    A but scary,I have a Samsung although not the one they are recalling,first their washing machines and now their phones

  2. Jo Bennicke  

    I have an issue with my Samsung mini S5. it intermittently switches off and I have to remove the back take the battery out then replace battery put back on again and switch the phone back on. Telstra refuse to replace my phone. Saying their technical department cant replicate the issue.?????

    • Peter Greer  

      Typical of Telstra believe me had problems with my Samsung connecting to car Telstra say it’s the car yet my wife’s cheaper old can connect

    • Sandy Williams  

      My S3 freezes and I have to remove the battery as it won’t switch off and then put it back in. It then works fine until the next time. However it is a software problem as it never happened until I updated the operating system. It is now not half the phone it used to be

    • Tracey  

      I pre ordered this phone and received it on the release date, from that day it would randomly switch itself off. I took it back and they sent it away, then I had to wait till they received stock to finally replace it on Tuesday and now this!!!

  3. My s5 heated up in my bag so now i have taken my protective gell cover off the back and my daughter said she has to

  4. I pre ordered the Note 7 and received mine on the 18th August. So far I have had no problems with it at all. There is a small adaptor which attaches to the charging cord. Telstra have advised that they will be in touch once arrangements have been made. It may only mean a change of battery or failing that they wil replace the whole phone which however would be a nuisance as it means transfering all my info etc.

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