Outraged protestors halt popular dolphin show on the Gold Coast

Families packed into the arena to escape the heat and watch the dolphins got more of a show than they paid for.

Spectators to the Gold Coast’s Sea World Dolphin Show got more than they expected yesterday as protesters jump in front with signs.

The protesters were condemning Sea World for their treatment of the dolphins and told the audience how this was not natural or kind to the beloved sea creatures.  The crowd reacted with boos, and one spectator rushed the protesters and ripped the signs from their hands.

Security was brought in, and the protestors were thrown out of the park.  At this time Sea World has not pressed charges against the protesters.  They issued a statement about the incident saying, “Sea World is very proud of its world class exhibits including some of the largest filtered natural sand bottom lagoon systems in the world for dolphins”.  They added, “The health and wellbeing of our animals is of the utmost priority, and we have a strong reputation for caring for marine animals with a health and welfare programme designed to promote a long, enriched life.”

While the company itself is taking a very calm PR approach, the company’s General Manager, Bikash Randhawa is not being so kind about the ordeal.  He lashed out at the media and the protesters on Twitter saying, “Misinformed and uneducated, these folks, complete rubbish”.  He then added, “this is no protest it is a #joke does not deserve this attention”.

What do you think?  Do you think Sea World treats their wildlife humanely?  Or do you think the protestors are right and should be heard?

  1. Management at Sea World summed it up pretty well. Protests of this nature should be treated with the contempt that they deserve.

  2. Wendy Dick  

    I have been here before and the dolphins are just amazing and they are treated very well and seem to enjoy what they are doing as are all the other animals here.People just like to complain about nothing but i bet they enjoyed watching them go through their paces but won’t admit it.Pity they didn’t complain about a lot of more serious cruelty to many other animals like dogs left on backs of utes in all this heat and animals being very badly abused by humans.You can see these animals are happy in their environment.

  3. Freddie Mac  

    I have been there many times taking people including guests from Eastern Europe to see these wonderful Dolphins, Seals etc show their skills. Every person I have taken has remarked on the care and attention the handlers show to these amazing aquatic mammals. Here’s my advice to these idiotic protesters; Go get yourself a job and do something worthwhile in your life instead of being an oxygen thief. If the truth be told, the Dolphins have far more brains than the clowns with the banner.

  4. What makes me laugh is that these protesters probably got there love for these dolphines by seeing them for the first time when they were children in these parks or movies with such animals. It may seem sad to see captive animals but I bet alot of people who work towards makeing the worlds safe for these beautiful wild animals got their dedication from seeing animals on film or in captivity

  5. Kate-Lyn Jones  

    The protesters are in the right here. If anyone’s seen the documentary The Cove then you would know how badly these dolphins are treated. One dolphin this year tried to follow her baby that was taken away from her. The dolphins are then either slaughtered or trained to perform in shows and are then shipped around the world to places like SeaWorld. This is not even mentioning all of the emotional turmoil, the stereotypic behaviours, the aggression between tank mates, and the fact that they can commit suicide just by not taking a breath. This is what people, who have studied them in the wild, have found out by studying them in captivity. And I choose to believe the experts over people who have little to no knowledge about these animals, have bias towards the park, or have been paid for by SeaWorld.
    If you want to watch dolphins in the wild or educate yourselves further look at Spy in the Pod, The Cove, and Blackfish.

  6. Strange how we get so upset about elephants and tigers in circuses and zoos and somehow “I liked it” justifies keeping highly intelligent, migratory animals locked up in a watery cage, and cage it is no, matter how pretty it looks. The fact the keepers care well for the animals is not relevant – in fact they have to because there would be an outcry if they did not and Seaworld has a huge investment in the capture and feeing of these animals. Most concerning is the managers response, as he clearly cannot even see that there is a very real issue here of capturing and keeping wild animals in very unnatural conditions (PS I am an Oxfrod trained zoologist).

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