Final nail in the coffin for Masters as these stores take over

If you’re a regular Masters shopper, it’s time to get ready to say goodbye to the hardware giant. Woolworths has

If you’re a regular Masters shopper, it’s time to get ready to say goodbye to the hardware giant.

Woolworths has finally announced the closing date for Masters stores – and it’s just around the corner.

Every one of the 62 Australian Masters stores will shut their doors by December 11, just two weeks before Christmas.

While the closure of Masters is bad news for staff, it’s great news if you’re looking to bag a bargain.

A Woolworths spokesman told the Sydney Morning Herald that a half-a-billion dollar fire sale will this week.

The sale is expected to clear out $600 to $700 million worths of stock from paint to barbecues, timber and vacuum cleaners.

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What about your gift cards?

Well, Woolworths plans to honour those too.

The company has announced it will honour customer gift cards, warranties, returns and laybys, and will. complete any contracted installation projects.

You may be wondering what will happen to the Masters store when they close?

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It turns out Bunnings plans to take over 15 Masters sites, 11 of which will replace existing stores.

The rest of the Masters sites are being eyed off by a number of major retailers.

Home Consortium, owned by the families behind two of your favourite stores – Chemist Warehouse and Spotlight, has bought the Masters sites.

It’s announced negotiations with JB Hi-FI, Super Amart, BBQs Galore, Woolworths and Dan Murphy’s to move into the remaining vacant Masters stores.

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Looks like your nearest Masters could soon become a Bunnings, Woolworths or Super Amart in no time.

It’s not just Masters that’s closing.

Woolworths is selling another one of your favourite hardware stores.

Home Timber & Hardware has been sold for $165 million and will be merged with Mitre 10 to create a new $2 billion player in the hardware game.


Are you sad to see Masters go? What will you be buying at the fire sale?

  1. Margaret Wilson  

    No, love Bunnings, they have everything. You can’t keep a hardware store prim and proper, that’s all part of it. Bunnings are always neat and tidy. Granma 65yrs

  2. Dawn pope  

    Love the store so clean spacious, friendly obliging staff at all times will be sorry to see it go. Why is it that with so many people in the areas that we can only have one hardware store, or is it greedy marketing and values, we live in Seaford and I travel to Carrum downs not a problem at all, I will miss the completion between masters and the Bunnings store, here we go a once more money speaks all languages, good luck to all there staff I hope you are Rewarded in some way,

  3. Dawn Jess  

    enjoyed them at first as they were competetive but noticed they quickly got more expensive and must admit loyal to bunnings cause they are here inour town

  4. G Eaton  

    I actually loved going to Masters and I found them to be way cheaper in most things. Plus their specials were really good too. The staff I found to be very polite and helpful were as Bunnings staff (some of them) didn’t have a clue about certain things that I enquired about ! With home renovations going on you would think they would know their stuff . Don’t get me wrong some people were good at Bunnings. All in all we are all looking for good deals and good prices ! I think were they failed was building stores too close together. Still I personally will miss Masters stores in Joondalup !

  5. linus  

    I hope Bunnings keep the nice clean toilets that Masters have now…….can we have more seating in shops for those of us that need to sit a bit. Getting over a fractured ankle is hell when I need to go,to these huge shops to purchase goods.

  6. Niall  

    Well there goes the Comption , as much as like masters and Bunnings ,Bunnings prices are now set to start going Up . Thanks woolly so for stuffing up masters for everyone.

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