Man’s social media post goes viral after accusing Woolies of ripping off customers and farmers

Thousands of angry customers have taken to social media to vent their frustration at Woolworths over the price of their

Thousands of angry customers have taken to social media to vent their frustration at Woolworths over the price of their fresh fruit and vegetables.

It all started when Andrew Main wrote a message on Woolies’ Facebook page about the price of a half piece of cauliflower.

Andrew says he was annoyed when he saw that the Woolies was charging $2.49 for a 387gm piece of packaged cauliflower.

By his calculations, that means that Woolies is charging customers $6,250 per tonne.

He says that unless they are paying farmers around $3,000 per tonne for their produce, Woolies is “blatantly ripping off consumers while screwing over every farmer that grows” produce for them.

His post was met with applause from many other customers who said they were “fed up” with Woolies and Coles driving down prices from farmers and then charging customers huge mark-ups at the checkout.

A number of farmers also piped up saying they know first hand just how much the big supermarkets are driving up prices.

“Woolworths please tell us how much you are paying the poor farmer for this per tonne! My parents are beef farmers and they get $2kg on a good day for their beef, and yet you charge upward of $15-20 per steak of about 300grams,” wrote one commenter.

“I can guarantee the farmer is not getting close to that. I’m a pumpkin grower. At the moment we are getting 40-50c per kilo while Coles & Woolworths sell them for $4+ per kg,” wrote another.

It’s an issue that has plagued both the supermarkets and customers for a long time.

As businesses, both Woolies and Coles need to make profits, but at what cost?

Many shoppers say they try to by from local green grocers or markets, but it’s not always a viable option for everyone.

Meanwhile, thousands of farmers are struggling to make ends meet and are being forced to make sacrifices they can’t afford.

There have been calls for the big supermarkets to get on the front-foot and cut a fairer deal for farmers and customers alike.

Take a look at Andrew’s post below and tell us: do you agree?

What are your thoughts on this issue?

Do you agree with Andrew’s post? Do you think the supermarkets are ripping off farmers and customers?

  1. Glenda Grainger  

    Well, you idiot who would buy a packaged vegetable in the first place? If you want to get value, look at the price and specials before you buy. And, you probably didn’t know that frozen vegies are quick frozen, cheap and good for you. Yes the farmer gets little for what they produce, but they realise their deal with the big man,
    tossers like you think they are the first to discover hidden prices..Go buy your produce at the local market and then you will pay for your goids..

    • How rude!! I think someone needs to have lessons in good manners and politeness!! Andrews comments let people who don’t know what’s happening more aware, that’s all! People will still buy for convenience even if they know it’s a rip off! We all know what a tough time the farmers and growers are going through.

    • Kevin Smart  

      Frozen veg you say, if you have a look, most of it comes from overseas ????

    • Jacqueline Rose  

      What a totally unnecessary response !
      Are you a troll for Woolworths ?
      We are all being ripped off by Woolworths , the comments true and as for frozen, never buy it !
      Most frozen veg etc is not Australian grown !

      • Judy  

        Most mcCains frozen veg areAustralian . also lots more packs marked clearly now “Australian” grown. Frozen veg are fresher than what you see in the fresh aisle, as they are snap frozen within a few hours of harvesting without losing their nutrients

    • Steve  

      Houso,I suppose ur a big supporter of KFC?

  2. Carol Borg  

    I totally agree I recently went to buy some broccoli but at $7-50 a kilo I refused to buy it. Everything is so expensive. We are pensioners I use to buy a leg of lamb for Sunday dinner, can’t do that anymore. Farmers are getting ripped off, so are we.

    • i remember when a leg of lamb and did sunday roast sunday tea as sandwiches and dad got leftovers on mon ;i cant even get a enough for sunday dinner sometimes price goes up quality goes down

  3. Grace  

    Any thinking person has known this for years so stop whinging about it and do something about it. I haven’t shopped at either of the big 2 or any of their other companies for the last ten years. I buy my meat from farmers so I know they are not being ripped off. I buy cleaning products from The Australian Eucalyptus Company and my toilet rolls from Who gives a crap; both ethical, sustainable businesses.

  4. Paul Black  

    I think that all the contracts signed with Growers is up to both Parties. Not some ” dick-head ” who makes stupid comparisons with out taking in consideration ALL OVER HEAD cost the Companies pay. The Staff seem to be very happy with their jobs – they get their wages as does the Growers – ay I suggest that he grows his own then add the cost of water etc etc. see how that works out ?

  5. I agree with what this bloke is on about, but hey be fair its every supermarket thats does this, when it come to green groceries I but from the green grocer a little bit cheaper & not packaged so you can see & fell what you purchase. when it come to buying beef & lamb, wow, talk about mark ups, even a local wholesaler has put their prices up after hiring an ex coles employee [ management, talk about the public getting swindled & their quality is not the same in some products like their basic mince steak full of fat now ] I watch landline almost weekly & see the price on the hoof, but the local butcher man alive he charges like a wounded bull so to speak, where I live I am surrounded by supermarkets all within 5 K & 2 meat wholesalers & 1 chicken wholesaler, one, if you shop smart you will save money , two if you dont bu green groceries from the supermarkets they will lower their prices, same as for meat products I can but a whole side of lamb for $7-8 a kilo cut up , how cam they justify charging $25 a KG for lamb cutlets , dont buy them see what happens

    • Jacqueline Rose  

      Qld Woolworths where I live sells lamb cutlets @$41.95 per kg , $25. 50 on special ! Who can afford that ?
      The more people buy these products, the dearer they will get !
      I am currently boycotting them, my choice, and shopping elsewhere.

      • Margaret Lyall  

        Totally agree with you Jacqueline Rose! We pay ridiculous prices for meat in Australia- one of my sisters lives in the UK right now and she can buy Australian lamb for much less than half the price we pay!

  6. Robyn  

    The duopoly has been an issue for a long time. Busy workers rush into a supermarket on their way home and have to pay the inflated prices. Those of us that have more time to shop can choose other sources.
    Big buiness will always screw over the supplier if they can. I really feel for farmers as many are held to ransome by the greedy duopoly who want to respond to their shareholders. The ‘big’ in many sectors are in control. Banks, insurance companies, supermarkets, hardware. . . . .

  7. Margaret.  

    Well what is new, we make it a day out and walk around the farmers markets, pick up beautifully grown Veges and fruit, buy our meat from the local butchers. . MY son and I go halves and this works out cheaper, grab a friend take an esky share a coffee have fun. I would rather spend money on our farmers produce. Wake up Coles and Woolworths, from a friendly pensioner.

  8. facebook_anne.mills.73  

    COLES is just as bad. Grow your own, or shop at fruit & veg Markets and buy cheaper than the supermarkets. If consumers banded together and bought elsewhere, together we could make a difference. But with such busy lives we end up shopping the most convenient way, and with that we pay through the neck, and the big supermarkets know that.

  9. [email protected]  

    It’s not just Woolworths, Coles are just as bad. They both cut out the the middle man, the markets & buy from the farmer at a very low price then they mark the produce up 4 or 5 hundred percent or more. My brother-in-law had a lettuce farm & both supermarkets tried to purchase his crop on a 1 year contract.The price they offered to pay was so low he told them he would rather plough the crop back into the ground because it would not cover the cost of picking & packing. My wife & i buy at our local fruit & veg markets at less than half the price the Supermarkets charge .

  10. I bet that poor man wishes he would have shut up. What a bunch of rude bad mannered people. This happenes often when you try to have an opinion.

  11. Kiwigull  

    Well our local supermarket recently had full cauliflowers at $10 each! What a joke. Bought a pack of frozen for $2.50, just as nutricious, and probably same amount of product. If people will pay crazy prices, then they will continue to charge crazy prices

  12. Dane  

    I agree, not everybody has the choice of local growers markets etc but the big players have been doing this caper for a number of years now. I find sometimes the frozen option just as good and cheaper. Just takes a little more time to read the info – if it is from o.s.

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