Major supermarkets enter new battle and you’re set to win

It’s no secret that Woolworths and Coles have been forced to slash their prices to compete with Aldi ever since

It’s no secret that Woolworths and Coles have been forced to slash their prices to compete with Aldi ever since it hit our shores.

Now though, the supermarkets have taken price cuts to a whole new level by drastically reducing the price of red meat to lure customers through the door.

Not even content with just price matching Aldi anymore, both Coles and Woolies have dropped some of the prices to be even cheaper than Aldi and shoppers couldn’t be happier about the savings.

Lamb leg roasts in both stores have dropped by $4 per kilo, while 500 grams of beef sausages are going for $3.49.

Even mince, which is usually the cheapest of red meats, has been slashed to $8 per kilo, saving you precious dollars at the checkout.

While customers have celebrated the news, there are some who are missing out.

Craig Cook of Prime Quality Meats told Seven News that smaller butchers were struggling to price match the big supermarkets and were losing profits just so they could compete.

So will our cattle farmers soon be facing the same troubles dairy farmers have been dealing with?

Apparently it’s not the last of the price cuts either, with Woolworths said to be slashing prices around its stores for the rest of the year to compete with Coles and Aldi.

All of this has been welcomed by many shoppers though, who have been struggling to afford some of the small luxurious they used to thanks to the high cost of living and reduced incomes after retirement.

Do you find red meat expensive? How often do you buy it? Do you think this will harm our cattle farmers?

  1. Jennifer Dickson  

    Far too expensive for me at times. A lamb roast is now for special occasions only. BUT I buy my meat from local butchers and will not join the meat frenzy at Coles or Woolies as I do not want to see what happened to our dairy farmers, after the $1 milk fiasco, ever again.

  2. Diane  

    I buy my meat from the local butcher at least choose I can see what I’m getting and it’s not on a black foam tray hiding sick looking pieces underneath. If you want top meat be prepared to pay for it or simply go without.

  3. Joan  

    I refuse to shop at Coles whilever they pay their staff less than the minimum wage. I would rather not shop at Woolworths: they are the biggest poker machine owner in Australia, which is home to 20 per cent of the world’s poker machines and a significant contributor to social isolation and disadvantage for problem gamblers and especially their families. Looks like it’s Aldi IGA and the local organic shops for me, as well as the farmers’ markets.

  4. We buy our meat from our local butcher and from Aldi and this works really well. We have a specialist gourmet sausage specialist in town (he sells all meat though as well) so we get our sausages there, our other local butcher sells amazing sliced ham, so we patronise him as well, including both of them for other meats here and there. Aldi has good quality meat and is consistently low in prices so we mostly buy the bulk there.

    Coles and Woolworths have no conscience whatsoever about milk, egg or meat farmers and will do them all down as fast as they can and for as long as they can. When they have driven all the above out of business, we will be getting our produce from China and other Asian countries, who will control our food supply.

  5. I hope it does not come back on our Graziers but I really believe the prices are all with the super markets the graziers do not get anything near for their meat than what the supermarkets charge. It is simply a matter of people eat meat and the supermarkets literally charge like wounded bulls because it is a necessity.

  6. No, I do not like their meat at any price, and dislike the way they treat the suppliers. I use a local butcher.

  7. Khris  

    At the end of the day it is still a joke by Coles and Woolies because the quality of their mince is crap anyway.
    Also goes to show how much profits they are making above and beyond when compared to Aldi and they are now trying to justify themselves.

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