Huge US retailer set to hit our shores…and change how we shop

It’s a good time to be a consumer. Australia is facing an online retail revolution, and we are all going

It’s a good time to be a consumer. Australia is facing an online retail revolution, and we are all going to benefit from it.

While Aldi is still storming its way into our hearts, and saving our wallets, it looks like Amazon will make its long overdue entry into the Australian market. Amazon is a giant in the US and with its successful move in the UK, it’s looking at Australia finally as the next land of opportunity.  Something us Aussies know all about already.

Michael Ford, CEO of The Good Guys, told Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce Retail Lunch on Wednesday that “Amazon is coming like a tsunami,” he continued that it’s competition that Australian retailers“respect enormously”.  Mr Ford concluded with “Amazon are an amazing business and I’m fascinated to watch what they do, and I think we can all learn an enormous amount from them. But I don’t think domestic bricks-and-mortar retail is down and out yet. I think there’s still a whole evolution to unfold.”

While brick and mortar stores are subject to rules and regulation when it comes to their operation, online stories can be open 24/7. It about gives the consumers what they want when they want to buy it.

More online options will give customers a better chance of getting the best deal on electronics, white goods, and even food. It’ll be the equivalent of taking prices from shop to shop to get them to compete but from the comfort of your home.

So while there will always be room for going to the shopping centres, at least with more people shopping online you’ll be able to find a car park, there is no doubt that the growing online retail environment will mean better products and services for Australia.

Do you do more of your shopping online? What items do you look to buy online?  Are you excited to finally get Amazon in Australia?

  1. depends what it is im shopping for , i wouldn’t buy electrical stuff on line but i have bought clothing from stores that exist not far from me so if i do have issues its easy to fix

    • Angie Leyshon  

      I have done quite a bit of shopping with Amazon.Mostly clothing and shoes as I very rarely find what I want in the stores and usually pick up something that is not worn by the majority.I live in WA so I expect we’ll be the last state to get Amazon but it will be worth the wait.

  2. I’ve purchased a lot of stuff from overseas online shops and never had too many problems, although now with the dollar so low I don’t do it – costs too much. You have to wait too of course, but sometimes you just can’t get what you want here. I try to support Aussies whenever I can though.

  3. colin  

    more of our $$$ and profits heading offshore. AMAZON are one of the worst

    • Marg  

      Yes they are shockingly abusive employers. I am not normally an advocate of unions but Amazon get away with a level of exploitation of their workers which I suggest we must not tolerate here in Australia. I for one will not shop with them just for this reason.

  4. Adele. Ford  

    Whilst I agree with Colin., on money going overseas, they will employ and train local staff.
    I have shopped on line with Amazon U.S.A and U.K.,and I have found,
    the ease of shopping with Amazon, the quick response, and, after sales service is superior to any other Company.
    There range of goods is amazing.
    I will be happy to have them here, if they live up to their O.S. Reputation.

  5. KMart is Australian owned, Costco I’ve never heard of, Coles and Woolies nearly 40kms away and Aldi will be 85kms away, think I’ll stick with the locally owned IGA !

    • Terri Rice  

      Rob, K-Mart is American ! Costco is another cheap supermarket from overseas, but good. Woolworths is American too!

      • Suzanne  

        No Woolworths is not American – it is Woolworths Limited and is in Australia and NZ.

  6. chezzy. H.  

    Tax the bejeepers out of online sales. make this a fair playing field… Small towns suffer , shops close, jobs disappear because people are so concerned about saving a dollar that they dont give a toss about their own towns, shops and local workers..The profits from the local stores stays in the towns and is spent in the towns. How does Australia benefit from more overseas businesses? We Stop thinking that we need Everything.and Start thinking about people. This is the tip of the iceberg.. wait til TPP and China Free Trade Agreement are enacted. Heaven help us all.

    • Ann-mare  

      think about what you just said. tax the bejeebers out of them ok. this protects small towns how – half of the stuff bought online by people in country towns is stuff unavailable to them because it is too expensive to stock locally so now you want it even more expensive for these people to purchase. Good thinking there

  7. Marie A  

    Online shopping for me is not “just it ” for me. My experience with online shopping has been very poor.EG As I can not read back of boxes, I have not got what I wanted. A lot of stuff is not want it appears to be/ I like to touch material, try clothes etc on, see the actual colour of items. For me online shopping is a lazy way of shopping. We are not helping local areas to keep going. The odd thing or 2, yes maybe, but not the major way of shopping for me

  8. Terri Rice  

    I used to be very concerned re saving our retailers – however most of them are only concerned about ” the bottom line ” & how to rip off our farmers . Now I will shop wherever best to conserve our personal money – as hopefully it will have to last us for many years.
    The government don’t care, when they are allowing so many immigrants in who think Centrelink is like ” manna from heaven” & have no intention of ever working to support themselves as the rest of us have to.
    So basically it is a case of having to support ourselves the best way we can & if that means embracing overseas companies opening up here, with cheaper prices &/or buying on line that is what we will do.

  9. Robyn Chambers  

    Way back when the Aussie dollar was high I bought quite a lot of thing that aren’t available in Australia Silk and merino wools. some Amazon books Circular knitting needle before they became readily available in here. now that the Dollar is low I wouldn’t think of buying online from overseas. Now only the Australian online stores.

  10. [email protected]  

    I recently wrote an article about Woolworths and the state of Australia’s grocery retail landscape. I briefly mention the potential impact of Amazon Fresh if Amazon chooses to enter the Australian market. You can find the article here:

    In regards to Amazon, I truly hope Australians make as much noise as possible on social media to let Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, know how badly Australians want Amazon to arrive on a large-scale. Australians deserve to have access to the most innovative and customer obsessed shopping experience on earth.

  11. Yup, Well written in our press about what a bad employer the are. As for paying fair Corporation tax you have no hope! Our wimpy government demanded just in the region of £150 m. The French were better at it.

  12. Here in New Zealand I can get my Countdown groceries on line and delivered if I want. I prefer to shop for myself, but it is handy in wet weather. Quite a high delivery fee for a small order though.

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