Failed washing machine recall leaves unsuspecting consumers at risk

Last year, there was a mass recall of deadly Samsung washing machines. Now, in a last-ditch effort to protect thousands

Last year, there was a mass recall of deadly Samsung washing machines.

Now, in a last-ditch effort to protect thousands of households from potential firebomb washing machines, consumer safety authorities have taken over efforts to reach owners that Samsung has failed to contact after more than three years.

There have been more than 300 “incidents” involving faulty Samsung washing machines including at least 87 fires.

While more than 110,000 appliances have been repaired or replaced, about 30,000 are still lurking in homes, childcare centres and other businesses.

In a bid to warn the owners of those machines, consumer safety and energy regulators recently agreed to run a trial cross-referencing names on Samsung’s warranty databases against those in rental bond and energy account indexes.

The trial — the first of its kind in the country — involves 3800 customers in Western Australia, where the recall has been least successful. Only 63 per cent of machines there have been rendered safe, compared to up to 89 per cent elsewhere.

The aim is to find owners who have moved since buying their Samsung washer. In a letter from WA’s acting consumer protection commissioner David Hillyard, owners are asked if they still have their machine and whether it has been fixed.

“If the trial works here then other regulators will do the same,” Mr Hillyard told News Corp Australia yesterday.

About 30 of the more than 300 incidents with recalled machines occurred after they were supposedly fixed by a technician.

NSW Fair Trading, which is leading the national recall, yesterday revealed for the first time they did not know if the plastic-bag-and-tape repair worked.

“Fair Trading has examined the testing evidence commissioned by Samsung,” a Fair Trading spokesman said.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims and WA’s Mr Hillyard were both surprised to learn NSW had not tested the “rework”.

“I’ve never heard before that NSW haven’t done any testing,” Mr Sims said.
A group of owners led by Tarnya Allen and Di Fisher commissioned their own expert testing and found the fix was deficient.

Nationally 1500-2000 consumers per month who’ve had the rework are requesting a refund or replacement, suggesting a lack of confidence in the repair.

Samsung stands by the fix, blaming post-rework problems on the technicians who did the repairs. The recalled models are:






For more information go to or call the Samsung hotline: 1800 239 655.

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  1. Wayne Watkins  

    Samsung sent a guy to update my machine and then out of the blue early this year they offered me a full refund or deliver & install a new one & take away the old one . They did it promptly & I am very happy with it and their service & honesty .

  2. Heather Springbett  

    I believe Samsung have done all that they can in relation to this problem. I received notification of this a very long time ago from the company, a new washing machine was delivered and the other removed at no cost to us. Then months later we discovered the replacement machine sat within these recall numbers. Electrician sent to fix problem then a month or two later this machine taken and a new one given at no cost to us at all. If people do not acknowledge this information printed in the papers or on recall notices given, then some of the blame must fall on the customer too rather than all on the company. If people do not read or purchase newspapers, do not complete their warranty notices, then what else can a company do?????????????

  3. Merilynne  

    Lots’ of ignorant people out there in ‘Consumerland’!

    They believe it ‘won’t happen to them’, are too lazy, or disinterested to contact Samsung, & think they have to pay for a ‘new’ washing machine.

    They’re the ones’ who don’t have Contents’ Insurance, because they consider it a ‘waste of money’.

    You can’t rule for ‘stupidity’.

    After three years’, it seems Samsung has FINALLY started doing what they should’ve done at the very beginning, instead of being in ‘denial’.

    Personally, I don’t have ANY Samsung product, & NEVER would, even before these fires!

    • Peter Weihart  

      I cannot agree with you comments.

      What more can be expected of Samsung. If after 3 years, people have not responded to the much promoted recall and or replacement program, surely it is no longer Samsung’s liability.

      We have many Samsung products throughout our home, both here and abroad. I would have no hesitation in recommending their products.

      • Merilynne  

        Good for you!

        But my choice of brand I buy, to which I’m entitled, same as any other consumer………

        I’ve bought, & will continue to buy, Simpson/Westinghouse/Chef Products’, which I’ve done since 1973. They’ve been extremely reliable, & after-sales service, excellent.
        Big plus, they’re Australian made. Beats ‘dodgy’ SE Asian made!

        I’m only only onto my third washing machine, the other two having washed two kids’ worth of cloth nappies’, clothes’, school uniforms’, Army, & Work Uniforms’, for two adults.

        And these washing machines, have NEVER caught fire! Yay!

        I don’t need being ‘slapped down’ by you, for that choice.

        • I’m not arguing with you, but the recall is regarding machines coming apart during the spin cycle, not fires….

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