Do you think Australia spends too much on foreign aid?

It’s a common belief that Australia sends too much money overseas when we have plenty of uses for it here.

It’s a common belief that Australia sends too much money overseas when we have plenty of uses for it here. How much does Australia spend on Foreign Aid? Surprisingly not a lot.

In 2013, Australia and 28 other counties pledged that they would spend 0.7 per cent of their national incomes on funding foreign aid. Out of the 29 countries, only four of them have matched or exceeded their pledge. Australia is only giving 0.27 per cent while polls indicated that we think we give ten times this amount.

Australia is set to drop in its international standings of funding from 13th to 19th even when Australia is in one of its wealthiest times in history. The government is looking to fund many projects including major defence projects, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and other commitments the time doesn’t seem appropriate to look at foreign aid.

Foreign Aid has always proven to be the easiest way for the government to reducing spending and since the last election, $11 billion has removed from promises to developing countries. Australia, at this stage, is giving about 20 cents per $100 of income; well short of our international commitments.

Do you think it’s more important to get our budget into surplus at the risk of our international standing?  Should Australia keep it’s pledge and boost foreign aid?

  1. Trevor  

    If the money reached the people and not corrupt system it would go further.Also we could help a lot more if we fixed our own first

  2. Juli  

    ‘International standing’ does NOT pay this country’s bills!
    Drop foreign aid totally, as it’s only going into pockets of corrupt officials, NOT where it’s needed!

    If we were in a ‘deep doo-doo’ crisis, we’d NOT get help from any other country, as they think we’re too rich!

    Look at the millions $ wasted on MH 370 search. There were more Chinese on that flight, but China’s seen fit to contribute next to nothing in the search.
    What about the shenanigans the Malaysian Govt’s. gone on with about it, as well as MH themselves. Talk about a cover-up!

    Stop with wasting Taxpayers’ money!
    Absolutely ridiculous!

    Notice how quickly Egypt Air in-cabin, & exterior pieces floated to Mediterranean Sea’s surface?
    Didn’t happen with MH aircraft because it didn’t crash into water, ANYWHERE!
    It’s safely housed, & re-painted in a hangar, probably in one of the ‘Stan countries’, ready, waiting for its’ next flight to? Can certainly hazard a guess where that’ll be!

    Basically, Oz money must be used to look after Aussies’ firstly!

  3. Joan Marshall  

    With Foreign Aid abroad two words STOP IT. While it is noble to be charitable please look after your own people first in Australia. How is any one to know who is rally deserving of charity? I give to a worthy cause and that is Assistance Dogs who help the disabled.

  4. facebook_nancy.brenton.75  

    I always thought we should support those countries less fortunate than ours until I realised little gets to those that need the help. Corruption, corruption and the country’s own government are living in splendour while their people have nothing.

  5. Mei  

    We spend much of our foreign aid by sending capabilty out to countries. Eg. In Australian youth ambassadors scheme we send experienced personnel to manage local infrastructure projects. So there is no exchange of money. The only person paid is the youth ambassadors and they get paid about half the amount they get in Aus. They are volunteers and get enough to survive in the aid country. So big fallacy that all we do is pay corrupt officials foreign aid money.

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