Coles announces huge changes to its shelves

Coles’ struggle to win back customers is no secret, but will their latest gamble pay off or just annoy customers?

Coles’ struggle to win back customers is no secret, but will their latest gamble pay off or just annoy customers?

The supermarket giant has announced overnight that it will be pulling 10 to 15 per cent of its products off shelves over the next two years and replacing them with Coles-brand alternatives.

This means a significant number of the name-brand you love could be disappearing very soon.

The idea is that customers will have cheaper options available and Coles will reap the reward by getting the money delivered right into their pocket.

However, the move is set to cause some contention with customers saying they don’t want to be forced into buying Coles-branded products.

“I like to buy Australian-made when I can,” said one shopper. “Will these Coles items be made here over will I be forced into buying overseas products?”

While it’s understandable that Coles has to make a profit, there are concerns from some that it will be harder for other businesses to survive if they’re being replaced by Coles-brand items.

Then there are supplier pricing concerns, with many asking if Coles will give suppliers for it’s own products a fair go or will other industries start facing the same problems dairy farmers are dealing with.

There is no word yet on exactly which products will be pulled from shelves and if the Coles-brand replacement will be cheaper.

Do you think this is a good move by Coles? Or do you think this move is unfair?

  1. Not fair, what’s going to happen to some of the favourite brands? Will we have to go elsewhere to get them or will some companies end up going out of business? A few years ago Coles deleted a lot of items, deciding to sell only their “best sellers” so I don’t think this is going to go well for them.

    • Lucy Bradbury  

      Definately not a good idea. I am sure if we can’t get the item that we want we will go elsewhere for that product.
      I love Coles the way it is.

    • Selma  

      I agree. I have tried many Coles brand products and they are not upto scratch. I am so sick of Coles and may start going to Woolworths or iga.

    • Donna Kenna  

      no i won’t shop there anymore

  2. Elaine  

    I think it’s disgusting, but they have already started this practice, it happened in Mooroolbark about 12 months ago, after putting a complaint in to head office I got a call from the manager, during the Easter break mind you, asking me why I scored his store so badly, and I to,d him in no uncertain terms that I have struggled my whole life buying no name or Coles named brands and now at my age I feel I deserve the genuine brands, I told him that if I wanted no name crap I would go shop at Aldi.

    • John jose  

      It might be Aldi crap to you but a lot of people like it and are voting with their feet.

    • I guess you have never shopped at Aldi, read there labels most things made in Australia or with products from overseas.

    • Flane  

      Loved your comments and totally agree! Let’s show them we matter, with our feet 😜

    • John Brants  

      Your comment re Aldi is one of the most asinine I have read on this site.

    • Carmel  

      Aldi at least source a lot of their products in Australia. You may think it’s crap but a lot of us don’t agree.
      The horse has bolted as far as Coles and Wooolworth are concerned
      Bad business decisions made, and now there’re crying.

  3. Mike  

    Very bad move, i want to know where the product comes from . Period

  4. Leon Collinson  

    Another example of big business trying to squeeze the consumer by saying no name products are just as good if that the case why then for years have they been ripping of the consumer and belittling the producer with minimal payments all in the name of the shareholders maybe reduce the profit margin on name brands and sell more

  5. Kay  

    I am already mad when I shop at Coles, a lot of the time I can not find the brand I want so have to go looking in other shops for it. I live right next to a Coles shop but that will not stop me going somewhere else for what I want. I never buy Coles brand if I can help it.

  6. Gail  

    I want to be able to get the products that I want not what you think we should have. Stop taking the items we want off the shelves. I complained that Coles don’t have a very good supply of biscuits they wrote me a letter saying they have a good variety. They want u to buy the ones they cook in their bakery. Woolworths have a whole isle of different variety of biscuits. I do aged care I take clients to do their grocery shopping and they didn’t listen to my complaint so why tell them where they are going wrong when they don’t do anything about it. Most annoying also is when they change shelves around all the time u learn where everything is then they change things around this makes it difficult when u only have an hour to do there shopping.

  7. Lorna Romeo  

    Most of Coles home brand products are produced overseas. I will not buy these products. It’s Australian made only for me!!

  8. Valerie Bush  

    No it is a terrible idea and will lose cunstomers not increase custom..I shop at Coles for the variety of Australian owned, produced products and quality of Branded products along with the fact it is Australian owned with Australian Mum and Dad investors not like Aldi whose profits go to Germany into a secret trust fund that does not benefit Australia, or Woolies who at least has ordinary Mum and Dad investors even if it is not Australian owned it provides more variety and Australian Made products then the totally foreign owned Aldi.

  9. Lynette Maloney  

    Totally unfair
    I have particular australian made brands i have bought for over 30 years and if i only had the choice of coles brand i would not shop there.i buy austaralian made brands and products whenever i can and i won’t be forced to change. If coles go down this track i will have to say bye bye

  10. patricia dick  

    products such as my very favourite Heinz Salad Cream better not disappear, or else I WILL.

    • Sheila Abrahamsson  

      Oh, someone after my own heart! I never, ever buy any other brand, and I’d be devastated if it disappeared!

    • Lynn  

      Always buy Heinz salad cream.. But Woolworths sell it too

  11. Maxine  

    Shops need to know you can’t dictate to customers what brands to buy .
    I don’t buy home brand so it will be good by Coles for me !!! 😡😡

  12. pat  

    I want a choice of all available products and if I don’t get that I will shop elsewhere. I may not get what I want at other locations but at least I won’t be supporting your changes Coles.

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