Clive Palmer accused of using fake name to do business in secret

Federal MP and former mining magnate Clive Palmer is in hot water over allegations he was still working at his

Federal MP and former mining magnate Clive Palmer is in hot water over allegations he was still working at his Queensland Nickel refinery after he was elected into office.

An investigation by ABC‘s Four Corner’s program claims that Mr Palmer used a secret alias email account under the name of Terry Smith to keep calling the shots at the refinery even after he was meant to be ‘retired’.

Mr Palmer said he retired from the business in 2013, but documents show he was the final approver for millions of dollars spent at the refinery after this date.

He has been accused of running the business into the ground since then and in January the refinery went in administration causing 700 people to lose their jobs.

While he was apparently “retired” Mr Palmer approved a number of huge financial costs to the business under his Terry Smith alias, including:

  • An $8 million contract for haulage and mining works
  • A $6.3 million nickel mining contract
  • A $1 million approval to operate turbo mist fans
  • A $680,000 contract for a new SAP finance system
  • A $394,000 contract with Microsoft

The revelations have infuriated many people who say they are sick of the controversial MPs “lies” and refusal to take responsibility for his actions.

Mr Palmer issued an angry response to the ABC report via his social media account, where he wrote: “The program contains a number of factual errors and if broadcast will cause substantial damage to Mr Palmer. Four Corners needs to be corrected.”

Many workers from the Queensland Nickel refinery are still owed money by Mr Palmer.

What do you think about Clive Palmer? Is he a good politician? Should he take responsibility for his actions?

  1. Sharon  

    The people who voted for him should hand their heads in shame. What has this country come to with people like him in politics. Yes it is about time he told the truth and admitted what he has done

  2. He is hardly ever there from what I hear, so how can he be a good politician this man is all about himself

  3. The watcher  

    We have moved from a ‘ what is good for society and my neighbours’ civic mentalty to a ‘what is good for me and screw everyone else’ attitude and it is the over 60,s that raised these pricks. At least our grandkids are sounding right but their parents are nasty. They cannot be trusted with business, the public purse or any ethical norm. Clive Palmer has only one agenda …himself. No other consideration will be allowed to stay his self enrichment, self aggrandisement and lies just like the rest of our overpaid ‘captains of industry’ and their political cronies.

  4. shalong  

    Another example of a USELESS, VAIN pollie! Little difference between him and most of them with their noses in the trough…except that he does not need the $$….yet! There should be NO political donations available at all! There should be ONLY limited public funding of parties to campaign AND a resume from each candidate BEFORE running! Then all voting ONLINE…and referendums! The pollies LOVE the ridiculous preferential system because they know they can get in and many people ruin their ballots anyway….which is in the pollies favour!!

  5. Rob Ozanne  

    I must admit that I di vote for his party. Never again !! Lieing bastard

  6. Yvonne  

    I think that at the very least he is an unapologetic liar & ethics are something he knows nothing about. Why has he not been charged if he misappropriated company funds for his political campaign? Surely that is against the law! Especially since it meant he couldn’t or wouldn’t pay out his employees when they were sacked! This man is not fit to be a politicians backside!

  7. What’s the point of having a politician like him that doesn’t even bother to attend parliamentary sittings most of the time, as far as I can tell all he does is fend off allegations of siphoning Money out of his mining and associated businesses, where there’s smoke there’s fire?

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