Big changes coming to self-serve checkouts at your local supermarket

If you’ve ever taken something without paying at a self-serve checkout, you’ve been warned. Police in New South Wales are

If you’ve ever taken something without paying at a self-serve checkout, you’ve been warned.

Police in New South Wales are cracking down on security at self-serve checkouts in supermarkets.

That’s right, plain clothed officers could soon be watching your every move at the self-serve checkout.

NSW Police Detective Superintendent Murray Chapman told the ABC as well as plain clothed officers, there would also be CCTV around self-serve checkouts.

“Even if it is the avocado and you think you’re saving $2, it’s still shoplifting,” Superintendent Chapman said.

“It’s still stealing, it’s still a crime and if we catch you, or you get caught, you will be charged.”

The NSW police wouldn’t comment on how people were stealing items at the checkouts.

You might be wondering why the supermarkets and police are finally cracking down now on shoplifting at self-serve checkouts?

Well, according to Coles there have been a “substantial number” of thefts from their self-serve checkouts.

In New South Wales alone there have been 2697 people caught shoplifting from self-serve checkouts since January,

Across Australia, there have 9654 since January – accounting for almost half of all shoplifting cases.

Is there a link between the increase in theft numbers and self-serve checkouts?

If there is, police aren’t commenting on it.

Detective Superintendent Chapman is warning shoppers they are “very vulnerable” to being caught for shoplifting, regardless of how small they think the theft is.

“We will be targeting, identifying and prosecuting shoplifters,” he said.

“You won’t see the loss prevention officers visibly at a lot of centres and you won’t see the police visibly.”

If you don’t use self-serve checkouts, don’t think this doesn’t effect you.

According to┬áNational Retail Association, theft costs retailers $4.5 billion each year – 2.2% of annual retail turnover.

Chief Executive Dominique Lamb told the ABC that cost was ultimately passed onto you as a shopper.

“This in the end will impact the bottom line and we’re likely to see job losses as a result,” she said.

What do you think? Is it about time people stealing from self-serve checkouts were stopped?

  1. That’s what happens when you cut people out of work

    • Kalliope Sklavos  

      Should never introduced the self serve it has attracted more thieving . It’s bad enough where people walk in and take what they want in stores , so with this type security should put some people off in stealing . It’s about time because it costs the customer more for Thiet groceries.

    • Bill Smith  

      Look at them holding up a supermarket with knives in Melbourne , only going to get worse as there is less jobs and automating the check outs cut so many basic jobs to ordinary people , just has added fuel to the unemployment fire . I predict a wave of hold ups and crime to come, this is just small stuff , wait till the banks start to be robbed again , like in the 70’s and 80’s when unemployment was at 10%.

  2. Lyn Woods  

    The answer to that is simple – Bring back full checkout service.

    • Ann Fuller  

      Agree. Close the self serve checkouts

  3. Suzanne O'Connell  

    Well the big supermarkets took people away from serving to save themselves money, not for our convenience, now they are whinging about the unscrupulous people taking advantage of these unmanned checkouts. They were warned that this would happen, but they only thought of profit. I personally try not to use these checkouts because we will end up with all of them being unmanned.

    • and the cost is now put on the public purse to police them. I read years ago the lurks one do like stick a different barcode of something cheaper but the same weight on, there are lots of ways people can and will cheat.

  4. Michelle Thornton  

    The solution is….No self serve Checkouts and more checkout operators! It’s not always about the bottom line….but this is a no brainer!

  5. who cares they rip people off every day the cops dont charge them with extortion

  6. John  

    I would have thought that supermarkets are responsible for their own security and not plain clothes police. The police have enough to do without overseeing security at supermarkets. Clamp down if you need to but employ and pay for it with the gross profits you make, not tax payers money. Finally reintroduce staff operated checkouts.

    • John Baxter  

      What is happening when police are being put in supermarkets to watch checkouts!!~!!!!!!!????????
      Get them checking real crimes and make the supermarkets check themselves!!!!!

  7. Jennifer  

    Well isn’t that great..we can have Police catching would be “thieves” at the supermarket..but there are not enough Police to protect us against home invasion and car jacking!! Well Done.

    • lurch  

      Another case of using police to replace staff the supermarket bosses put off. The whole thing reminds me of how they removed the conductors on trams and ticket sellers at the station. No check out person, I just leave the trolley and walk out and find another store.

  8. Anthonia Stanley  

    Tried the self checkouts a few times. Each time something wouldn’t scan and someone had to assist. Don’t go near them now. If businesses are determined to police rather than serve customers, I will avoid them. Replacing checkout staff with plain clothes police is no way to save staffing costs.

    • Ellen  

      Police would cost way more than cashiers.

    • Ann Fuller  

      I absolutely agree Anthonia

  9. Alison  

    Easy solution, get rid of the self service checkouts, and employ real people on checkouts. Go on, you know it makes sense!

  10. Daughter works at Woolworths and they have cut so many hours and those who are retained are forced to work till later as they say that’s when they are needed .Just goes to show you need staff round the clock otherwise go back to check out service they cant have it both ways

  11. Ian  

    Its easy dont use them and if they take too long to serve you at the place where you pay for items ie the cashier leave all they groceries and walk out because if the police are there all the time that means the thieves who sell us these groceries are saying everyone who shops at coles is a thief

  12. Wayne Watkins  

    I refuse to use them as it is putting honest staff out of a job .

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