Bank finally makes the one big change everyone has been asking for

Finally, after years of putting up with diminishing customer service, it looks like one of Australia’s big banks is listening.

Finally, after years of putting up with diminishing customer service, it looks like one of Australia’s big banks is listening.

Westpac has announced that for the first time ever, it will judge its bank tellers performance based on customer service feedback rather than the amount of sales they make.

Sounds like common sense right?

As it stands, tellers get rewards for signing you up for new credit cards, accounts and loans, which is why they’re often so pushy in asking you whether or not you’ve had a review of your accounts lately.

Now, Westpac boss Brian Hartzer says that’s all about to change in a bid to win back customer trust.

“From next month, we’re planning to remove all product related incentives across our 2000 tellers in the Westpac branch network,” Mr Hartzer told the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce at a lunch in Melbourne today.

“Rather, their incentives will be based entirely on customer feedback about the quality of service they received in the branch … This is all part of making sure that when our customers walk into a branch, they don’t have cause to question the quality of service that they’re getting, or the motivation of our people.”

So what about the other banks? Will they follow suit?

There’s no word yet, but it looks like all the complaints from Westpac customers where enough to push them into making a change.

While you’d think customer service would be the main priority of the banks, it appears this isn’t actually true.

So if you’d like your bank to change it’s focus to customer service instead of sales – and actually deliver on all the fees we pay them – share this to spread the message and leave your message for your bank in the comments!

What’s the customer service at your bank like? Do you think we’ve lost the value of customer service these days?

  1. Gerry  

    So the tellers will be happier, the customers will be a little happier, but this still doesn’t change the enormous fees and credit card interest rates they continue to charge 🙁

  2. mick janceski  

    how can westpec give you service with the ITM branches and rest of the banks thy all pushing you to use the ITM what you talk to ITM that,s stupid

  3. S martyn  

    Agree Gerry it’s not the tellers service it’s the fees were charged the reluctance to pass on interest rate cuts. We’re just a number

  4. Lesley  

    What a great idea, about time. So much pressure on bank retail staff.

  5. Geoff Haberecht  

    I was waiting for the removal of outsourced telephone operator. On

  6. Joan Marshall  

    it is NOT just Customer Service the Banks should be looking at it is all the FEES they charge.

  7. Vince WEBSTER  

    I used to be LONG time customer of WESTPAC in ROCKINGHAM -WA in SEPTEMBER 2015 the bank thought it was a GREAT ? idea to replace MOST of the Sp called “tellers ‘ with 2 CSO’s & 5 internal ATMS ALL the “senior” & customers of ALL ages were directed to use these NEW ATM ??? They did NOT care about US customers who were used to the BETTER ways of “Friendly Customer service ” and giving out cash – the way us customers wanted it .They did NOT care that ir was BETTER that way it was !!!!!
    NOW I have of gone to to the BEYOND BANK for “Friendly in person caring SERVICE”

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