Australia’s worst internet provider has been named

It turns out Australia’s internet providers have a lot to answer to with hundreds of thousands of people calling to
Australia's internet speeds aren't going anywhere fast

It turns out Australia’s internet providers have a lot to answer to with hundreds of thousands of people calling to complain about their service every year.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has released its latest report showing a massive jump in complaints for some of our most popular internet companies, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Taking out the first prize no one wanted, was iiNet with a massive 48.2 per cent spike in complaints relating to billing and payments, customer service, faults, complaint handling and contracts.

iiNet was recently bought by internet giant TPG who has also had a number of problems due to its reliance on Telstra networks and the NBN.

Telstra reported a drop in complaints, despite a number of widespread dropouts, while Optus experienced an 18.2 per cent increase, with mobile services the only category to drop slightly.

“… Over the last three months we have seen improvements due to … network upgrades … increased focus on customer service … additional field technicians and improved management of exchange capacity,” an Optus spokesperson said.

Coming out in the top spot was Vodafone who miraculously decresed their complaints by a whopping 59.5 per cent.

The ombudsman said the NBN was proving to be a major problem with complaints about slow internet and service faults a major issue.

“While our complaints about the NBN service have doubled, the number of people connected to the NBN has more than doubled, as a result of the accelerating roll out,” ombudsman Judi Jones told SMH.

“The NBN is a major infrastructure rollout, so it won’t always go smoothly to start. But, the fact is, the rate of complaints compared to the installation of services is declining, so it’s a good/bad story.”

Ms Jones said NBN-related complaints represent almost 12 per cent of those made to the TIO, detailing “delays in connections to the network, faults including unusable services, and dropout of services … which is of concern.”

Do you have problems with your internet? Are you on the NBN yet? What’s it like?

  1. I am with Optus and because of my name being two surnames a big error saw me still paying two bills when I was told they were bundled. Also when trying to obtain help from help desk for NBN I was put through to three different technicians on three different occasions that had a very limited understanding of the English Language and I could not understand them. So this was a futile exercise and I had to find my own supports.

  2. Jo Carson  

    I’d been with Westnet for about 6 years with them providing really great service. We had our landline, mobile phone and satellite internet with them. Last year something changed. We were being charged for data we didn’t use, and the ‘service’ was being handled by people outside of Australia. I’m currently trialing Active8me.

  3. Zonifer Lloyd  

    I am with Optus. They have been brilliant. I only had two problems with my house phone not connecting through the new modem. A quick phone call each time and the problem was solved straight away. The staff were very obliging. I would definitely recommend them.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes I am with Optus also and have been for a number of years. I have always had excellent service in shop and on phone and anything has been fixed very quick. I would recommend them to anyone. I only have a mobile and wifi no home phone. As I am a pensioner and do not need a home phone.

  4. Been with IInet for 18+ years and they are still the best. At least you get to talk to an employee whether it be in New Zeeland, Australia or South Africa depending on the time of day that you make contact. Always competent, helpful and easy to understand. With relocation, fault finding (even with the Telstra network) and I would NOT change.

    • Ann Day  

      Me too. I am not all that tech savvy and iinet can help me out easily on the few times I have had problems

  5. Jackie  

    We have been with internode. They speak English. Dont have to hold on phone and very fast. Really love them and have a lot of patience with the old duck.

    • me too, find internet staff allways great and are Australian which is a bonus one can understand them

    • Gordon Lee Koo  

      We are with INTERNODE as well. They provide great service.

  6. Guy Flavell  

    I’ve been with DODO for some time now and reckon their ‘Seniors’ plan to be excellent, ie: under $60 pm for both my home phone
    and almost unlimited broadband access. Over recent months have had consistent ‘dropout problems’ which, after a great deal of
    investigation by Dodo’s tech people, proved to be worn out Telstra cabling and fittings at my property. Dodo quickly arranged for
    Telstra techs to to call and fix these problems (at no charge) and I now have superb broadband access again. Yes, I can honestly
    recommend DODO to all our readers.

  7. Dianne  

    Been with internode for over 10 years Australian company with technicians who are friendly and you an understand them

  8. Robyn Duval  

    I am with Telstra’s $69 a month plan for landline and Internet.
    The service drops out off and on all day.
    I have to link to my mobile phone internet if I need to do something urgently.
    I have reported this to Telstra, but it hasn’t improved.
    Another call coming up.
    Fed up.

  9. Terry  

    Does “Starts at 60” have some sort of association with Telstra, as all the other reported providers have percentage ups or downs posted but not the above mentioned company????????

  10. Kay  

    I was with iPrimus for many years, my house burnt down in bush fires and iprimus still insisted on charging me a fee for breaking my contract. After rebuilding I was silly enough to sign up with them again. A couple of years later after my contract had ended an iprimus company spokesman who could hardly speak English rang me to suggest that I take out a new contract. I refused and said I would stay as a hanging customer (as they call it) with no obligations. A couple of months later I realised that I had been put on another plan which carried a contract. I rang them saying I was not happy, they fixed it for me then I told them to stick it, now have been with Optus for two years. No problems with Optus.

  11. Andy West  

    well Optus, iinet, Tpg, Iprimus, Westnet, Dodo, Barefoot Telecom, MATE Communicate, just to name a few companie i have contacted to see if they can deliver a better service than telstra can’t even match the deal i am currently on for price, unlimited download and unload and also have stated they can not deliver any where close to 100 Mbps/ 40 mbps on FTTN.

    To which all telcos including telstra is failing the most they can promise is 90 mbps / 35 mbps if i live within 60 metres of the cabinet box cause that’s all NBN co has test the line speed too and this depend on the state of the copper, installation of the fibre to the exchange and cabinet as well as the servers and routers with in the exchanges.

    Currently telstra is struggling to deliver 53mbps/ 15.64 mbps as shown below.

    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 52823 kbps (6602.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 15806 kbps (1975.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Latency: 8 ms
    Jitter: 1 ms
    Packet Loss: -1%
    11/18/2016, 4:01:09 AM

    NBN co technicians can’t even explain where the problem lies themselves other than to state the telco have not brought enough bandwidth allocation.

    lets get one thing straight about bandwidth it is the area wireless signal has to cover in order to be received
    i.e 600 metres by 300 metres at a angel of 70 degrees is what bandwidth is based on.

    hardwired copper and fibre does not have to cover a wireless area for delivery it as there is no breakage or gap between connections it is a joint or cabinet box on the street.

    bandwidth is measured in hertz where as hardwired copper or fibre relies upon frequency of current being pumped along it which is measured in milliamps converted into a digital signal known as packets or bits of data that makes up how many mbps is delivered to the end users computer the amount is measured in bytes or GB.

    not 100 percent but 0.0005 milli amps can deliver a speed of 1 mbps .05 milliamps can deliver 100mbps. and .5 milliamps can deliver 1Gbps 5 milliamps 1 Tbps. this is regulated by servers and the software used over routers, switches, fibre and copper lines ie wireless transmission towers.

    so all telco and nbn co is failing end users and misleading such over there service of the nbn the only thing they can all agree upon is we all have to pay but for what cause its not being delivered and will never be delivered while the liberal party is in office cause they wont allow telcos to deliver speed greater than 25 mbps / 1 mbps on FTTN as that was there restrict as promised during the election by liberal party.

    in other words the Nbn rollout is third world service and always will be on FTTN.

    yet our neighbour New Zealand is getting double our speed and have dun so for a number of years Australia is a second technolgy country and we pay through the nose for it from our computers to the phone service.

    in most European countries law for internet service is below 65 dollars for unlimited service with speed 5 x ours in Syria where bombs are being dropped speed f the internet is faster than Australia over wireless communication devices.

    • Guy  

      Andy, thanks for your really interesting post. I find Dodo to be quite good though with 144 mbps consistently on wireless broadband.
      Occasionally in bad weather they drop down to 130 mbps. Gee, I really hope the NBN when it comes to our area is better than you state. I’m concerned that this new “third world” service will be more expensive than my existing $60 pm for my home phone and
      almost unlimited broadband with Dodo. Will I be forced to tranfer over to the NBN system ?

  12. lurch  

    The Labour party started the NBN rollout, “looked good”. Then the libs got in and stuffed everything up with their NBN hubs and the old copper wire to the house. My first ISP was IHUG, long gone. Now it is called iiNet, next I switched to Optus cable and that really kick arse until they did something to or with my account. Price went up speed went down sometimes freezing. Next TPG a lot of hype, but slow up and down load speed, drop outs and every time you pick up the phone to talk to a rep you have to deal with someone whose English must be their third language. Sometimes no internet for all day and a few nights, get a little antsy with them and almost zero speed both ways “that is if you could get on line” plus I got charged with all these fee’s I never had before, out of contract but still got hit with exit fees plus penalty for not paying on time ( a bit had to pay when my connection was useless.) Switched to Telstra, quite reasonable speed both ways and if you rang up for help during the day you spoke to someone in Australia. Asked about the NBN only to be told “your exchange is not on scheduled anywhere in the next three plus years for NBN”. Now back to Optus cable, still have the occasion hiccup but over all not to bad.

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