Malcolm Turnbull weighs in on Australia Post director’s salary

A senate committe report has revealed the massive salary of the Australia Post managing director.
Australia Post is back in the spotlight.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has had his say on revelations Australia Post managing director Ahmed Fahour receives $5.6 million a year in wages and bonuses.

Turnbull says he will call on the Australia Post board to reconsider the salary, saying it is too much.

“I think that salary, that remuneration is too high,” Mr Turnbull told reporters on Wednesday.

Fahour’s salary was revealed by a senate committee on Tuesday after committee chairman, Victorian Senator James Paterson, decided it was in the public interest.

The documents published on Tuesday show Fahour received a $4.4 million salary and a $1.2 million bonus last financial year, reports the ABC.

This makes his total package to $5.6 million, or 10 times more than what prime minister Malcolm Turnbull takes home ever year.

Or if you calculate it against a single pensioner receiving the maximum fortnightly amount of $797.90, Fahour is taking home more 250 times that.

Another five executives, who were not named in the documents, received $1.3 million and $1.8 million a year, with one claiming a $380,000 retirement benefit.

Paterson, said he had decided to release the information in spite of requests from Australia Post to keep it private, because it was in the public interest, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Fundamentally, the committee considers there are no compelling reasons for this particular information about the remuneration of senior executives at Australia Post to be hidden from public scrutiny,” he wrote in the report.

Australia Post had argued it should be able to keep the salaries private as they do not receive any taxpayer funding, but the committee found the public had a right to know.

What do you think about this? Do we need to even things out across the board? Or are wages like this sometimes justified?

  1. Allen Renfrey  

    I don’t care who you are , or who you work for……..NO INDIVIDUAL IN THIS COUNTRY IS WORTH A SALARY IN EXCESS OF $500,000 per annum. Where, on Earth, can it be spent, unless it only goes to provide an ever increasing gap between the Common Man and the Executive!!

    • Annette Weeks  

      Totally agree with Allen Renfrey. Its a bloody joke!!

  2. Ralph Banks  

    I agree with Allen Renfrey.

  3. Sheenagh  

    Beyond belief, all this man has to do is deliver mail the day following postage and he certainly can’t do that. Inland mail takes up to a week and 14 to 16 days from uk. Bring back the Postmaster General days.

  4. macman2  

    Mail now takes much longer, due to his slash and burn. No wonder other competitors are succeeding. Our club prints a magazine and posts in Melbourne. The magazines go to Sydney first, then return!!
    People interstate see our magazine up to a week first, even though we live across town from where it was posted.

    A member sent a parcel from Melbourne to Adelaide and through mail tracking he found to his stunned amazement it went to Sydney first, then Adelaide. Isn’t Melbourne big enough to have mail sorting any more?

    Shame, Shame Australia Post. Slash services and give a golden handshake to the Director. I was a good Director and would do the job for less than $500k with every bone in my body dedicated to re-establishing top service.

    Remember when there were two postal deliveries a day and a whistle-blow to tell the home-owner a letter was dropped off??!!

    • Lyn Pride  

      I remember it so well. Our postie walked with a huge bag on his back and we would wait for him to hand us our letters rather than him putting them in the mailbox. One day i wasn’t there so he walked up two flights of stairs to deliver them to me.

  5. Robyn  

    I agree with the first comment, he has all his little minions who do the work anyway, no one should be paid that as a salary

  6. LA  

    ….so this is why our post offices run at a loss! And our mail costs are increasing yet take longer to deliver. Disgusting!

  7. Charles  

    Time to elect a government that will deal with costs, will ensure a reasonable salary, will eliminate criminal rorts of the welfare system …………..FOR EVERYONE. First to go excessive parliamentary perks, then public service CEOs salaries capped. None of this bull about ‘paying peanuts you get monkeys.’ Plenty of honest very capable Aussies who would be very happy to shuffle papers and read of recommendations from qualified advisors for $200K.

    • Annette Richardson  

      At least this Government is starting to look into this. No other one ever bothered.
      Politicans are now having a lot of benefits cancelled after they leave politics too.
      Good on you Malcolm Turnbull.

    • ANN McGovern  

      When you say criminal Rorts, I hope you are also referring to politicians who are paid by the tax payer who also have huge salaries, phenomenal pensions and travel allowances well after their employment has ended, meanwhile they come after the disabled and aged “expensive baby boomers” the ones who can least afford to live on the meagre pittance they are “given”, and this after we spent the last 50years of our lives building this country and trusting these very people with our hard earned money. We have all been made fools of by the trustees of our earnings.

    • Denise  

      Totally ABSURD!!! How can he sit back in his cushy office and justify anything even 1/4 of that!! Our postal outlets are being closed across the country , efficiency is rapidly declinig and you are still going backwards. No one in this country deserves that kind of salary, so get a concience you thief !! . No wonder you run at a loss.

    • Denise Rickard  

      Totally ABSURD!!! How can he sit back in his cushy office and justify anything even 1/4 of that!! Our postal outlets are being closed across the country , efficiency is rapidly declinig and you are still going backwards. No one in this country deserves that kind of salary, so get a concience you thief !! . No wonder you run at a loss.

  8. barb birch  

    this is a disgrace…huge salary.. no wonder post office is loosing money; or is it ? just a smoke screen for absolutely disgraceful postal non.service. …four days for A letter from main street in wagga to an address 15 minutes it dosnt make a difference if you pay extra for priority post. ..minister please intervien

  9. Rod  

    Malcolm is now gunning for this job after realising he paid $1.75 million for a job that only pays $500,000 a year.

  10. Mary  

    Totally agree with you all. It is time these exorbitant salaries, especially for poor performance, were stopped. But who is going to do it?? I don’t think that any of the politicians have the guts to make these decisions. In the US they think their mail service is bad but it is miles better than ours, yes it is not cheap but neither is ours. Takes a letter 5 days from NSW border to Queensland, I suppose it goes via Adelaide! They might well call it ‘Snail mail’. Probably the camel express.

  11. Wedgie  

    Increased postage rates, less service/slower mail and Australia Post funds an ISLAMIC MUSEUM?? Sack the director and employ someone who will get the mail moving, at reasonable rates, and will not waste money on non-related garbage.

  12. John Carlaw  

    It isn’t just the delays it is the unpredictability. I send nice cards but can Skype and phone so it doesn’t matter if not on time. Sending a dozen cards in express package to someone who will be at the Christmas do is cheaper and more reliable than individual cards posted. Either everyone gets them or no-one.
    For presents I bank transfer $ to the parents each year specifically for presents at their discretion and let them buy the grandkids items of their choice through the year. Saves a few hundred $ in postage and they get just the right thing because they chose it. No joy wrapping and sending it but no disappointments.

    Parcel posted with tracking Brisbane early December , 3rd or thereabouts, didn’t arrive in Adelaide until 27th December.
    I could understand a little if it stayed in one place with the Christmas rush but the tracking showed it bouncing between centres in Melbourne, then to Sydney, then back to Melbourne,repeat for 3 weeks .
    Was in Brisbane around Dec 17th and looked at the tracking with the sender then called AusPost and despite assurances nothing changed, it shifted, it shifted back. Why go backwards and be shifted around when it could just as easily have gone to Adelaide on time?.
    I sent some Express weeks Christmas from Adelaide-Sydney and it got there next day, and Express the reverse got here next day which is what it should be but some have taken weeks.
    Unpredictable is not much use for Express, tracking just means you watch it playing post-pong.
    The post to Sydney tracking said it was still in the local PO at 11am , at 1 I got an email from recipient it was delivered then tracking showed it had been, nothing in between.
    They say they meet the % on time statistic but there is no penalty for just how late those not on time are.
    If something is late that is it. It seems they will not be sent on if there is any chance some still on-time item may be delayed a little bit and muck up the ‘working nicely’ statistics.

    • Mavis  

      This is absurd, Australia post are thieving from the taxpayers. This person should not be on any more than a normal public servant. After all it is not his business and he is not going to lose if Australia Post has a loss. This is fraud at the highest level.

    • Rick  

      I believe Ahmed also donates a very large portion of his salary to the Islamic Museum of Australia which his brother Moustafa is the Director of, then claims the donation back on tax. So it’s millions of free dollars for the whole family.

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