Australia left hanging after Trump pulls out of TPP deal

Donald Trump has canned the TPP deal, but Malcolm Turnbull says it's not over yet.
Australia's trading future is up for grabs again.

Making good on one of his major election promises, US President Donald Trump has withdrawn America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal in a bid to focus more on homegrown made business instead.

The move comes as a major blow to Australia and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, who had spent months negotiating with 11 other countries.

The TPP was meant to help trade between the 12 countries involved and would slash tariffs and increase relations for an economic benefit.

While supporters said it would help grow economies and increase relations, many thought the agreement was unfair and saw some countries coming out better off than others.

“We’re going to stop the ridiculous trade deals that have taken everybody out of our country and taken companies out of our country,” Trump said as he signed the resolution document.

So what should Australia do now? Turnbull says the deal is not dead in the water yet and that he and Trade Minister Steve Ciobo are willing to negotiate with the other countries involved.

But some are arguing we should take a Trump-like approach and focus on Aussie grown and made instead.

It’s no secret that many have been unhappy with the way our manufacturing industry has diminished over the past few decades. A whole host of Aussie companies have been sold off and shipped overseas, leaving people out of pocket and out of a job.

Aside from Australia and the US, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Peru were all signed up to take part in the deal and most are yet to indicate publicly whether or not they want to go ahead.

So should we stay or should we go?

Tell us what you think about this!

Should Australia pull out of the TPP and focus on growing Aussie business instead? Or should we stick to the TPP benefit from it instead?

  1. Laurence McCarthy  

    Definately pull out Trump is absolutely correct !

  2. In my option, Australians have lost trust in our Pollutions over the last decade ,although we need trade to grow ,Get some balls and put Australia First in industry and jobs and have Forren Investment is welcome , but the land of this country remains the property of AUSTRALIA.

  3. Gerry Naujok  

    Continue but sign with China as a major partner, and sign a defence agreement with them as well. Tear up the US aliance, fk the yanks.

  4. Chris  

    I didn’t think i would agree with Trump on anything, but that’s one for him in getting out of the TTP

  5. Forbio  

    Is this really a question? Of course pull out of the TPP and focus on growing Aussie business instead?

  6. Carlos  

    At least Trump is putting his Country first , we in Australia should do EXACTLY THE SAME . PUT AUSTRALIA FIRST !!

  7. Joan Marshall  

    Mr. Turnbull should put Australia first by encouraging Aussie Business never mind the rest of the world. Do as President Trump is doing.

  8. Rod Tonkin  

    Cancel the F35 and all defense spending with the US. They don’t need us so we don’t need them. Support our regional partners and buy defense equipment locally.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Rod Please do not blame president Trump for taking the stand he has taken to put America first just as Malcolm Turnbull should put Australia first. Malcolm needs to encourage Australian business. I am disappointed in him as Prime Minister of Australia this issue and others I am not happy with. Malcolm will not get my vote in the next election nor will the Labor Party whose policies I have never agreed with.

      • Guy Flavell  

        Well said Joan, totally agree … GO PAULINE.

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