Another Aussie retailer goes in voluntary administration

The business was placed into voluntary administration today.
There is still hope it could be saved.

Another independent Australian retailer is struggling to survive, with the announcement that Allphones has gone into voluntary administration today.

A statement by PPB Advisory said the telecommunications company had been struggling to make ends meet and made 69 people redundant today, with more expected to come.

The business, which calls itself “Australia’s largest independent telecommunications retailer”, had been struggling to turn things around for some time and now hundreds of jobs hang in the balance as they try to find a buyer for the remainder of the business.

PPB Advisory is in charge of the next phase as they try to keep it afloat.

“Based on an initial review by the Voluntary Administrators, 18 company-owned Allphones branded stores will be closed today due to insufficient funding to keep the stores trading during a sales process. As a result, 69 employees were made redundant today,” they said in a statement.

“Discussions are underway with interested parties who could take over the operation of the remainder of the store network, which is running on a business-as-usual basis.

Phil Carter of PPB Advisory said they would try to minimise the impact on staff as the redundancies roll out.

“We are today undertaking an urgent review of Allphone’s business in order to stabilise the current operations and store network, and ensure that the employees impacted by the store closures today are fully supported,” he said.

“Our immediate priority is to work with Allphones’ staff, franchisees, licensees and other key stakeholders to allow the remaining store network to continue trading on a business as usual basis.”

Are you sad to see another Aussie retailer struggling? Why do you think Australian businesses are finding it hard to stay afloat? 

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    • danielleperry1465  

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  2. don campbell  

    surely they must of realised taking on telstra at their own game was very risky ,don,t forget they own the network only government interference makes them share the network with competitors ,,


    Its the Huge Rents Demanded by Shopping Centers that go up every 6 months is one of the biggest drains on Companies like this! They are not a Telstra , Vodafone or Virgin who write it off big time and use tax loopholes other businesses cant! Government red tape and harsh Shopping Center rules about upgrades every 5 years tear at the bottom line of these people. Its time Shopping centers were accountable about rents etc.Many a business has been forced to close because of excessive rents etc!!

  4. Jennifer  

    There is no help available to small business’s unless you import or export. Leases are ridiculously high, labour costs, materials, tax obligations and super all impact on Aussie business’s. It is never a persons intentions to not pay their bills or drive their business to fail, it takes guts to have a go at your own business, and lets not forget that without small business the dole queue is so much bigger. Unfortunately our government only see’s big business and only wants to help another countries economy over its own, so in effect it wont be long before we see all small aussie business’s go down. The question then will be, how do we pay for a growing centrelink bill??

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