Aldi proves once again it’s got Coles and Woolies over a barrel

You’ve got to hand it to Aldi… They sure know how to win over customers and make a dollar! Results

You’ve got to hand it to Aldi… They sure know how to win over customers and make a dollar!

Results out today show that Aldi has come from behind to steal another 5 per cent of shoppers from Coles and Woolies – a huge feat for an unassuming discount supermarket.

Poor old Coles and Woolworths have relinquished their 75 per cent share of the market and now claim only 70 per cent. While it might not sound like much, that 5 per cent equals millions of customers who have shunned the big supermarkets for Aldi instead.

It looks like things are only going to get better for Aldi too, with plans to open dozens of new stores across the country in the next few years.

Experts say both Coles and Woolies are already stretching themselves thin by trying to copy some of Aldi’s techniques, like slashing prices across their stores, but it’s simply not working as well as they’d hoped.

In more good news for shoppers, even more discounts are heading your way thanks to the imminent arrival of Lidl – another German supermarket that is said to be Aldi’s biggest competition.

Recently, Lidl was named Grocer of the Year in the UK thanks to it’s cheap prices and no-fuss shopping strategy.

Choice has said Australian customers are set to save big time on their weekly shops once it lands on our shores.

“It is good news for consumers that Lidl is planning to enter Australia. On the back of Aldi’s rapid rise, Lidl’s future looks bright down under as consumers seek out more affordable groceries,” said Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey told News Corp.

“With our latest consumer pulse report finding 75 per cent of Aussies are concerned about food and grocery prices, this latest news will be welcomed by consumers struggling to make ends meet.”

Will you give Lidl a go? Do you think Coles and Woolies will ever win customers back?

  1. Josephine B  

    It’s about time Coles and Woolies had a “shape up ship out” concern as they’ve always had the market beside IGA whom I wouldn’t shop at anyway. So bring on Aldi and now this new store Lidl, I for one can’t wait for them to come on board as general living expenses are getting out of hand the same as housing. Theirs too much greed around now for just plain general living. Talk about “my brother/sisters keeper” it’s ALL about ripping us off with greed.

  2. Lyn Daniels  

    Would love to see more competition however Aldi doesn’t cut it for me
    The fresh veggies and meat are really below par
    Also you can’t get your weekly shop in there
    If I’m going to have to shop around I prefer to patronise my local shops even though the price is more the quality is excellent

    • Sally Tyson  

      I agree. When Aldi first came to our area the fruit and veg were not packaged and was so fresh. Over time packaging crept in and the quality of the produce dropped. I have asked about the change numerous times only to be told the packaging was biodegradable ! I don’t eat packaging and would like to have the freshness we used to have.

    • Brian Lee  

      I don’t know which branch of Aldi you are shopping at, but the three we go to every fortnight all offer meat and vegetables of a very high quality. I also don’t get what you mean when you say you can’t get your weekly shop in there – we go there, as I’ve already said, once a fortnight and get the whole two weeks essentials, apart from a few ‘non-keepers’ like bread and milk. Everything else is on offer, with as much variety as we could desire and at a MUCH cheaper price!

  3. Jaimy  

    I’ve never had a problem with Aldi’s food. Best pork belly, eye fillet, lamb chops, fresh salmon etc. You should try their de-boned chicken thighs, scrumptious!

    • Helen Morris  

      I agree. I have never had a problem with Aldi ‘s meat chicken or fresh fruit & veg. Love the seasoned bonelesss chicken!

  4. Sue  

    I live in uk and Lidl is brilliant, had to fight to get it in our town but worth it. Good quality and great prices

  5. Geraldine  

    I love open competition. Only the consumer wins, just loving it. Coles and Woolies have had their day. Bring it on Lidl and Aldi….

    • rosemary louw  

      I agree. Reallyblije Aldi apart from locked trolley policy

    • Regina Christey  

      Whilst the consumer is being treated to cheaper prices, the producers, particularly of fresh produce, are being reduced to peasant farmers. With escalating compliance and production costs, it hardly seems fair that only the consumer is considered in the price warfare.

  6. Joanna galea  

    Lidl is as good as Aldi if not better. I have shopped at Lidl in Europe.Although I love Aldi I cannot wait for the competion.

  7. Joanna galea  

    Lidl is as good as Aldi if not better. I have shopped at Lidl in Europe.Although I love Aldi I cannot wait for the competion.

  8. Cheryl Neal  

    Found them in the 80s when travelling through Denmark, Germany ect.. Loved them then love then know..Welcome to Australia.. Good to see Woolies ,Coles a reality shock!

  9. John Blobel  

    Found Lidl as I used them when I was in Malta , very similar to Aldi & great prices .

  10. Ross kemp  

    depends on whether these companies are willing to stock Australian products if not there as bad as the others

  11. Reveille (wake up call)  

    Well put Ross
    Whoa there……..think about it folks. Discount chain owned overseas (check how much profit was transferred out of the country) selling own brand products that come from all over the world. Does any body in this country want their kids to have a job in the future. Australian manufacturers are getting slaughtered by Coles and Woolworths because of Aldi and soon to be Lidl. Just count how many products are in your basket next time that are made in Australia. Because as a nation we want cheap all the time, manufacturing in this industry is/has going/gone. Why do you think the milk industry is in such a turmoil, its because people rushed to get cheap milk and didn’t think about the consequences. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA the government can’t afford to pay all of us the doll. Shop in the big 2 at half price specials – cheaper than Aldi.

    • Ivan self  

      Just get your facts right I think Aldi buys all it can that’s made in Australia also I think they pay the suppliers quicker than coles or Woolworths I shop in Aldi as I m fed up with years of being ripped off by the other two.

    • Tam  

      Aldi does employ Australians, just like Coles and Woolies!

  12. My personal opinion is why Aldi is doing so well in this country they have got it right in what they do they know what the punter wants and deliver it
    But what I believe Woolies and Coles need to do is buy back all the public shares that are out there delist from the stock exchange and go back to being a multi national company cater for the public not the share holders things will turn around when they do that the fortunes will turn around
    Remember personal opinion

    • Hilary Adlam  

      Problem could be that our supannuation has some of their shares ,,, perhaps

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