a2 Milk forced to back up health claims…in court

The battle for milk has been between the supermarket giants and the dairy farmers, but now it seems that the

The battle for milk has been between the supermarket giants and the dairy farmers, but now it seems that the fight is brewing between members of the dairy companies as well.

With the claim of healthier than ordinary milk, a2 Milk Company is now going to have to back that claim up in court as Lion Group is seeking damages for loss of sales. While regular milk contains both the A1 and A2 beta casein proteins and a2 Milk Companies believe that it’s the A1 that causes many to suffer stomach upset when they drink milk.

The main issue for Lion, which produces the Pura brand, is that a2 claims that their product is better for autism, Asperger’s schizophrenia, skin rashes, diabetes, and heart disease. In the claim it states “The medical and scientific research … has not established that milk with no A1 beta casein affords health and/or digestive benefits”.

The a2 Milk Company believes that Lion is weak because not long ago Lion put a label on their Pura milk to promote that it was an A2 milk as well. Chief Executive Peter Nathan of a2 told news.com.au “Because on the one hand if they deliberately put an A2 protein label clearly on their pack, to try and demonstrate that they are an A2 milk, but on the other hand they’re saying ‘there’s no scientific consumer benefit’ — then why did they deliberately do that, knowing that there was supposedly no benefit?”

Lions responded with a statement that read, “Lion believes that a2 has engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct in claiming that a2 milk has benefits which cannot be substantiated as well as that ordinary dairy milk can have adverse health consequences for consumers. Lion believes that all dairy milk is good for you.

“Lion is confident its claims and packaging are accurate and intends to vigorously defend a2’s claims.”

Have you tried A2 milk? Did it make any difference in your health? Is it just another marketing ploy?

  1. Joy Anne Bourke  

    No I haven’t and would not. I had trouble drinking full cream, light and any milk when I first started Warfarin 3 years ago as it made me sick. I had to have Zymil and that was find until last year I wanted to go off Warfarin and my Vascular specialist said I go on Xarelto, only on it for 3-4 months and had tests all the time as I had all these symptoms the main one being lost half the volume of my hair. Flaky skin and scalp and my head was itchy. Apparently it dry’s out the skin and stops blood flow to the roots of the hair and kills off where the hair grows. I have since returned to Warfarin and now drink the REAL MILK with CREAM ON THE TOP ( as it use to be when I was a kid). Unhomogenised. The best and have not had a problem since. Able to drink 3-5 litres a week and feel so much better.

    • S W  

      Joy, which brand of Cream on the Top? =)

    • Lorraine Mercer  

      You said you had trouble with any milk, but haven’t tried A2. I wish you would try it. It has worked for me. I have had a lifetime of chronic constipation, bloating, pain and a family history of bowel cancer. I tried the A2 milk, years ago, and without a word of a lie, my symptoms went away. If I buy a cuppachino or have any cheese the bloating and pain return. This all happened before all the hype happening today. I am 65 and not a follower of fads. But A2 has really worked for me and my daughter who was dairy intolerant from birth.

  2. Charles Dazey  

    I can only drink very small amounts of milk withou bloating etc and had switched to Almond or coconut milk for coffee and cereal.
    I tried A2, gingerly at first, and because it tasted better than other milk substitutes, I now drink only A2 milk in the morning and for me it actually tastes better too, and no more bloating so its worth tes extra money for me.
    I read that when big dairy pushed dairy farmers to change to Holstein cows many years ago that many farmers kept back one of their brown jersey (A2 protein only)cows for family use because they preferred the taste.
    Id be interested in what others say who have had milk problems but have tried A2,

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