Bunnings issues warning to bargain hunters amid Masters ‘fire-sale’

You can now say you’ve been warned, as Bunnings revealed its price promise will not apply to Masters’ fire-sale prices.

You can now say you’ve been warned, as Bunnings revealed its price promise will not apply to Masters’ fire-sale prices.

Australia’s largest household hardware chain, owned by Wesfarmers, has told the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and state-based authorities that it won’t be extending its “if you happen to find a lower price on a stock item, we’ll beat it by 10 per cent” promise to the fire-sale prices in place at failed competitor, Masters.

You’d think Bunnings would be taking such action to avoid any complaints from consumers, especially with speculation the Masters sale could go on until the end of the year.

However, Bunnings says its price guarantee has never applied to stock liquidations and that if it were to cut costs just to beat Masters discounts it could be breaching consumer law.

“It may be unlawful and it is not responsible for us to price match or beat stock liquidation prices where large volumes of stock are sold below cost,” a Bunnings spokesperson told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Bunnings says it has a commitment to delivering long-term value for you, as its customers, and does not want to “undermine our focus” or damage competition in the industry as a whole.

Have you visited a Masters since the sale started in search of a ‘great deal’? When it comes to shopping for specific items, such as hardware and household products, do you look for quality products or cheap prices?

  1. Leone O'Sullivan  

    The only reason we have shopped at Masters is because the Bunnings carpark – which is huge – is too full for us to get a park. Masters – who built close to Bunnings to “bring then down” have always had plenty of empty carpark spaces. If Masters hadn’t been so hell bent on destroying Bunnings, they would have built on the opposite side of town, where about 50% of the town live – and their business would probably have been successful. Bunnings came to town and destroyed all the smaller businesses. Masters came to town and destroyed themselves. I live in hope that the empty Masters building will become an Aldi store.

    • Greg Hills  

      I will never again shop at Aldi, because they are foreign owned with all profit going out of our country.

    • Tim Janes  

      Motive for every action is what counts!

  2. Roston McGavin JAMES. Rosco.  

    Ha ha. In Rockhampton the Bunnings car park is crowded every day and Masters is empty.

  3. comment from a Masters ‘associate’ yesterday – ‘ who would have thought that all it took was to reduce our prices by 10%?’ – as the queue lengthened and the car park filled.

    • Linda Taylor  

      You could have got 10% off at Masters any time. The outdoor setting we wanted was offered at 10% off last year.

  4. I think most of the Masters products were inferior quality to Bunnings items, if you buy “cheap fire sale stuff” from Masters what happens about any warranties once they have closed?

  5. masters has always been more expensive than bunnings that why they arent busy and are going broke

  6. Pity we aren’t able to break the Bunnings Monopoly. Their prices used to be cheap but Now they as guilty as Coles & Woolworths of Charging what ever they like

    • Cherrylle Allan  

      Watch Bunnings prices go up now because of no competition.

  7. Mo  

    Msters was a good bussiness but brought to knees by poor management. Woolworths should have fired the senior management and restructured the stores. It could have taken lead from mayer and DavidJones which were is a similar situstion but survived. It should catered for bargain hunters, good discount on tradies etc. Sad saga of an excellent business.

  8. Lorelle  

    We went to have a wander round Masters store in a northern suburb of Brisbane, during last week. All we can say is the prices are NOT below cost and, in some cases, more expensive than Bunnings. Is this a “fire sale” at Masters? I think not!!

  9. Stuart Lathwell  

    Nobody, I mean blokes mainly, who want to buy a hammer or a pack of nails, wants to get it from a ‘hardware boutique’. That’s what Woolies tried to do. It’s a shame to see any business, small or large, go. But the Woolies’ executive who thought of this, should be visiting Centrelink weekly!! He or she is a regulation half wit!!! Now they need to sort out their ‘fresh food stores’ or they’ll be the next. Wesfarmers are killing them!!!!!!

    • Richard Blaquiere  

      Spot on Stuart. Why they did not copy the Bunnings model is beyond me. Bunnings is modelled on the USA giant Home Depot, who knew the business model of Lowes ( Masters USA partner), and the best way to attack them. Aust., get ready to pay more for hardware, when Bunnings has the market to temsleves.

  10. Chris  

    I liked Masters as I quite often found things there that I couldn’t at Bunnings. I think I own half of Bunnings by the money I have spent there but I am sorry to see Masters go as there will be no competition now like so many other things. We are being forced to go to Bunnings now if there is no Mitre 10 nearby, and they are dearer anyway. A lot of Bunnings products are just crap now and getting worse, you get what you pay for I guess. If only Masters hadn’t built next to Bunnings I wonder how they would have gone?

  11. John Crout  

    I just wonder who the marketing genius at Woolworths was who came up with the idea of tackling one of Australia’s most successful businesses. Surely there were other markets that offered better opportunities but someone had a “brain-fart” that will have to have to go down in the history of business decisions as one of the worst, ranking with the sale of the original Coca Cola recipe for $50.00 or IBM’s decision to pay Microsoft a royalty instead of buying MS-DOS outright. Unfortunately for Woolworths, there is no cure for STUPID!!!

  12. Bunnings will always do what they want and that is to get rid of any competition like Masters. More often than not Bunnings never had what I wanted, say a couple of nails or screws, and you had to buy a packet of ten or more when you only wanted two. Prefer Masters any day better selection.

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