Budget cuts definitely won’t hurt – trust us, we’re the government!

Scott Morrison and the minister for finance Mathias Cormann have announced the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook and they assure us

Scott Morrison and the minister for finance Mathias Cormann have announced the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook and they assure us that the budget cuts proposed to offset spending on innovation and refugees won’t hurt a bit.

Overall, the deficit has blown out by$2.3 billion to $37.4 billion. The government recently announced $1.1 billion spend on innovation, and around $900 million is required to resettle 12,000 Syrian refugees in Australia and also in conflict zones. Another $1.1 billion has been pledged in extra roads funding and $621 million for new pharmaceutical subsidies., “mostly for cancer medications”, according to the treasurer.

So the question on everyone’s lips is, how will the government pay for all this?

The ABC reports the following savings:

  • Cracking down on welfare compliance ($704 million)
  • Cuts to health workforce programs ($595 million)
  • Cuts to Aged Care funding – targeting “duplication” and “inefficiencies” ($472 million)
  • Means testing the Child Care subsidy for families earning more than $250,000 ($441 million)
  • Removing bulk billing incentives for pathology services & reducing the incentive for MRI services ($639 million)

Scott Morrison told Australians that despite the falling price of iron ore wiping out $7 billion from tax revenue over four years, “our economy is heading in the right direction”.

While it’s good to see that there are no cuts to the pension, any health cuts are bound to impact people.

When asked about having diagnostic and imaging services such as MRIs taken off the Medicare benefit schedule, however, Mr Cormann said, “It is not expected to have an impact on people.”

He continued, “What we are seeking to do here, in the main, is make the benefit arrangements consistent with those that apply in the context of benefits for GP services so there is what is described as a bulk billing incentive payment in relation to GP services that is limited to concession cardholders, children under 16 years of age and so on. In relation to the bulk billing incentive payment for diagnostic imaging services, we are essentially making it entirely consistent with that. We thought that was an anomaly here.

“In relation to pathology services, we are removing the bulk billing incentive payment because there is a very strong competitive sector here.”

Mr Morrison reiterated that patience and responsibility were the drivers on the path to budget balance.

He used the metaphor of the Christmas car trip, he said he expected a lot of Australians to ask “are we there yet?”.

“We need to take a safe and careful route and one does not put at risk our jobs and growth,” he said.

“We are not going to take detours or short cuts. We are not going to put the safety of the passengers at risk. Those passengers are growth and jobs of Australians.”

What do you think? Has the treasurer delivered a “fair” set of savings to offset the new expenditure? How will you be affected?



  1. Sell your house / homes Morrison and spend the money to get the economy going, thats what you want us to do. MF.

  2. Once again they have targeted the poor. This is an insult coming ontop of their 2% pay rise. Nothing has changed and I have never been so disgusted in a political party in my life. Can’t wait to vote them out.

    • Hey do n ot worry, for every moral person who IS DISGUSTED, there is an LNP VOTER, out there, ‘picking his nose’ !

    • Tom Tesoro i’m usually a lnp voter but i’m definitely not picking my nose. as a pensioner i will certainly be impacted financially by this budget.

    • Lyn Pride : YOU ARE THEN a MORAL person.. you understand now what they are doing to all of us!

    • Eddie Randle : THINK! and vote for the person who IS telling you the truth, THEN, go and find it for yourself and IF it is NOT the truth start again… THE TRUTH is there BUT NOT in ALP AND LNP.

    • Eddie Randle : In OZ the normal ‘truth’ ( political) no longer is working. We now have a neo-liberal ‘truth’ and language of its own.. like ‘MYEFO’ , which gives many people, who are trusting of their political masters the impression of ‘I know the truth and am acting in your interest, so just sit back and don’t you worry’ . This person, is encouraged by the media to also ‘NOT WORRY’ AS all is ok… and we are just in an “emergency” and sorry BUT YOU, YES, YOU, must suffer. NO! we are NOT AND WE MUST NOT SUFFER! enough is enough! WE are a rich land as provided to us by nature and IF DISTRIBUTED FAIRLY, we, all of us CAN live well, BUT the politician WILL NOT ALLOW this, for the minority control HIM/HER AND deceive us.. as they are now… THINK AND GROW WISE!

    • Oz Robpittman ; No One in OZ, IF they had some thinking ability, Should be an LNP voter. THEY, the LNP should be as EXTINCT in the 21 st. century as the HILLS HOIST was in the 20th century!

    • Dawn Bruce : You only interested in pensioners? What about your fellow Australians?

    • Further savings of $650.4 million over four years will be found in the Medicare with cuts to bulk-billing incentives for pathology services, aligning bulk-billing practices for diagnostic imaging services with that used for GPs and a cut to bulk-billing incentives for MRI services. will affect poorer Australians

    • Dawn Bruce : Please read the details ( Herald on line) too long to post here. BUT remember this: Government expenditure to FALL, from 29% to 25.3%! IT means only one thing GROSS GOVERNMENT WITHDRAWL from mostly ‘WELFARE’, OUR LIFEBLOOD AS A nation for those who are: Unemployed, disabled, sick, elderly, displaced.. BIG BUSINESS does not provide these services.. Who loses/ MAJORITY!

    • No WELFARE… let me count the ways.. no MRI’s, No pathology.. SO, I NEED TO PAY for these.. OOPS! I do not have a job, SO, HOW do I pay? Oh, unemployment benefits? NO! they are ALL (all $300 a week) tied up in’.. what is it called.. Oh yes…..SURVIVING!

    • Tom Tesoro I have seen what Labor are going to do, And the Greens , Pure socialism, Robin Hood style, anyone who has saved ,lived frugally will be taxed to the hilt to give those who haven’t , lots of money,

    • Dawn Bruce Never make sense Dawn. Constant hits to the vulnerable and nothing to make the corporations pay tax. This Government has pushed manufacturing off shore which means all profits we used to make are now off shore, all jobs we had are now off shore. Wait until Holden, Ford and Toyota close over the next eighteen months and cause 100,000 unemployed.

    • Dawn Bruce : PLEASE go back to reading the facts and re draw your opinions. YOU are entitled to your opinions BUT NOT your facts!

    • Tom Tesoro You do what we had to do years ago , pay and then get rebate back from Medicare, AND if you were in Private heath you then claimed it back . Took weeks Or you paid so much before X-ray, then when cheque came back from Medicare you sent it to them . I was working hubby wasn’t under Labor ,

  3. Perhaps the government could check on the level of corporate welfare first !!!

    • So true we havent ever scrutinize this so called subsidizing of corporate welfare .I think we would be very shocked at what would be found. And do they pay back No

    • That’s okay, what about the Pollies saying we will take a pay cut, we will try to cut down their expenses, I realise a lot of them live along way from Canberra and need to travel from their electorates, but do they have to take all their children and travel business class

    • Are you aware that we spend nearly as much on Defence every year than the deficit? 32 billion and growing on Defence and 37 billion deficit.

  4. Need more detail of the nitty gritty. Seems OK but you don’t want to get one of those hard to diagnose mystery conditions that are hard to pin down. It looks like you could be seriously out of pocket. I don’t use any of these services yet so I don’t think I will be impacted. There is always some body who gets crunched in the bureaucracy when getting rid of inefficiencies and improving compliance.

    • The inefficiencies are the politians themselves. What ever happened to fixing the deficiet?? It just keeps getting bigger. Lord help us if China calls in their debt.

  5. My be they should cut the Refugee spending and start looking after the people here

    • It is funny how fast the refugees get the blame when big corporations will not pay their way. That is a much bigger problem than the vulnerable of any type.

  6. An insult no spending on low cost housing needed
    You will not want to become ill

    • Politicians only look after themselves, look at what they retire out on compared to the general worker. Stop paying ex prime ministers once you are out of the job your out not still on the pay roll

  7. why is it about Refugees after the 2nd world war we had people from all over come they never got hand outs they got off their arse and wanted to make a future for their familys and their selves and helped make this country , you are spoon feeding people that are only here for the benefits , take the benefits away and see how many want to come , tell the people of auss exactly what their benefits are and see what sort of response you get

    • To a point I agree but after the second world war, the steelworks in Newcastle, Port Kembla, SA,etc were all big employers as was the Snowy River scheme. Again another big post war employer. A big problem over the years has been to put refugees from similar backgrounds into one area creating mini ghettos

    • I remember when we migrated to Australia in 1951, we were looked after in a migrant until dad got a job , that took about 2 yrs, no benefits in a way of money but we feed & had a roof over head, and my parents were happy , Why can’t this be the same now, they seem to get houses , above other people

    • Heather Inglis I agree Heather, we have been on the Housing list for 11 years, husband is disabled, but because I mange the finances very carefully, can’t get housing.

    • We came from Germany in December 1952… I was only 2… Dad worked with the Commonwealth railways as a fettler in Rawlinna.. On the Nullarbor plain… We bought our food etc. off the “Tea and Sugar” and the rest of dads pay the government took to pay our fare from Germany…it was a number of years before dad actually saw any money at all… That’s hard. These mongrels have every thing given to them… I’m a little bit bitter over this …

    • Heather Inglis You are correct about the 50s but not the 2015s. They do not “get houses , above other people”.

    • Yes they do and big handouts yet Australians get cuts and no help watch they will all practice their own believes and want to change our way this bloody gov needs all of refugees to sign on the dotted line you want a better way of life then embrace this wonderful country but no the gov won’t I know of refugees getting jobs on the council when others who asked for jobs there and were told no we are holding the jobs for refugees and the houses crap they will fight us within just like Pauline Hanson said our or take the plane back

    • Oz Robpittman They are going to be housed in Callan Park , Will be all renovated , is BIG old beautiful building on the water, Will take a lot, Greens heartland ,were furious but lost out ,they are going there I heard that the first family got a house the day the plane arrived , it was waiting for them,, Perth.

    • Yes the migrants worked that arrived here after the war and even if there was work here now, the refugees that are coming here wouldn’t work anyway, they think we owe them. I’m just waiting foor them to get a foothold into the country and then we will hear about all the victimisation they are experiencing. and of course we will be told to be more tolerant, not the other way around, it will be all our fault.

    • In the good old days there was plenty of room money and jobs .nowdays we have homeless families still living in the streets or in their cars .we DONT HAVE ENOUGH JOBS EVEN FOR OURSELVES. .so why leave out the Australian citizen and house them first . The old saying CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME rings true today .we have a government that does not listern nor cares and is pc with the world but not us …. enough I for one will not vote any self serving polititions. They have just given themselves a payrise $10.000 the jerks were mr and miss ordinary untill they were voted in to do NOTHING except do inside trading with their non tax paying mates and making themselves millionares with taxpayers dollars

    • News for you all. This is not the 50’s or 60’s! These people are refugees – leaving a war torn country. They deserve a decent life just like we do. The problem today is that there aren’t all those available jobs as they were back when our other immigrants came. But that doesn’t mean that we all turn our backs on them and pretend they just don’t exist. We are ‘the lucky country ‘. If we with all of our space and wealth can’t help a few thousand needy humans – families with children – then we truly are a pathetic lot!

    • Yes alana that would be great .while we find homes for these good people we also need to home our own homeless families living in the streets .where is the compassion for them who is speaking up for them .I can hear some say and assume the homeless are druggies well no the bulk are desperate families with aussie kids .yes there are aussie kids that WONThave a decent Christmaslet alone a present why cant both be housed

    • The English etc had been through the war. A war torn country? One where bombs went off in your street..where you hid in an Anderson shelter to escape them..where they took your children from you to a safer place or were even sent to Australia. . When they migrated here they lived in Nissan huts and were told where to go and when to work..they saved for their own house. Why can’t these people work in desert areas because they are used to the heat. Build more dams..pipelines..solar panels…..earn your keep..

    • I can’t stand reading all this hate for refugees. We Created the problem by going into Irack, every time we join a war, we create refugees… Wake up people, stop listening to the Murdock rubbish and educate yourselves…. These people homes have been bombed, their hospital destroyed, they have to chose between being killed or becoming killers themselves …. No running water, no food…. What should YOU do? It is not the hand out they want,,,, it is a safe life…. A lot of those refugees are actually more educated than you and me, and a lot of them become real assets to this country…. I can give you a list of Australian born trash we have no problem supporting…!!! all I hear is how proud we are of our Australian values……what values if we can not support people in need And meet our international obligations ?

    • Meichelle Campbell there are always going to be homeless! Speak up for them by all means. Talk to your government members about this. They are the ones creating this problem. So many jobs now gone – cutting back on much needed resorses etc. Not taxing the multinationals. But we can’t turn our backs on humanity. There will always be excuses!

    • Need more than to tax the Multi Nationals, Then they will go offshore where it is cheaper to run a company

    • Maryvonne Norman I see some deplorable things happening in Europe ,damn frightening that people can act like that, wrecking houses, furniture cars etc, Wrecking the centre of Paris, OF course most are young fit healthy men who should be fighting for their country

    • Dawn Bruce What would you have them do – come off the plane and fend for themselves. A lot of that money is going on making sure they are not likely to commit terrorism acts. Calllum Park eh? The same place that used to be for those locked up with mental health problems? I cannot imagine that they have separate houses – will be more like all bunk in together. Having said this we should also look after our homeless.

    • Alana Heuston Fowler if you think refugees need the chance of a better life then why aren’t the super rich Muslim countries taking them in. Why should Australians that have fought for our country be homeless our farmers so distressed and suicidal and ordinary people be homeless without handouts and homes given to them. It would be easier for refugees to assimilate in a rich Muslim country – it would stop all this media fighting and people would feel safer but no they will not take refugees – they leave it to the mugs

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