Bronwyn Bishop has resigned from politics

Outgoing Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop has called it a day, officially resigning from politics late last night. The former speaker

Outgoing Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop has called it a day, officially resigning from politics late last night.

The former speaker gave her farewell speech in parliament and used the opportunity to deliver a few choice words to her former boss and mentee Tony Abbott.

Addressing her infamous helicopter ride, Ms Bishop said she was asked to step down by Mr Abbott and insinuated there was more to her side of the story than meets the eye.

“I was asked to resign for Tony Abbott, someone whom I had assisted and worked with and respected for many years,” she said.

“There is much more than meets the eye in that saga but not for now.”

Ms Bishop lost her job as speaker after she charged taxpayers $5,000 to charter a helicopter ride from Melbourne to Geelong for a Liberal Party fundraiser.

She reportedly wanted to apologise for the incident earlier, but was asked to hold firm by Mr Abbott’s team before eventually being forced out.

It wasn’t just Tony Abbott in the firing line though.

Ms Bishop also took a shot at former PM Paul Keating, comparing him to a burnt out party sparkler of all things.

She said that Mr Keating had once paid her the compliment of calling her a “fire cracker”, referring to her tenacious personality and attitude in parliament.

However, instead of paying the compliment back, Ms Bishop had some slightly harsher words for Mr Keating.

“I was opening something and somebody bowled up and said ‘Paul Keating has just called you a fire cracker … he called you a Catherine wheel, you just roll and roll and roll’.

“I said ‘Really? Well perhaps all I can say is Mr Keating reminds me of a sparkler; all froth and fire and then it goes out and all that’s left is a thin black stick’.”

The speech marked the end of Ms Bishop’s 29-year political career.

She received applause and hugs from many of her colleagues after her speech, except, notably, from Mr Abbott who decided to skip the event.

What do you think about Bronwyn Bishop’s parting words? Will you miss her in parliament or are you happy to see her go?

  1. roy bridges  

    Glade to see her out! About her own self interest ,power ,ego. We now pay her very very large pension plus travell .This was not reduced in budget ? They all look after each other.

  2. Sandra Kirby  

    Go buy a Whitlybird with your payout Luv!!

  3. woodrow wobblestick  

    A helicopter politician?

  4. Lee Crispin  

    Correct Roy, her pension will be something most of us could only dream of. Polly pensions & kickbacks after they leave need a really good piece of investigative journalism to bring to the forefront. 4 Corners are you up for the challenge?

  5. Agnostic  

    Don’t let te door hit you on the way out Brony and good residence

  6. Ken Bottrell  

    Hope we never hear from you again you nasty, vindictive old hag. Hope you choke on your undeserved pension.

  7. what can one say ,you will still be milking the public purse,getting golden hand shake while getting the pension.and still doing NOTHING for australias welfare,ONLY YOUR OWN.sooner this for life payments stop the better Australia will be.

  8. Lyn Kinghorn  

    Glad we won’t have to see the pompous self serving arrogance of her anymore.

  9. Joan Marshall  

    I have always voted Liberal and always will but…I am glad to see Bronwyn Bishop go she is a disgrace to the Liberal Party. We will always have a bad apple to spoil it for the rest.

  10. This greedy woman tried to have another go at getting on the party ticket but fortunately the party refused to endorse her. Not content with a $250,000 yearly pension and goodness only knows how much in superannuation, she wanted more more more.

    Glad to see the back of her.

  11. Wendy Oakley  

    Let’s all remember this, we don’t get paid for a job we no longer do, we never got paid to sleep on the job, and, if the productivity rules they use on every one else were applied, they all would be out of work.

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