British PM Theresa May stuns in navy mini dress

She’s the only the second female prime minister Britain has ever had, but Theresa May blew off any pressure she

She’s the only the second female prime minister Britain has ever had, but Theresa May blew off any pressure she may be feeling on the home front last night to celebrate with some of the country’s most famous faces.

Ms May attended the Pride of Britain Awards with a slew of stars, including Cliff Richard, Joan Collins and Prince Charles, and looked absolutely fabulous from head to toe.

She sported a navy and black dress cut above the knee with a scooped neckline at the front that turned into a deep V at the back. The dress was designed by British designer Amanda Wakeley who said it, “exudes femininity‚Ķ while the deep V cut at the back exposes a sensuous flash of skin”. Ms May’s shoes, by Dolce and Gabbana, were light-blue lace with a decorative broach on the toe.

While most people loved the look, others were less convinced by her modern makeover.

“Wish she would cover her legs a bit more looks rather undignified,” wrote one observer.

“I know we’re not as harsh on the men, but it’s a risky look for a female PM,” said another.

Others weren’t so quick to judge though and heaped praise on her for stepping out in something “chic and stylish”.

“Mrs may looks stunning!” said one fan.

“Wow! If I had your work load, worries and responsibilities I’d just want to lie down at the end of the day on the sofa with a glass of wine and dread what tomorrow will bring! You look great. Very inspiring! Thank you Mrs May,” said another.

Ms May stepped into the role of prime minister when former PM David Cameron stepped down earlier this year after Britain voted to leave the EU. While she came into the job under difficult circumstances, she has received a huge boost in the polls with high approval ratings and all signs pointing towards her winning the next election.

What do you think of Theresa May’s look? Would you wear something like this?

  1. Margaret Mason  

    I wish I had the figure to carry it off as beautifully as she does.

  2. Christine McShane  

    The dress did not fit well. All that pulling at the waist area says it needs adjusting.

  3. Cloin Oldham  

    Theresa looks great but the fella walking with her is a bit untidy. Especially his shirt collar and tie.

  4. Judith  

    She looks wonderful – why do people think as PM she should look dowdy – I like the new look – modern- chic and up to date

  5. Disey  

    You looked wonderful Theresa May ! Very stylish !

  6. Jean Walker  

    All true and she does look quite smart but it’s also another example of the media being more interested in what she’s wearing than what she does. How many male leaders are expected to trot out a new suit and tie every evening?

  7. Brian Lee  

    She looks very nice, but I’d hardly call that a mini dress – its just the navy-blue version of the “little black frock”!

  8. Brenda Jones  

    She can certainly carry the look well. Looked lovely, but the cut of the dress was wrong around the waistline. Spoilt the look a bit

  9. Susan Bell  

    An article on her dress, really? you waste space on a dress. Where is the article on her dreadful policies, on the problems of Brexit, so many other more important things to write about and you can only talk about a dress.

  10. mary wightman  

    The least attractive part of any woman is the knees. And I would agree with people above who said that the dress did not fit her.

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