British people google ‘What is EU’ after Brexit vote

The world was sent into a tailspin yesterday when Britain voted to leave the European Union and it looks like

The world was sent into a tailspin yesterday when Britain voted to leave the European Union and it looks like no one was more shocked than the British people themselves – even those who voted to leave.

In the hours that followed the announcement there has been a huge serge in people saying they regret their vote, with some admitting they “didn’t think it would count”.

Data obtained from Google has revealed that over the past 12 hours or so the most popular internet search is Britain have been “What does it mean to leave the EU?” and “What is the EU?”.

The questions seem to prove that a huge number of people voting in the referendum didn’t even know what exactly they were voting for and what the repercussions would be.

Reporters have been talking to people on the streets who say they are in despair after the result.

“Even though I voted to leave, this morning I woke up and I just – the reality did actually hit me,” one woman told the news channel ITV News.

“If I’d had the opportunity to vote again, it would be to stay.”

Others took to social media to say they wish they could re-do their vote, while some decided to explain what had just happened with a sense of humour.

“Britain just lost the right to claim Americans are dumber,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Furthering their shock and sense of realisation about what had happened was the prime minister David Cameron announcing he would resign in the coming months as a direct result of the vote to leave.

Millions of Britons who supported him say they didn’t realise their vote would lead to such drastic consequences.

It seems to many people around the world that lots of voters didn’t take the referendum seriously enough and now they have to live with the result.

Do you think there will be calls for a referendum do-over? Do you think they should have stayed in the EU or were they right to leave?

  1. I think the voting should have been compulsory as it was such an Important vote and it seems like more education on what it meant to leave or stay the world gone mad

  2. val bletcher  

    The world has watched and judged. How come all the brains are in Scotland and Midlands??? Most of the Leave voters do not even fully understand what it is all about. They number as sheep.

    • merridelle CORNEY  

      I think that is where the ‘problem’ lies. Most of the people really did not fully understand the repercussions of the outcome. It should have been explained in simple terms every day people could relate to, what the pro’s and cons of staying in or leaving would be so they could make an informed decision when voting. But there again, you make the choices in life and then have to deal with the consequences. Just hope it works well.

    • I’d suspect most of the big leave voters have been those worst affected by unmitigated immigration of cultures which have no intention of assimilation and have been aggressively promoting their threats to force change. The EU should have tightened its borders long ago, but Merkel got her way and she must bear the consequences. Other countries are already looking at following the UK.

  3. Jenni king  

    Australia did something Si I jar three years ago when they woke up one morning and we had tony Abbott as prime minister. I would like to think that this coupled with what England has done will make them think about what they are doing next Saturday and put Australia ahead of their long term voting patterns and belief in everything they read in newspapers owned by the very man who orchestrated the downfall of Britain.

    • Anna  

      Seriously ??? What a ridiculous comparison.

  4. Jeanne  

    I think there are probably other countries in Europe who wish they were strong enough to do the same ! The EU has only benefited business . For the ordinary man life just got a lot more expensive after joining the EU. Just my 2 cents of opinion .

    • Lyn Turner  

      The farmers in Cornwall have been surviving on EU subsidies, many of the UKs universities have been receiving substantial EU subsidies, etc, etc. What was that about big business? This is an economic disaster for the UK.

    • Lesley  

      And without business who employs people????

  5. bruce taylor  

    Wonderful result. The EU is a tool that has perpetuated the old saying that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
    What England has done is take back control of their own finances and future.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I agree, I have spoken to friends in Scotland after the decision came live here. They are very happy of the result. Now Scotland can get away from UK. I was told the EU was run by the Germany and they don’t need that, we want our country back.
      EU also meant that they cannot deal with Australia only anyone in EU. Now they can trade with Australia and we with them. I was also told there are 3 other countries considering the same.

  6. Robyn Jefferson  

    That result is because no one bothered to explain it properly. Probably will set off an avalanche and the British may get the shock of their lives. Most of them cannot remember what it was like before they joined the EU.

  7. Allan  

    Next, they’ll be voting themselves out of the Commonwealth…….lol.

  8. Sue  

    bahaha – this article was written as a comedy piece, right?

  9. Jane mcmellon  

    In all honesty I believe that the reason most people decided on the leave vote was the chance to close their borders to immigrants but unfortunately they didn’t look at the bigger picture. Now of course many have come to the realisation that they voted wrongly and that is showing ignorance on their part by not understanding what it would mean overall.

  10. I left there in 67 and everything was OK then, I just wanted a new and warmer life for the family, there was no EU and all was fine, so what is the problem with going back to what they had before? Through this campaign I wondered if they really were in the EU because they didn’t adopt the euro and kept the pound. Wondering now whether I will still get my part pension from the UK or not.

    • george hindley  

      Would be good if our part pension was indexed,

  11. If this article is to be believed…that people didn’t realise what and why they voted to exit EU.
    Would lead us to believe that the British Government did p*ss poor job of fully informing the population on the facts beforehand. Then again it goes without saying that it doesn’t matter how much you try and inform people, their ears are not necessarily switched on until it actually affects them!……

    • Sara mcclintock  

      As do most political groups. People generally base their vote on minimal information, ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’ or the ‘bread and circuses’ equivalent of days of yore. Note that Nigel Farage admitted that ‘the billions of GBP that would be saved by leaving the EU’ was not actually true:. After the results were out.

    • Thought better of you Over 60 spreading such stupidity perpetrated from poor loosers. A democratic vote was taken and the majority voted to leave the EU to regain control of our country and are very aware of why they voted. I am very sure many who voted to stay were unaware of exactly what has been happening in the EU and 37 percent of Scotland actually also voted to leave so please stop believing all the hype and lies. The EU was started for trade but gradually, by stealth, the EU have taken over more and more of our country’s decision making, trade, over ruling laws all done by sightless, unelected EU burocrats living on the gravy train. UK is one of the biggest contributors but has next to no say in any decision making. Other countries have been unhappy and are now following the UK. Problems at the moment are only a hiccup and already sterling has picked up and countries saying they will trade with us. Banking institutes who said they would leave are shores are now saying “actually we won’t. We are people with eyes wide open and Australia of all countries should be applauding, as are other countries are already. People need to stop living in bubbles and take their head out of thw sand to see the wider picture.

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