British Monarchy releases new photos of the Queen and all her grandchildren

It’s a day of celebration here and across the world: the Queen is 90 and is the oldest monarch to

It’s a day of celebration here and across the world: the Queen is 90 and is the oldest monarch to sit on the throne. In honour of the special day, the British Monarchy have released some simply touching photos of the Queen alongside her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The beautiful images were shared this morning via the British Monarchy Facebook account, and the caption says:

“The Queen with her five great-grandchildren and her two youngest grandchildren that was taken in the Green Drawing Room, part of the Castle’s semi-State apartments. The children are, from bottom left:

Mia Tindall (holding The Queen’s handbag), the two year old daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall;
James, Viscount Severn (aged 8) and Lady Louise (12), the children of The Earl and Countess of Wessex and the youngest of The Queen’s eight grandchildren;
Savannah (5) and Isla Phillips (3), daughters of The Queen’s eldest grandson Peter Phillips
and his wife Autumn;
Prince George (2) and, in The Queen’s arms and in the tradition of Royal portraiture, the youngest great-grandchild, Princess Charlotte (11months), children of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

But that’s not all: the historic portraits, a set of three, were taken by renowned portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz in the Green Drawing Room of Windsor Castle. In the tradition of royal portraiture, the Queen holds the youngest addition to the Royal Family, 11-month-old Princess Charlotte.

Princess Charlotte looks gorgeous on her Granny’s knee and was wearing a floral dress, pale pink tights and a cardigan, and is clutching toy horse.

Stood beside her is her brother two-year-old Prince George as well as Zara Phillips’ daughter Mia Tindall. A keen eye can spot the Queen’s iconic black handbag in her arms.

A second photograph shows the Queen as she walks in the grounds of Windsor Castle with her corgis Willow, Holly, Candy and Vulcan.

The final portrait shows a beautiful moment between the Queen and her only daughter Princess Anne

Tonight, Sky News reports the Queen will light a beacon at Windsor Castle before more than 2,000 are lit across the country to commemorate her milestone birthday.

Take a look at the gorgeous new photos and tell us your thoughts!


  1. Mary Merrington  

    Shameful that she does not acknowledge .her relatives born out of wedlock in the same manner!
    Two faced morality for today’s society, nothing more.
    Monarchies are not needed in today’s society and are very expensive to maintain when there are so many homeless and starving people globally.
    The Vatican is another that needs to go for similar reasons and is mostly comprised of homosexual clergymen according to one previously there!
    Have no faith in either of them as do increasing more people!

    • Pam Coombs  

      A right misery guts. Thank heaven you are in the minority.

    • Marina  

      Fat chance either institutions’ disappearing! Full stop.

    • Kay Gabriel  

      in may be Aussie terms sour grapes they are who we have for our good country what about those who think they are above every nation naming celrgy so lets us show warmth to our Monarchies and show respect

    • Carol  

      The royal family bring in million of dollars to their country every year in tourist dollars. The queen is also very generous in the donations she gives to charities. She is a true lady

    • Di Carmody  

      To which relatives born out of wedlock do you refer Mary? And, are you against all religious institutions or just the ‘flavour of the month’ Catholics? Regarding your claim of mostly homosexual clergymen, unless you can or are prepared to name names and cite dates, any information from ‘one previously there’ is nothing more than rumour and innuendo. As for your comment about more people having less faith in either institution, let’s just hope those people made informed decisions after proper research. You certainly are a miserable sod aren’t you?

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