BREAKING: We could be heading to the polls early

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced he is considering a double dissolution election if the Senate does not pass key

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced he is considering a double dissolution election if the Senate does not pass key pieces of industrial relations legislation.

If the Senate does not pass the legislation, Turnbull could deem the government ineffective and unable to efficiently run the country.

This means we could be headed to the polls as early as July to vote in new members across both houses of parliament. It would be a chance for the Australian public to vote out any politicians they have been unhappy with over the past few years and install a new guard in parliament.

But is this the right move for Australia? A snap election would save taxpayers millions in campaign and polling costs; plus it would give them the chance to vote for their preferred PM, as Turnbull only got the job by ousting Tony Abbott.

Others argue that an early election would not be fair, as Labor would be caught out with little time to campaign for their own issues and organise their party room.

While snap elections are usually considered a bad move, it could come out in Turnbull’s favour this time as the coalition is ahead in the polls as preferred party and Turnbull himself is the preferred Prime Minister compared to Opposition leader Bill Shorten.

Some people within the Liberal Party are reportedly warning Turnbull against the snap election though, saying he would already be breaking the promise he made to the Australian people to see out a full term without disrupting the government.

Do you think Malcolm Turnbull should call a snap election? Is this the right move for Australian politics?

  1. Hahaha! I can see through this little ploy and so can many others! He wants an election before the next budget comes so he can hit us all hard again then. If the election comes after the budget chances are he won’t be voted back in! Libs are up to playing their mind games again!

  2. The only ‘right thing for the country’ is to throw these lying, corrupt maggots OUT!

  3. Oh what a tangled web they weave, how can you trust any of them, the Country is in a mess and will only go deeper and deeper, what ever they do. neither side can be trusted, only to feather their own nests, who can you vote for, in my opinion we need to clear the whole lot out and start with a government for the people and not themselves, it wont happen and so it goes on.

    • You are, to some extent, correct in your analysis. I have felt this sceptical about politicians for most of my adult life!

    • Well Gabriele you have to have trust in who you vote for, and quite frankly I can’t see any one of them worth a vote.

    • Then why vote, let’s just have a military dictatorship and be done with it – that’s the alternative.

    • No Noel a military alterative is not the answer, just throw this lot out and start with some we might just be able to trust.have you ever watched the Question time on TV, I have never seen such a bunch of clowns it is like a pantomime.

  4. With his popularity riding so high he will be confident he can win the House of Reps and the Senate so I don’t think he is bluffing – once he has the trigger he can go when it best suits the Libs and Nationals.

  5. i think we should throw the lot out, start again with rules and salaries set by the people. they are overpaid underperforming n
    headless chooks

  6. Had Toxic Tony still been Captain of Straya, the election might well have been done and dusted by now. Now Malcolm is PM the LNP will want to have the election while people still like Malcolm and before they slam us with the next IPA inspired budget, and while all the mud slung at the ALP, and at Shorten in particular by the witch-hunt Royal Commission, is still fairly fresh in the minds of the electorate.

  7. The sooner the better, to get rid of these lying corrupt incompetent bunch of imbeciles, but then I don’t rate the opposition. Kick them all out & start again. Surely we have got a few about with a few clues!!!!’

    • All the really talented people that should be running the country are making a success of their lives. Unfortunately I often feel that the only people attracted to politics are the one that can’t make it in the real world. eg failed Lawyers. The exception of course is Mr Turnbull and I have no idea why he is in politics unless he is on a power trip??????????

  8. I do not know about this bloke i do not think he has had the experence in the real world. i dont think he knowes you have got to have gone through the tough times i think he is a silver spoon man.

  9. the country doesn’t need an early election, just govern properly for the people.

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