Breaking: UK votes in favour of Brexit

With a 52%  to 48% result, the UK has voted to leave the European Union (EU) after 43 years, as

With a 52%  to 48% result, the UK has voted to leave the European Union (EU) after 43 years, as suggested by a BBC forecast.

Over 46 million people were entitled to vote, and the entire time the votes were being counted, they swung between the voters wanting to leave the EU, and those wanting to remain. The referendum turnout was higher than the general election held last year.

While London and Scotland voted to remain within the EU, voters in Wales and the English shires have backed the vote to leave in strong numbers. Following the discussion of the result of the Brexit, the pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985.

The Leave campaign has argued that membership in the EU costs the UK billions of pounds that could be spent in the UK. Another key issue was the desire to better control Britain’s borders.

What does this mean for Australia?

This result has a massive impact on the global economy, as well as for Britain’s relations with countries globally, including Australia. However, if predictions are to be believed, Australia may actually benefit from the Brexit. It would be easier for Australians to live and work in the UK if Britain adopts the Australian points-based system of immigration for European citizens. In currency, The Australian dollar could rise up to 8.3 per cent against the British Pound.

However, a fall in the pound will have negative implications for Australians who have pensions and other assets in the UK. A fall in the pound will also result in a shaky global economy would impact Australia’s trade, with exports a key driver of recent GDP growth, so this could have a severe consequences for employment and economic growth.

How do you feel about Brexit?

  1. peter  

    Fantastic result Britain can now resume trade with the rest of the world without EU interference, back to the good old days, now all they have to do if send all the illegals to Europe

  2. Rosemary Waters  

    I have a pension in the UK but believe this should be a blow by the ordinary folk about being governed by non voted bureaucrats.

  3. Jungle  

    Hip Hip Hooray for the UK. I believe there will be far more benefit than loss because of this none more so than the ability to have control over their borders. As far as Australia goes I believe that this will enable us to trade more freely with the UK and they with us.

  4. Trevor  

    I think its about people taking power back and telling politicians to start governing for the people .Uncontrolled immigration as well.Take note Australian politicians

  5. Colin  

    Maybe I’m just greedy but I’m counting the losses to my superannuation fund today

  6. facebook_elda.quinton  

    A lot of people weren’t happy when they joined. There was no referendum about joining. Australia & New Zealand lost an export customer. No more Australian and New Zealand lamb in the UK. This result of Scotland voting to stay gives them another leverage to gain independence. I must say that I was very surprised at the result.

  7. Paul Hoolihan  

    I did not know that there were so many silly people in Britain or the UK. There are no more countries for Britain to invade so they are stuck with the money they have now which has been sucked from all over the world. Good luck suckers.

  8. [email protected]  

    Goodbye GB and soon, goodbye Europe. Only winner is Putin. Back to borders, split Europe, some people are just too stupid to remember why the EU was founded in the first place 60 years ago. Short term memories, not too many brains. Good luck.

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